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Pure Storage FlashArray Review: "Pure, the only choice for flash!" Storage FlashArrayUnspecified9.7120101
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January 08, 2019

Pure Storage FlashArray Review: "Pure, the only choice for flash!"

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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashArray

Pure Storage support is something that shines for me, personally. It has a very easy web-based ticket system. If I ever have any issues I can open a case and get in contact with them 24/7, 365 days a year. Someone will reply and contact me directly to answer my questions and concerns. Having someone on support, always in your pocket just gives good peace of mind.
Pure Storage FlashArray is being used primarily to house our virtual infrastructure environment. It gives us a great compression rate and allows for very easy setup of replications to off-site DR. We are a VMware virtual shop, and every host is tied back into Pure Storage which gives us great performance speed.
  • Being able to capture snapshots of the data and reissue that data as new volumes makes data recovery and refreshes very simple.
  • We're currently on our 10th Pure Storage FlashArray and getting them physically set up is always a very simple process with their onsite technicians that handle any issues that come up.
  • The biggest strength is the ability to be so flexible when it comes to shuffling or moving storage around as needed and as our business requires.
  • We're currently going through a situation where one of our arrays is spitting out false flags alerts. There are no disruptions, but it is always scary to get woken up with a severity 1 alert just to find out it is a false alert.
  • We've had all positive impacts. I don't think we can ever go back to another flash storage platform that's currently on the market.
The simplicity of Pure Storage allows us to spin up new volumes very quickly. Any new POC servers we want to carve out storage for and get up and running is done with just a few clicks, and due to its redundancy, it's a change we all feel safe doing during business hours.
Compression and performance are the two words I can use to describe Pure storage. If you need a highly reliable compression rate, they have a good rule of thumb 3 to 1 compression rate (but I am currently getting 8-10 to 1 compression rates with some of my volumes). Also, it is great being able to put SQL boxes on the volumes and not see a significant slowdown.
We have used XIO Tech ISE arrays for all flash, and the stability and reliability of that product just don't compare. When making a change on that product you always did it with fingers crossed that some systems would not go down.
  • Doing data refreshes on products has been made very simple with the snapshot feature of Pure Storage FlashArray.
The only thing I can attest to is if you are looking for a storage backend to your virtual infrastructure, I think Pure Storage FlashArray does a fantastic job at that. It allows very easy host group creation which makes assigning volumes to virtual hosts very simple, and on the flip side, breaking them down is also very simple.