My Pure Storage FlashArray five year (so far) journey
Chad Skinner | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 06, 2019

My Pure Storage FlashArray five year (so far) journey

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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashArray

We implemented Pure Storage FlashArrays for our tier 1 storage to meet the high IOPS, low latency demands of our applications. All tier 1 storage resides (currently) on one of three arrays. We have a very bursty workload and Pure Storage is able to handle the workload better than any other storage that we have used.
  • Handles bursty (IOPS and bandwidth) workloads very well.
  • Has great VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols) support/implementation.
  • Upgrades are quick and painless.
  • Pure 1 site for aggregated telemetry data is very useful.
  • Pure Storage is expensive, but worth the premium.
  • I would like an easier way to identify a particularly hot (IO) VM on vVols during specific, narrow, user-selected time windows.
  • I would like to see an indicator on the support site for a Pure Support recommended code version of the Purity OS to more easily identify what version we should be running.
  • We have an average data reduction of 5.4 to 1 and a total reduction of 11 to 1 across three arrays.
Five years ago, when I purchased my first array, buying a Pure Storage FlashArray was viewed as a risky purchase by many of my peers in the industry. Pure was still a bit new, and I frequently heard the old saying of "no one has ever been fired for buying <insert any big incumbent here> storage". Taking that leap with Pure has paid off in spades.
I have been personally involved in three fully non-disruptive controller upgrades and all have gone flawlessly. No downtime, no rezoning, it is dead simple. We have even moved from 8 Gbps FC transceivers to 16 and then to 32 over the years. It is as simple as unplugging the old transceiver and plugging in the new.
Every bit of maintenance on Pure has been non-disruptive. The only time we have ever needed to take an array offline was to move it from one cage in our datacenter to another. Pure Storage FlashArray has enabled my team to be truly responsive to the needs of our business units.
Our users are most impacted by the uptime that Pure Storage FlashArray has provided to us. They have been rock solid and very performant. Our end-users benefit from the raw speed offered by this all-flash array. With 32 Gbps fiber channel connectivity on our SAN, storage is never the bottleneck in our environment.
We originally purchased one Pure Storage FlashArray and one XtremIO X-Brick. When we needed an additional array, we added a second Pure Storage FlashArray. When the XtremIO X-Brick came up for its first warranty renewal after the block of support originally purchased with the storage we opted to retire the X-Brick and purchase a third FlashArray. The simplicity of management was the primary factor in these decisions.
Pure Storage arrays are perfect for any tier 1 storage need. It excels in VMware environments and particularly with data sets that lend well to deduplication and compression. We have many postgres database servers that can run very hot. Pure Storage has helped us to remove IO bottlenecks that we have run into in the past.

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