What was once a great tool, now feels neglected and unloved
Sarah Brown | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 21, 2013

What was once a great tool, now feels neglected and unloved

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Overall Satisfaction

  • Viewing data in a variety of formats and the ability to easily drill down into this data.
  • Evolving - since the Salesforce merger in particular, the platform has hardly been updated and as a result is slow and cumbersome.
  • The data tables can take a while to upload, which often makes it feel clunky.
  • The tool cannot be used for engagement, despite the 'engagement console'. You cannot schedule content or post easily. Even dealing with inbound messages via this is overly complicated and the big application is slow - this is not browser based, but a standalone application you need to download and install. When using as a part of a team, the permissions are painful to set up as are the dashboards. There is also a delay in messages coming into the dashboard - around 5-10 minutes, meaning that it is no good for real-time engagement. It also frequently misses tweets.
  • Communication/account management - all poor and not what you would expect from such a high cost platform. You can expect not to hear from an account manager for months at a time, plus they change frequently.
  • Mention limits - this feels like an old-fashioned pricing model and as such greatly limits you on what you can actually track and therefore the benefit you can actually take from the system. To increase mentions, you will be looking at an equally big price hike.
  • Traffic driver.
  • Brand awareness.
I've already stated I will not be renewing and am currently working through notice period.
It is a big shame this part of Salesforce seems to have been neglected, despite strong claims originally that this would be fully integrated into their "marketing solution" - something which never happened (not necessarily a bad thing), but which has just been left to gather dust.

Product Usage

  • Social media analysis.
  • Qualitative research/listening.
  • Social media engagement.

Evaluation and Selection

Used a variety of tools previous to this, however these were mostly geared towards small businesses.


n/a - no implementation really required


  • Online training
  • Self-taught
There were lots of videos and articles online which helped me to figure things out. The platform itself is also relatively intuitive meaning that once you are used to it you can generally figure things out for yourself
See previous answer. there were some elements that were hard to figure out, or could find very little info for more detail (this applied to the Boolean logic and what the platform accepted). Never actually got to the bottom of this!


As mentioned previously, it can be hard to get through to people who can help you. On occasion when I have spoken to customer service/tech support, they all seem nice and try to be helpful, however instead of admitting the system cannot do certain things, they will persist it saying that it can, which results in many wasted hours overall.