We were receptive to Receptive...and it's paying off
November 25, 2018

We were receptive to Receptive...and it's paying off

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Overall Satisfaction with Receptive

Our Customer Success and Product Management teams recently implemented Receptive with a couple of our SaaS products. Our two teams have been working in collaboration with Product Development to fully incorporate the solution, and it's gone very smoothly so far. Receptive has very much been effective in providing us the visibility we need to build a better product for our customers by telling us where their priorities lie. Not only that, but it's also assisted us in improving our customer communication and engagement, which in turn have improved our customer relationships.


  • Receptive organizes the masses of data on product feedback that we have into digestible, actionable items. We're able to manage a workflow in an orderly fashion and ensure that all of our information on what customers want is in one place. Receptive's Dashboard is a great place to land on without getting too overwhelmed at all the incoming requests from our customers - it shows us what items have been waiting the longest, the most valuable requests, the most popular requests, and more. The Dashboard alone has helped us focus on product feedback more strategically without getting sidetracked by the influx of data.
  • Receptive allows for thorough collaboration amongst our internal teams. Before we implemented it, it was sometimes a challenge to stay on the same page. Now we all have one central place to look; the activity timeline, team member tagging, and reports/metrics functionalities are all quick views into what our internal teams are doing, and we're able to easily update each other on statuses without adding to each others' email stockpiles.
  • Receptive's own customer success for their customers (us!) is top-notch. Our CSM Aly is a true advocate for our cause and needs within the solution. She's faithfully met with us every few weeks to check in on how we're doing, and gone extra steps to ensure that we're taken care of. They've made it very easy to be a customer of Receptive, and they've listened to our voice in our feedback for their solution, and we can clearly tell!


  • Receptive's user interface is generally very navigable and simple (and also looks nice)! However, we've come across a few navigation quirks that we believe could vastly be improved, particularly in their Browse column, where you can view all feature requests. We wish Receptive used webpage real estate a bit more efficiently - a lot of blank space and scrolling, as well as 'next page' clicking is necessary to browse requests. It would help if there were some sort of a preview pane for the requests, and if the filters were all at the top.
  • A particular functionality that we've been asking for a long time from Receptive isn't there yet: customizable feature statuses (such as Under Review, Planned, Building, Released, Declined, etc.). It looks like it has been highly requested in the past, and we're pretty sure many customers would benefit from it and love Receptive even more. We're really hoping Receptive will release it soon.
  • Receptive has improved our interaction with customers / engagement, which has helped us to maintain customer relationships better.
  • Receptive has decreased the time spent in trying to organize and manage incoming product feedback data by allowing us to automate the process.
  • Receptive has helped us strategically to determine where to go in building a better product for our customers - one that they love to use and know that they're valued by.
We had UserVoice prior to Receptive but it was just too clunky and extensive for our needs. It was less about automation and still very manual work to process feedback. It also didn't provide collaboration levels that we needed for our internal teams to work together. ProdPad was a very clean tool but also didn't enable us to automate the process like Receptive does.
Receptive is very effective for multiple internal teams/department of a single product who need to scale their product feedback management effectively. We've been leveraging it for one of our products and it was so successful, that we implemented it with a second product. The main issue we ran into situationally with that was managing 2+ modules (products) in Receptive; it was a bit more difficult to present Receptive to two different customer bases/users (we couldn't change the appearance) and slightly confusing to do within the app (lots of filtering needed). I have heard that support of multiple modules is something that Receptive will likely be working on in the near future, so that's good news.


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