RStudio - the biggest analytics platform
Gabriel Chiararia | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 05, 2018

RStudio - the biggest analytics platform

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Overall Satisfaction with RStudio

RStudio is being used by analysts and managers in both marketing and IT departments. In some cases we do ad-hoc analysis, in other cases, we try to streamline data process with R. The IT department comes in when we need more complex analysis and integration with Python. The marketing department uses for basic data analysis (exploratory, regression, and we are planning to use it for segmentation as well).
  • 1: RStudio is a great tool for organizing your R code - coding, executing and seeing the results on the same page!
  • 2: RStudio (and R in general) is great because it is an open source tool! So it receives new packages and updates constantly. It's also one of the most used analytics tools, so you are likely to find all of the models you need here!
  • 3: Did I mention it is free? This is great if your IT department (or company) has budget constraints.
  • 1: Coding background! Even though I think coding with R is much easier than any other tool (C++, Python, VBA...), you still need to know how to code to get an analysis done. Other tools (like Azure ML or JMP), you don't need a coding background.
  • 2: User interface: There are some better user interfaces out there. RStudio is not bad, but it's not the greatest.
  • 3: Saving files: It always confuses me when I need to save a file or a project. I never know when or how to save which.
  • 1 - RStudio helped my organization to find opportunities in the business. Those opportunities gave us a strategic advantage with our customers.
  • 2 - Since it's free, the ROI will always be positive! Unless you spend a lot of time building an analysis and end up not using it.
  • 3 - Overall, RStudio helped my organization to be more analytics-driven! Not just data-driven, but finding the right insights inside the data!
- Free
- Huge repository of models and library, constantly updated
- Used by most professionals
- Other tools (Azure ML, Tableau) try to embed R Code
- Easy to find answers to questions or problems online
- APIs available (connectivity with Twitter, for example)

Cons: You need to know how to code, at least a little bit.
Well suited: For anyone interested in data analysis. R can help you do a simple exploratory analysis to increase your R Square with a boosted decision tree! It's probably one of the most comprehensive analytics tools.

Less appropriate: Maybe if you have a team more focused on business and less on data analysis (marketers, salespeople, for instance), RStudio might not be the best, since the learning curve is complicated.