Pros with some cons, but absolutely mostly pros!
Jayson Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 17, 2018

Pros with some cons, but absolutely mostly pros!

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Overall Satisfaction with Sauce Labs

My company has used Sauce to automate the verification of video playback across multiple platforms and environments across desktop to mobile. Right now, it's only used by myself for a subset of teams. Video is a really tough thing to work with as it's very subjective and can be very time consuming to test. Being able to automate at least part of it gives us the ability to spend more time on other tasks.
  • Customer communication - My account team and support are always responsive and helpful!
  • Staying up to date including day one support for some things.
  • Receiving feedback. I've had several meetings with Product to discuss my pain points, future wants, etc.
  • Sometimes things can be finicky
  • Connection speeds haven't always been great
  • Improve quality by increasing browser/OS/device coverage
With Sauce, my team is able to stop wasting money and time on devices that end up becoming stale quite quickly with the way the market changes. I've literally got a drawer full of old devices that we no longer use and most haven't been used for years. Additionally, we don't have to worry about trying to keep versions straight which has been a huge headache in the past.
I don't have any particular insight into this category, so I'm unable to speak to it.
Being able to very quickly access many, many past browser versions and on a handful of different OS's means that we should likely be able to get some sort of parity or something close to whatever customer environment we may need to cover. It frees up our machines from having to be cluttered with all of this which is great, too!
I've touched on some of these points in my other responses, but given the market moves so quickly, trying to constantly buy the newest devices just to have them collect dust doesn't make sense. Instead of my team paying for a device, using it for a little, and then moving on, Sauce can actually be thought of as being environmentally beneficial, too! Allowing multiple companies to utilize the same device makes the justification of that device's resources and materials much more bearable.
I have not used Sauce Labs Proxy.
I initially went with Sauce Labs due to a reason that no longer exists: access to specific public real devices without having to wait because there's only one of that device. While it's a bummer things changed, with the offering of their dynamic allocation, I'm able to get a wider swath of devices available while still getting effectively the same coverage. If I need a specific device, I can manage that as needed.
For scenarios/teams that have the appropriate budget for a premium product, Sauce is definitely the route to go. Also, for teams that value folks that sponsor the OSS libraries they use and having that expertise on their team, Sauce is a great choice. I suppose if you're super strapped, don't put value in the above, or care about communication, they may not be a wise fit.