Media Company Getting Email 'Pop' from Engage.
November 01, 2013

Media Company Getting Email 'Pop' from Engage.

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Overall Satisfaction

  • Program creation and automation.
  • Ease of setup and editability of templates.
  • Dynamic content.
  • Deliverability.
  • Would be nice to have the ability to set different 'modes' - an instance for beginning or light users and an instance for power users.
  • The new send process takes too much time.
  • Improved tooltips for new users.
  • Finally able to make email 'work for us' with automation. Has dramatically changed the way many of the marketers at our company have viewed email as a whole. Previous email client was very light on automation capabilities.
  • Ability to have dynamic content in mailings has increased our efficiency; less overall number of templates/mailings by creating more customization within the template.
  • The integrated marketing database and ability to trigger off of demographics and events is also something that has increased the quality of our mailings and efficiency of our campaigns. This also is something our previous email client did not specialize in.
It is honestly a complete solution for our company's needs. Very rarely do I find something that I wish we could do that we cannot accomplish with Silverpop. [However, still wish we were able to have Silverpop compute the send-rate of an email program with multiple mailings spread over a variable date range which was set by the computer. [In other words, if the user entering the program has 4 weeks until a certain event, or 8 weeks until a certain event, Silverpop should be able to determine the ideal frequency of emails automatically.]
Look at the tasks that you most frequently do within email marketing - and also consider the most complicated needs you will have. I would venture to say that Silverpop will be able to handle both with ease.

Product Usage

6 - We have team members within marketing, sales and circulation all utilizing silverpop. Marketing relies on it the most heavily and is the group that taps into the more advanced features of Silverpop. We have connected Silverpop to Salesforce through the supplied APIs - and so sales members have been using it without a hitch. Circulation mostly relies on it for customer experience surveys and marketing subscription deals.
1 - Our in-house IT guy has handled the support of silverpop. Between his knowledge and Silverpop's ticketing and knowledge base systems, we have not really had any instances where we had questions that we were unable to quickly find an answer for.
  • Automated drip campaigns to community members.
  • Demographic targeting.
  • Personalizing weekly newsletters with dynamic content.
  • Transferred the handling of 'site' emails from site services to Silverpop.
  • Have been able to get more users than previously expected involved in the creation process - due to the UI not being extreme or overwhelming.
  • Survey Response.
  • Gamification.
  • SMS Marketing.

Evaluation and Selection

Yes - MyEmma - the iteration we had was not able to execute all of the functions we needed. I know the platform has added some additional functionality since we have discontinued service, but at the time it definitely was not anywhere near as feature rich as Silverpop. It was, however, more user friendly due to it's simplicity.
At the time, was the solution that made the biggest impact on our users and stakeholders.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
It was able to execute on everything we wanted to do - both now and in the future.
Might ask for a more hands on demo-dashboard from each vendor, to allow users time to poke around and feel the UI out.