TargetRecruit is the best tool to manage new and existing clients' and candidates' relationships
August 11, 2018

TargetRecruit is the best tool to manage new and existing clients' and candidates' relationships

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We used MS Excel before to manage our client and recruiting candidates, and it was tough to keep our processes seamless before. The bottleneck we had in using excel is. First, we can't see realtime if the candidate or client is already talking to one of our business development or recruiting associates. Second, we can't see if the candidate or client had already established a relationship with us, and lastly, we keep sending them emails, and we can't see if the candidate or client had received multiple emails from our firms regarding different opportunities from us every day which is inconvenient and confusing.

TargetRecruit made it easy for us to keep track of all the things that are happening to a single client or candidate. It shows immediately or real-time if the candidate or client is currently talking to one of our team members. It also makes sure that we only send emails to them once weekly. This lessened us getting complaints, and possibly do not contact requests from candidates and clients. It also helps us manage relationship - we can now provision through TargetRecruit that a certain candidate or client had already established a relationship with us. We can also personalize email templates to each candidate or clients that we have automatically - human touch and automation in one.


  • Makes candidate/client relationship for personalized
  • Makes it possible for us to keep track of all the things happening to a certain client or recruiting candidate
  • Let us avoid possible do not contact request due to numerous emails sent by our firms to certain individuals
  • Manages cost and time in sourcing and reaching out to candidates


  • When uploading certain resumes, I hope the TargetRecruit candidate search also maps the previous attachments we included versus just mapping the most recent resume
  • When creating reports, I hope the functionality is faster because it loads in minutes instead of seconds
  • There are instances where the values we add on a single profile is maxed out or limited - I hope they can make it unlimited values
  • Made it possible for our business to manage turnaround time in presenting qualified candidates to clients immediately
  • Do not contact request are now down to 1 out of 10 whereas before we are getting 5 out of 10 contacts
  • Business development team creates more meetings to possible clients
Bullhorn is not as easy to use as TargetRecruit. TargetRecruit is web-based, and you can use it anywhere. The protection is still there because it will send a code to your email if you have used the application to a new device.

ZipRecruiter is a way for our firm to get inbound applicants. However, most of those applicants are not a fit for the role. ZipRecruiter doesn't have the functionality to scrutinize and avoid unfit candidates in applying for the role.

In totality, LinkedIn was messaging, and the tracking system is not that yet updated as to how TargetRecruit makes it easy, and powerful. LinkedIn message and tracking system still doesn't have the option to let us know how to avoid messaging the candidate once per week. There is a way for you to see it on LinkedIn but it takes more than three clicks for you to do it. Whereas, in TargetRecruit, you can see it immediately in the candidate or client profile.

It is well suited for companies that need to:
- build a relationship with new clients and candidates
- prolong or keep the relationship with existing clients and candidates
- personalize emails or messages to clients and candidates, and make sure that it will not take a lot of time
- quality check all data entries in a short amount of time
- create reports and do mass emails to certain clients and candidates

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