Using TeamViewer within a Nonprofit Organization Setting
January 29, 2014

Using TeamViewer within a Nonprofit Organization Setting

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As a nonprofit organization with limited staffing capabilities spread across four counties at over 30 different sites, we need to be able to support our staff with quick and efficient technical support and training opportunities. Driving to each location (in New York Metro area traffic, no less), is not a viable option. TeamViewer allows me to remote in to other computers and fix the problem nearly instantaneously. I can also train individuals one at a time at their convenience rather than waiting for several people to need training and then schedule a training session at a centralized location.
  • It helps those with busy schedules get things done. If I only have time to do Task A from 10-11 or 2-3 on Tuesday but the person I need to help is over a 30 minutes away, I can just remote in, and poof, it's done.
  • The process itself is quite simple. I have everyone on the receiving end keep a "For the Instant Customer" executable on their desktop so that when they call in all they need is to is double click on the icon, give me the login credentials, and away we go.
  • I like having the option to save computer numbers in my TeamViewer list so that I can make everything even faster for those who are calling in more frequently for remote help.
  • Sometimes the TeamViewer icons and menus get in the way when using the product, especially if there are things to read/click on the edges of the screen.
  • The Internet connection needs to be reliable and relatively fast, otherwise you will run into some serious lag. I rarely encounter this issue save for two individual sites because I know the Internet connectivity over there is not great.
  • Sometimes basic keyboard shortcuts don't work between my screen and the remote screen. For example, if I wanted to copy something from a spreadsheet on my end into a spreadsheet on the remote end, it does not always work on the first try or at all. Perhaps there is a setting which addresses this?
  • We have experienced a decrease in the time it takes to resolve technical support issues.
  • We have experienced a decrease in the wait time to run training sessions.
  • We have experienced an overall increase in customer satisfaction with our product.
Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), we have not used any of TeamViewer's competitors. It is the first product we tried and it fulfilled all our needs, so why look elsewhere? Colleagues have mentioned names big ticket alternatives like Adobe Connect Pro, Web Ex, Google Hang Outs, and Elluminate, but they are either too expensive for us or have too many software requirements.
I'm not sure if TeamViewer can handle a large company's needs (say, over 200). Furthermore, I have no idea how secure TeamViewer is in terms of both privacy and thwarting hackers. If you have highly sensitive data exchanging hands (bank account numbers, confidential proposals, personnel files, pharmaceutical data, etc.), this might not be the best product for you.

Using TeamViewer

The unfortunate truth is that the main contributing factor for most of our decisions revolves around cost. Sure, there might be better products out their then TeamViewer, but none that we have seen thus far are as cost effective. Online meeting software generally costs a fortune in licensing fees each year, and we don't need all that functionality anyway.