Nice tool for desktop, still lacks support for some mobile app types
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Updated February 22, 2018

Nice tool for desktop, still lacks support for some mobile app types

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Overall Satisfaction with TestComplete

By being able to use data-driven testing some quite boring and tedious Tests with 1000 testcases can be nicely run automated to ensure we didn't break anything. One nice Addition to this fine Software (which would make it PERFECT) would be, if it supported testing Delphi Firemonkey applications at least on Android, starting to actually work on this (they've already been told in the past that this is a shortcomming of their product), instead of asking the user whether everything is fine, would be even more helpful!
  • Recognizing Delphi VCL controls, except TVirtualTreeview, but TC Folks once showed me how to automate this as well and it's ok now.
  • Clean testcase structure etc. and helpful IDE
  • Supports Delphi script for writing clean test Code and doesn't force you into recording everything.
  • It rarely crashes and given that the Task at Hand really Needs intimate Knowledge of the inner workings of the platforms supported, this is surely no easy task!
  • No support for testing Delphi Firemonkey apps on mobile platforms yet and no clear indication of whether this will be delivered in the future and if so, when.
  • Cannot really tell as I have no comparison.
It solved our business challenge in parts. The other part is to find the time to write all those automated Tests necessary and that our Software requires interfacing with Hardware etc. where one might need to give "stimuli" which is not so easy. But it's still quite helpful for automating some ordinary but necessary stuff. Mobile testing currently is mostly usefull if you are really using the development Framework it was being made for.
Most useful is the Support for VCL applications, as I'm writing those. Being able to Name map controls and identify controls with a hair-cross is quite useful. The Editor is ok, but in comparison with Delphi IDE it lacks a few Features (I think identation, and Go to declaration is not always working like I'd like it to work). Some object recognition functionality for mobile testing lacks a resonable timeout.
Makes testing more systematic, and some things are being tested now which wouldn't be covered if it couldn't be automated. It helps to fight against boredom of repetive test runs.
We got demoed TestComplete, it looked good. We then did some Tests with the Trial Version and it worked quite ok, so we adopted it as we found it contained value for the Money we spent back then. We didn't compare other test Automation Software much. e.g. Silk Test from Borland, the previous owner of Delphi couldn't even properly test Delphi written programs. We would have needed Image based testing with that one in our case!
Quite well suited for VCL Windows applications, but not suited for Firemonkey mobile applications as Support for those is not built in at this time. Use of the licence Server is sometimes a hassle too and I think it's getting a bit pricey in comparison to some years back. But it gained some Features as well. While they did further Things for mlobile testing it still lacks some functionality needed and some functionality misses polish (e.g. Things with too Long non configurable timeout).

Evaluating TestComplete and Competitors

  • Price
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  • Product Usability
The product must be useful to me. In this case the good and robust recognition of VCL controls combined with the clearly readable Delphi script Syntax (albeit there is room for enhancement of this scripting language) made the purchase worth it. It also seldomly crashes, which is a plus and not to be taken lightly, as it quite deeply Looks into the application it runs.
I'm not sure if I really would Change that a lot if at all.