Thinking about TOPdesk?
Jurgen Bravenboer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated March 09, 2020

Thinking about TOPdesk?

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Overall Satisfaction with TOPdesk

We use Topdesk to track and trace incidents for all our end-users, they are spread over multiple organizations. Also, our IT contacts can track all the incidents we work on for their end-users. In this way, they have the opportunity to stay up-to-date all the time if they want and like to. Every month we send out incident reports created by Topdesk.
8 - IT helpdesk, IT management, IT Systeem Engineer, IT Network Engineer, IT Service management
  • Automatically reads designated mail folder and creates incidents from this; this function is saving us a lot of time entering incidents. In this way, we can respond much quicker to incident calls.
  • Escalation of incidents. We use this a lot, because we don't want our servicedesk to be occupied with stuff they cannot solve in a fashionable time. In this way customers are getting the correct response much quicker.
  • Report engine. Creating reports is really nice and you can make them the way you want them. This gives us the flexibility to create reports with all the necessary information for our customers.
  • Give best practice tips when designing your Topdesk environment, in this way you won't run into discussions with a Topdesk consultant about the way you run things!
  • Make it easier to design some work forms for jobs you do for customers and let them sign off.
  • Get more functionality available as an add-on, there are examples where you need to buy enterprise license just to get a hold on some of those features.
  • We have a quick insight into what incidents are sent to the service desk, we always have been able to reduce the amount of incidents by > 50% for all our customers to date.
  • For our larger than 25 users organizations we introduced the self-service portal; our IT contacts are able to create incidents quickly without interference from our service desk.
  • Our IT contacts receive an overview of handled incidents from the previous month, in this way they are able to see the impact of IT on their organization.
We use Topdesk out of the box in a SaaS based installation, there are some nice implementation guides to help you on your way.
As a company we use ITIL as a base for our services, Topdesk is also based on ITIL and therefore it's quite easy to implement this in the organization.
All the ITIL related items are deliverd by Topdesk, servicedesk, Incident Management, Change Management, Configuration Management DataBase and so on. If needed you can even run project management on Topdesk, but there are better tools available when you need to go into details for a project.
Overall Topdesk is really good for company's who are working based on ITIL processes
Topdesk has always been very helpful with all questions we've had. When new functionality is introduced there is always a contact moment. Support incidents are always communicated clearly; they use their own product for this (of course!). Topdesk support has a very nice self-service portal with several standard incidents and procedures. We had some discussions about an approach where customers will be able to build their own functional Topdesk environment, the account managers are always helpful and understanding about this, so we've had a very good experience with the Topdesk staff so far.
Topdesk is very useful in an organization that has its own IT department, it's possible to run almost everything from Topdesk even beyond IT related stuff. If used as a managed service provider (like we do) expect to run into some issues that you need to think about before starting with Topdesk, It will work great, but not out of the box!

TOPdesk Feature Ratings

Organize and prioritize service tickets
Expert directory
Service restoration
Self-service tools
Subscription-based notifications
ITSM collaboration and documentation
ITSM reports and dashboards
Configuration mangement
Asset management dashboard
Policy and contract enforcement
Change requests repository
Change calendar
Service-level management

Using TOPdesk

6 - Topdesk is fairly easy to implement in your organization, especially when your organization is working based on ITIL processes.
When you choose the SaaS implementation you are up & running within a couple of minutes (of course after all the contract signing stuff etc. etc.).
Running Topdesk is an ongoing proces in which all our admins are participating.

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