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What is TOPdesk?

TOPdesk is the flagship highly-modular cloud-based or installed ITSM service desk and asset management solution from the Dutch company of the same name, for enterprise companies.
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TOPdesk Review

7 out of 10
May 30, 2022
We use it for logging incidents, questions, problems, and operational tasks. The departments that use TOPdesk are IT, central helpdesk, …
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  • Organize and prioritize service tickets (139)
  • Configuration mangement (109)
  • Self-service tools (128)
  • ITSM reports and dashboards (113)

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What is TOPdesk?

TOPdesk is the flagship highly-modular cloud-based or installed ITSM service desk and asset management solution from the Dutch company of the same name, for enterprise companies.

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Incident and problem management

Streamlining ticketing and service restoration processes

8.6Avg 8.1

ITSM asset management

Managing all IT assets and enforcing policy rules

8.5Avg 8.1

Change management

Ensuring standardized processes for making changes to IT infrastructure

7.8Avg 8.3
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Product Details

What is TOPdesk?

Excellent service management made easy
TOPdesk is a service management solution that aims to help users improve customer communication, manage workflows and keep track of assets. According to the vendor, the software is simple and attractive, making it pleasant to use and quick to adopt. On-premises and SaaS deployments are available.

4 key differentiators:
1. Easy to use, quick to set up
2. Suitable for IT, FM or HR.
3. Seamless integrations with other packages.
4. Guaranteed service excellence.
5.Attractive and flexible licensing model TOPdesk has 20+ years experience in helping 5000+ organizations worldwide deliver the best service.

TOPdesk Features

Incident and problem management Features

  • Supported: Organize and prioritize service tickets
  • Supported: Expert directory
  • Supported: Service restoration
  • Supported: Self-service tools
  • Supported: Subscription-based notifications
  • Supported: ITSM collaboration and documentation
  • Supported: ITSM reports and dashboards

ITSM asset management Features

  • Supported: Configuration mangement
  • Supported: Asset management dashboard
  • Supported: Policy and contract enforcement

Change management Features

  • Supported: Change requests repository
  • Supported: Change calendar
  • Supported: Service-level management

Additional Features

  • Supported: Resource Plan Board
  • Supported: Operations Management
  • Supported: Open API
  • Supported: Integrations Market Place
  • Supported: Reservations Management

TOPdesk Video

The Total Economic Impact™ Of TOPdesk Enterprise is an October 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TOPdesk.

TOPdesk Integrations

TOPdesk Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Norwegian

Frequently Asked Questions

TOPdesk is the flagship highly-modular cloud-based or installed ITSM service desk and asset management solution from the Dutch company of the same name, for enterprise companies.

Reviewers rate Expert directory highest, with a score of 9.3.

The most common users of TOPdesk are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).

TOPdesk Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)5%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)55%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)40%
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The ECNO Shared Technology Services team uses TOPdesk as a one-stop ticket management and queue system for both our internal processes via Change Management, and for our external clients at 33 different school boards to enter support requests for our products and services. It provides both real-time monitoring of our current support requests shared between a team of 3 remote technicians, and allows historical data to be stored and accessed by both our clients and internal teams.
  • TOPdesk provides easy to customize reports based on user or organization designed selections, allowing the data stored inside the helpdesk solution to be extracted, analyzed, and acted upon. Using simple visual queries, any user is able to build data extracts on the fly
  • Importation of data is easy to arrange and insert into the system. From existing support requests to a customer knowledge database, the data can be imported once, or as part of a constantly updating system for user changes, asset management, or user-facing data.
  • The ability to reply to emails to update tickets, both as the person making the support request and as the person working on the support request, makes it much easier to keep everyone informed as to the progress of the tickets and the eventual resolution.
  • The initial setup curve is very high, with it being strongly recommended that you involve the company in the design and setup phases to be able to get the most out of the program. The complexity of the setup is more than offset by the functionality of the product.
TOPdesk is well suited to any information technology department or organization that operates on a ticket based system. The tracking and management of workloads is excellent, and in fact, the system is appropriate for any organization that track work based on tickets.
Any appointment based system can be modeled inside TOPdesk using the appointment planning board, allowing managers to see the planned appointments of employees.
TOPdesk support is TOPnotch. The support engineers and setup people we encountered during our setup phase were knowledgeable and experienced with the design and setup of the optimum TOPdesk based on our requests, and were able to help us avoid snags that we would have otherwise encountered based on our unique setup. Requests since the initial setup period have been met with quick, easy to follow instructions to resolve the issues.
Adrie Bergwerff | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TOPdesk is used almost across the whole organization. But also our customers have access to it. TOPdesk is used by customers and our internal user for filing Incidents and Changes. My department is using is to support customers and internal users, but also for planning and registering hardware. Currently, we have approximately 20 TOPdesk operators. For our customers, we also have planned reports for SLA reports.
  • Support by TOPdesk is excellent. Until now, we didn't have any issues when support was requested.
  • The latest version supports ADFS/SAML authentication. In the former version, this was an add-on you should buy.
  • Continues development of the product bearing in mind the user's input.
  • Copy and paste functionality of pictures.
  • Approval by "managers" of simple changes. Currently, only Extensive Change has this functionality.
  • Rich text formatting in Change Management module.
  • Rating of Changes, currently only a rating of an incident can be used.
Well suited for Incident Management!!! Less suited for: For Change Management (simples changes) we miss the functionality that a "Manager" can approve a change from within the Self Service Portal.
Upon the introduction with TOPdesk, we were invited to the office in Delft (Netherlands). The took there to explain to use of TOPdesk and answer out questions.

We had filed a few questions with TOPdesk support. We were served within time and the engineers are very kind. Even if they didn't have a direct solution they informed us that someone of a higher echelon was planned.

Please be aware that when TOPdesk is bought, you have make use of 2 or more days consultancy. For me it is quite clear, otherwise support of TOPdesk is doing the "implementation".
Maintenance of TOPdesk is very easy. Building workflows, assigned groups. It almost looks likes Citizins development. Even without technical knowledge you can administar and maintain TOPdesk.
  • No Training
TOPdesk is very flexible and scalable. Every department in you organization can you the software. Perhaps some persons need some training, but that can be provided by TOPdesk ot some keyusers.
Jason Flannery | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it daily for support requests and tracking technical challenges. It's a tool we use for asset management with API calls to Microsoft Intune, Google Admin for inventorying daily all Computer, Chromebook and iPad usage and information. We were in desperate need of a useful, secure Asset management software as well as a new helpdesk tool and this has been the best of both worlds. I was part of the team assessing the product and couldn't imagine daily work life with out it now.
  • Helpdesk Portal - One stop shop
  • Asset management - Asset's are assigned to persons in our org - east to track with timely info.
  • Knowledge base articles solve the problems sometimes before they can become helpdesk tickets.
  • I'd love to see location maps - Where are the assets? Tag assets to physical locations on a map.
This is the most complete software I've reviewed and we purchased that allows customization and growth but is stable and rock solid in regards to team support. I don't have anything bad to say about Topdesk. We've used it for over 4 years and not only can we measure where the work is, where support is needed but also team stats on where we can look at efficiencies in support.
We've had to contact them recently with outages or slow access to the service but it was back up (slowed - not off) and running asap and service was right on top of it.
Login - Operator or user login - easy to understand. Easy to manage and assignment of tickets and activities has been seamless to integrate with very little time spent having to retrain staff.
  • Online Training
  • In-Person Training
It's limitless and all hosted by Topdesk. It works for one school or 120.
Marc Roest | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TOPdesk is used by the ICT department as a back office tool at Coloriginz.
  • Friendly and simple user interface
  • Easy incident management
  • HRM module - the intake procedure could be better. To make your own intake procedure is complicated.
  • For incident management and follow up it is well suited.
  • TOPdesk is very scalable.
We don’t use support very often. TOPdesk is very stable and easy to use and configure.
Roel Assenmacher | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TOPdesk is used by the entire organization to record, manage, and track incidents. It is used internally for (e.g.) IT and Facility Management, but we also record all questions and incidents from citizens. TOPdesk lets us track every call from start to end and lets us easily collaborate across all departments. Besides incident tracking we also use TOPdesk for problem and change management.
The Self Service portal provide our employees with a up to date knowledgebase and a quick way to create tickets and ask questions.
  • It is very easy to use. Explaining it to a new user takes 15 minutes at most.
  • The great API features make integrating other applications a piece of cake.
  • Modular build, and easily customizable, so you only see what you use.
  • Fast and reliable.
  • Its mobile usability could be better. Simple features are missing, like adding photos to an existing call.
  • The self-service portal should be a little bit more customizable.
TOPdesk is well suited for IT, facility, and reservation and asset management. It doesn't matter how many users or incidents you need to register. It is less suited for complex asset management. Linking items, and building up an item from multiple other items is difficult. It lacks access control on the knowledgebase, which makes it unusable for the IT department.
They always use their time to give a fitting solution to your problem, and their level of knowledge is outstanding. They respond quickly, and no questions stay unanswered,
It's easy to learn and to use. It has a very intuitive interface.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use TopDesk as our self serve portal for help desk support tickets to assist 30+ school boards within Ontario. We also use it for our Asset management, our assets consist of software.
  • Keeps our Assets organized
  • Email notifications
  • Ticket organization
  • It can be difficult to find settings or options
  • The GUI isn't very intuitive
TopDesk is excellent when you want to empower the users to potentially answer their questions or issues with the Knowledge Base or the Self Serve Portal. The cost makes it difficult to consider for smaller organizations that may not have the financial resources.
All my experience with TopDesk support has been excellent. I always get my questions and issues resolved.
Jay Hamel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use TOPdesk for incident, change and asset management internally and also for our B2B customer base. It gives us a central location to manage our global customer's issues and needs, and provides a simple way to delegate and track workflow. Additionally, the data we are able to report on allows us to pinpoint areas of improvement.
  • Versatility. The ability to customize the interface.
  • The ability to customize workflows for Incident and Change management is the best I have seen.
  • The ability to segregate customer groups and manage them in one instance of TOPdesk is great.
  • Would love to see stronger Self Service functionality, such as AI.
  • Would like to see TOPdesk further embrace customer management of the platform.
  • This is a bit more subjective: The interface continues to improve, but I would like to see it be a bit more intuitive.
TOPdesk is well suited to managing internal and external incidents and changes. We have not run into a customer type who would not benefit from the functionality. The only potential issue would be cost. Perhaps the price is out of reach for smaller groups. The customization really goes a long way.
TOPdesk technical support is always very responsive and as involved as you need them to be. We seldom require their involvement -- and when we have in the past, the vast majority of issues have been user configuration error (we set up something incorrectly). Account level support is also very accessible and helpful. We have been on TOPdesk for 10 years; the onboarding experience was great and I would guess it has only improved.
Have been a customer for a long time and the sheer uptime of this system has been legendary.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Topdesk as a service management tool to support the organization and to have one tool where the IT department can do all administrative work.
  • Single source of data for administrative purposes
  • Quick tickets are real time savers!
  • Simple sequential workflows are very handy
  • Improved WYSIWYG editor, still not perfect
  • Complex flows are not always possible
  • Limited design options for knowledge items and the self service portal
Very usefull tool to support IT and its processes. For complex workflows ir processes your organization needs to fit in the framework that Topdesk provides.
Support knows what they are talking about and have a quick response time!
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It's used by a department. It's used for incident management for our external customers for incidents in the industry related to software, process, and hardware.
  • Fast to address incidents, reported by telephone
  • Fast tool to get information about customers
  • Modular, so we started with only incident management, but now we have change management, operations management, and object management
  • Fast replies of questions.
  • In the SSP it is not possible for our customers to get an export of their own incidents in, for example, Excel.
  • Email notification of incidents in the organization, For example, to client managers at our site and customer site.
  • Integration with other tools like Power BI, report manager.
Incident management is excellent. It's less suited for modifications at the software site to get the interaction. Extern customers, instead of in-house.
Reacts very fast. If they didn't, they didn't charge a fee of the consultant.
it does the job well, it fits a lot of our demands. We can give insights to our customers, about their installation. Also we can keep track of outstanding issues at our different customers. If you have a request they respond very quickly!
  • no training
It is very scalable but not everything
Very smoothly, no problems occured, didn't need the support of TOPdesk
May 30, 2022

TOPdesk Review

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it for logging incidents, questions, problems, and operational tasks. The departments that use TOPdesk are IT, central helpdesk, HR, Finance, Communications, Innovations, Healthcare administration, and some project groups. Except for the Facilities department, they use another application for their work called Wish. All healthcare personnel within our organization are authorized to use our self-service portal.
  • Service
  • Saas
  • Easy to manage
  • Innovation
  • Personalization
In our organization, we use another application for facilities management. This department does not think TOPdesk is suitable for their work. But TOPdesk is well suited for logging incidents for other departments.
We plan on merge the SSP with Wish, but the Facility backoffice will still use Wish for their work.
The support department of TOPdesk is excellent. I can always call them and almost every time my question is answered on the phone immediately. They have a lot of knowledge of TOPdesk.
TOPdesk is easy to use as a service management tool.
You don't need to have a lot of IT knowledge to make it a good working program for you.
  • No Training
Overall you can use TOPdesk for about any department.
We only have Wish for Facility, all the other departments use TOPdesk.
We migrated our Configuration management to the new Asset management module.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
All members of the ICT and the facility service department use TOPdesk for administrating questions of users, follow up these questions and communicate the solution to this questions. Also as head of the ICT and facility service department, I can follow the performance of our departments. All reciprocal tasks are administrated, controlled and checked for execution by TOPdesk
  • Users have access to a very easy to use helpdesk system
  • Support desk employees have a full overview of all outstanding and open calls
  • As a manager, you have several tools to overview the performance of your department
  • TOPdesk is definitely not the cheapest helpdesk tool
  • TOPdesk is not a tool for building a complete document library
If you want a professional helpdesk tool, TOPdesk is definitely the right choice. If it has to be cheap, there are a lot of other choices, but definitely not as good as topdesk.
Since we use TOPdesk, we have a much better performance of the ICT department. All because there is a better overview of open call’s, better communication with our clients and more control for management.
easy to understand, easy to use.
  • No Training
In connection with invoicing the various companies and departments, we have split these up within td. This is easy to get arranged.
Dustin Fawver | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using TOPdesk as a replacement for an older ITSM platform, primarily in the IT department. We're using it primarily for incident management, change management, asset management, contract management, knowledge management, as well as a Self Service Portal. We're able to transform many of our paper form-based processes to digital versions, while also having MUCH better approval and request routing control than before.

A few of the big improvements that we've been able to make are:
- Digitally transforming the organization's employee off-boarding process from one of calling around two dozen offices to one of all needed departments being notified electronically.
- Allowing end-users to administer digital assets that would normally require contacting the IT Help Desk for servicing.
- Automating many requests to free up operators' time.
  • TOPdesk provides a clean and modern interface for all of its modules. Many of the modules have a similar look and feel, which makes it easy for users to utilize each one.
  • Its workflow system allows administrators and developers to define what needs to occur when certain events happen. This can ensure that processes happen in the correct sequence.
  • TOPdesk includes a vast API system to allow for external systems to integrate with it, and for TOPdesk to communicate with external systems.
  • For the forms that are available in the Self-Service Portal, a good improvement is to be able to validate user input so that it conforms to any required parameters. As of now, a request can be validated after submission via workflow, then rejected if needed.
  • A few of the modules do not have an accompanying API. This has made some integration and automation processes not possible.
  • Some customers may need to use an external process, such as Powershell or Python, to accomplish some automation needs.
I believe that TOPdesk is well-suited for environments that have more than maybe a handful of people. The licensing model is tier-based instead of per-user, per-operator, or per-account basis like some of the competing platforms. The licensing model and the cost have made it possible for us to accomplish things that we would not have been able to do on our previous "per-operator" model. I don't regard TOPdesk as being an ERP platform, so it can't do everything that an organization might need. In my opinion, it can get pretty close, provided there's sufficient executive buy-in at the organization.
I rate the overall support as very high. I was not involved in the pre-sale process. Once the contract was finalized, I was part of the team that spent about four to six hours a week over the course of six months setting up the various features on the platform. I think the length of time was due to the amount of time we were available, as well as the number of processes we needed to migrate to TOPdesk. When it comes to submitting support requests, I generally receive a response, if not a resolution within 24 hours. I typically use their Self Service Portal, but they have a phone number for more immediate issues.
In short, we've been able to remove many pain points, automate multiple things, and empowered the end-user by being able to manage more items via the Self Service Portal. We've been able to do more than we were able to do with our previous ITSM platform. The TOPdesk development team added some things recently that will allow us to make some other things more efficient.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TOPdesk is currently being used by our Facilities Operations and Project Management teams. It is helping us streamline operational and planning issues and giving us one platform to assist in maintaining project-related information for buildings, and then ongoing maintenance.
  • Ease of logging issues.
  • Each user can customize their view.
  • Target dates and time make it easy to sort.
  • Being able to sort on multiple columns (i.e. new work orders by target date).
  • Reporting is very complicated to create and export.
  • Getting this system to talk to other systems for information sharing continues to have disconnects.
The ability to see all work orders, whether assigned or not, is helpful. The ability for technicians to create work orders or transfer them between each other within a technician group is great. In some environments, the ability to move work orders between technician groups is a great feature. I think the reporting functionality needs significant improvement. I need to be able to extract data monthly and not continue to have reports that take 20 minutes to export because we are unable to pick our export information. One other thing we would like to see is email notifications enhanced so that as users respond to technicians, they get an email letting them know. We seem to have some issues with this notification.
Support can be hit or miss. Sometimes response times are great and sometimes we have to continue to follow up to get answers. It appears that if the issue is hard or time consuming we get less assistance than if it is a quick fix.
There are some areas that are clunky and hard to navigate. Lacks ability to effectively report out certain things. Would be helpful if we could utilize the dates more when extracting data.
Tessa Geers | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
A few departments use TOpdesk, we want more departments to use TOPdesk in the future. We address ICT problems and customer problems [with TOPdesk].
  • incident management
  • change management
  • KPI
  • attachments
  • workflow incident management
  • FAQ
  • Queries
Incident management and change management are well suited. Workflow and attachments can be better, also project management can be better.
When I have a problem, support reacts quickly enough. They solve the problem with useful comments.
April 08, 2022

Happy with TOPdesk

Peter van de Klundert | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use TOPdesk to record all our incidents in the IT department. We also record who, what has hardware, and what problems there are with this.
  • Clear
  • Fast input
  • Mail import possible
  • Reporting options
TOPdesk has been a good choice for us to monitor our incidents. Too much knowledge was in the heads of individuals and therefore difficult to access. By sharing our knowledge via TOPdesk, we have a better overview of the ongoing problems on IT matters, but we also share knowledge. The number of incidents can also be measured and it is no longer just a feeling. Our hardware and faults on it are now also transparent and measurable. For us, TOPdesk is great
The transition to TOPdesk was quick and simple. The setup was done by TOPdesk and with short manuals, we were able to get the software up and running quickly and without a consultant.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use TOPdesk as the self-service portal for our employees. For instance, we use it for change management, incident management, and reservation management. With the implementation of TOPdesk, we are able to structure the workload for our application managers.
  • Service and self-service are top priorities for our business, TOPdesk fits perfectly with this
  • The modular structure of TOPdesk helps to set up the application to our wishes
  • The user interface is easy to understand for every employee
  • further development of the module Workplace reservation
  • The module New Asset management will eventually replace the module configuration management but needs further development
Service and self-service are top priorities for our business. TOPdesk fits perfectly with this. The self-service part of the application, in particular, has developed considerably in recent years. The customer has a central position and can enrich his knowledge bij looking up articles. Suggestions of these articles are also shown when the customer wants to create notifications. This may help the customer faster. It is very easy to create these articles. Thanks to TOPdesk's modular structure we can set up the application to our wishes. Upscaling and downscaling of modules are also possible and easy to arrange. However, the module workplace reservation must be further developed. For example, the user interface, additional functionality, and also the link with MS Outlook can be much improved. The module New Asset management will eventually replace the module configuration management but needs further development
As a result of our changed workplace policy, we decided to expand our TOPdesk license with the workplace reservation module. To be able to use this module properly it was necessary to accelerate the planned switch from the enterprise version of TOPdesk to the SAAS version. We had help from a consultant with our migration to SAAS. He had a very broad knowledge and if he didn't know something he had a quick answer from a colleague. We also enjoyed the collaboration. Instead of setting everything up for us, he told us how to set it up. This also immediately increased the knowledge of the application managers.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are still in the middle of implementing everything we want to in TOPdesk, but we use it for IT ticket tracking, asset tracking (computers, printers, etc), and as a time tracking tool for our IT staff. We needed a way for each of our multiple office locations and remote employees to be able to submit tickets and for the IT team to keep track of them. Also, the branch managers wanted to be able to see reports of what was happening in their branches.
  • Ticket creation and tracking
  • Very versatile in its setup
  • Love how tickets can be related to a Kanban board.
  • Difficult to setup because it is so versatile
  • Better custom mapping abilities for tickets to Kanban board categories
  • More Kanban custom categories
  • Difficult for users to reset their own passwords
TOPdesk is awesome if you need a ticket system for tracking any IT or computer needs. Software requests, bugs, hardware malfunctions, etc. You can create a knowledge base that adapts to the user's input in real-time. That is super cool. It is a bit cumbersome to track computers, OS versions, and assets in general. That said, asset tracking is just a pain period.
The pre-sale was great. Our biggest issue was that it just took a long time to get the backend setup. Also, some functions were not enabled that was part of what we purchased and it took a week or so to get those functions enabled once we realized they were missing.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
When our previous ticketing system reached its end of life, we determined that the Facilities and Information Technology departments would benefit from an enterprise system that would allow us to share tickets between our departments. Every step of the way, TOPdesk has exceeded our expectations. The tools it provides are powerful and solve real problems with ease. Implementation was straightforward and well-supported, and they are always available with questions and solutions afterward. In addition, their philosophy and customer service solutions have helped our departments improve our service and focus more clearly on our goals together.
  • Customer-centric service
  • Ticketing workflows
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Mobile app
  • Supporting building of self-service portal
TOPdesk is a great solution if your departments are ready and willing to work together as a full team across boundaries to build a system, implement it, and maintain it long-term. It will not be a good solution if your teams are not ready to work together across departments.
Support is incredible for TOPdesk. The teams are well-trained, friendly, and helpful, and they have solved everything we have thrown at them.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TOPdesk is used across the entire organization to manage IT incident and service request tickets. It is also used to manage tickets for some of the building facilities departments.
  • Simple to use
  • Very reliable across the globe -- no response time complaints from Asia
  • Language localization/translation so customers can see TOPdesk in their language preference
  • Provide an option that prevents technicians (or operators) from being able to manually change ticket status, especially where an organization’s workflow strictly forbids it. For example, once a ticket status is set to in progress, a tech should not be able [to] manually change it back to new.
  • Include the functionality that treats incidents and service requests as two different types of tickets with different workflows and requirements.
  • Improve the problem management module. The menus, look & feel, options are very basic compared to ticket management.
  • Improve the TOPdesk chat functionality or provide easy integration with popular chat programs.
It does most functionality one would require of a service management system very well. It is rather light on automation -- that could be good or not so good depending on an organization’s requirements.
They have been with us every step of the journey, from pre-sales through to today, with us being active customers. We have come to personally know the TOPdesk support team members and can count on them. They are knowledgeable and professional.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have recently moved from BMC Track-It! to TOPdesk for our Information Technology support tickets and change management needs. Other departments such as word processing and online learning also use TOPdesk to manage their work requests. We needed a modern solution to provide all levels of technical support to our users, as well as better visibility into our operations for our managers. We plan on rolling out the usage of TOPdesk for asset inventory, and we are using TOPdesk for supplying our end users with self-help and submitting their own trouble tickets via the web.
  • Clear correspondence with our users.
  • An easy to view list of past ad future change management items.
  • An easy to navigate self help knowlegebase.
  • The widgets are helpful, but being able to have separate ones for specific ticket types would be helpful.
  • The ability to integrate into a departmental google calendar for change management would be helpful.
  • Displaying dates in a short numeric format would save on screen real estate.
  • This one is highest on my list - the ability to mass edit / assign tickets!
We are still learning and tweaking our setup so this comment might not be 100% accurate, but this system seem more suited towards a smaller environment rather than a large corporation.
I have only had a few meetings with TOPdesk support since our deployment, but so far they have adequately answered our questions and addressed our concerns. As I've stated, we've only been using TOPdesk for about a month, and we're still learning the system. Some of our issues have simply been "how do I do what I used to do in Track-It?"
Nabin Poudel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Verified User
Our organization has been using TOPdesk as a service management software to handle common issues and problems that our employees face. The intuitive self-service portal allows our employees to report any failures, request support, book resources, and order items. The portal also has a different interface for managers and operators where they can respond to support requests made by employees, add resources, manage visitors, and create a knowledge base to handle common problems automatically. Using TOPdesk in our organization has made our employees more productive and cheerful.
  • TOPdesk is affordable and easy to use.
  • It has helped us to respond and minimize workspace problems.
  • It has allowed us to maximize employee productivity and satisfaction.
  • Extensive documentation on API's for integration with third-party services.
  • TOPdesk comes as a SAAS platform, so it cannot be hosted on a private server.
  • Takes a lot of time to customize the system and train employees.
  • Cannot be relied 100% for privacy of information.
TOPdesk is best suited for mid-size and large-size organizations where employees can use a self-service portal to quickly find answers, report incidents, book resources, or call for support. It is not appropriate for enterprises and governmental organizations where the privacy of information is a must.
TOPdesk is easy to use and affordable with all the major features required for any organization to smoothly manage its services. We were not quite sure at the beginning if we should go with the TOPdesk for IT service management but we started getting used to it in just a few months. Now, after using it for 3 years, it has been a backbone tool of our organization. The customer support provided by TOPdesk is fast and reliable.
John Glenn | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We use TOPdesk for our front-line support Help Desk. All tickets come in from users via email, telephone, and chat. We are also utilizing the asset feature for inventory.
  • TOPdesk has a great web interface that is always responsive.
  • The tracking information is second to none. It has a field for everything.
  • The integration with Azure AD is very easy to implement and work with.
  • The requirement to fill out certain fields before a ticket can be closed can be cumbersome. This could be a requirement for some organizations though.
  • The field mappings from Azure AD to user data could be a little more precise. Some of the fields just don't translate.
  • When setting up the system to intake emails as trouble tickets, it can be tricky when people reply after a ticket is closed. It will create multiple tickets from this.
TOPdesk is great for a help desk ticket system but it does lack extra features. While those extra features are included they are not the most polished. From our experience, the extra features are inventory, remote control, and AD utilities.
Onboarding and sales were great with Top Desk. The implementation specialist was still green and needed a lot of assistance. Top Desk addressed that quickly with a more seasoned tech and did not charge us for the time the new tech spent. Once with a seasoned tech we had no issues with support.
Score 8 out of 10
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It is being used across most departments. We are doing ticket tracking (both request and problem reporting) for IT and accounting. We are keeping inventory and resource scheduling for all departments. It is also used for some project management.
  • Self-service portal customization.
  • Inventory.
  • Ticket management.
  • Scheduling view - shows at most a week at a time.
  • Reporting - can't select all the data points we want to filter or sort by.
TOPdesk works great for most of our teams. It is really helpful in keeping track of resources, tickets, and projects. However, it could be better with planning and reporting.
Support is prompt, mostly successful, and always friendly. For issues that can't be solved, it is usually because we are trying to do something that isn't directly designed into the software yet.
Score 9 out of 10
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We started using TOPdesk this year. We transitioned from Spiceworks to TOPdesk. TOPdesk is our IT ticketing system and asset management system. Currently, it is only used by the IT department. We do see a use for it with our HR and Building Services area that we hope to implement in the future. At the end of 2020, we determined we needed a new helpdesk system. The new system needed to be in the cloud, have an asset tracking module, and have good reporting. The system also had to be able to sync with Active Directory.
  • Asset management.
  • Ticket creation.
  • Automation of processes.
  • Reporting.
  • My biggest issue is with the duplication of tickets and not being able to combine them.
  • Our implementation could have gone better.
  • It would be nice if the system could scan for assets and not rely on manual creation of assets.
If you want a cloud-based, robust, customizable ticketing system, TOPdesk is for you. If you are a small shop that just needs to track a few tickets and have no need for automation of ticket creation or management of assets, you may want to look for a different solution.
I give it a solid 8. The pre-sale demo sales person was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. We had a few issues with our implementation, we had engineers switched on us to a person on their first implantation. We then had to have another tech added to help the new engineer. Since we went online the few times I have had to contact support they were quick to help. The implementation is the only reason I would not give it a 10.
Score 10 out of 10
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TOPdesk is being used within our university to record and manage our student interactions. We use it primarily in our Student Services department but it is being used across all Faculties and in a number of other Professional Service Areas within the university.
This software allows us to see at a glance all the communications with a student and to understand their wider needs, be it that they have on-going technical issues with an element of their studies, an emerging mental health situation or that they have an issue in another way. It means that the student doesn't need to repeat themselves from team to team and also allows us to spot emerging issues sometimes before the student is aware of a problem.
  • Extremely easy to configure and [customize] for our own needs.
  • Outstanding customer support -always very friendly, knowledgeable and prompt to respond.
  • Very versatile and can be adapted to suit a very diverse range of teams - it's not just for IT!
  • The self-service portal works well but is not as customizable as it could be.
  • The 'out of the box' nature of the product makes it very easy to configure but this can sometimes lead you down a path that you don't always want to follow. However the benefits vastly outweigh the negatives.
I can only speak from our own experience but I would suggest that in any business where you wanted to track and resolve a problem this solution would be ideal. In our own environment we use TOPdesk to record student interactions with us and whilst this isn't a 'problem' the same principles apply. We want to provide outstanding support to our students with their queries, and this software is excellent for this purpose. It allows us to respond in a variety of methods (email, text, WhatsApp, etc.) to our students but also allows us to escalate their queries to other teams if they need to contribute to the solution so that we can be efficient, timely and effective in supporting our amazing students.
The support that TOPdesk provides is outstanding. The software is extremely good, but the support is in another league. They will always answer the phone within a few seconds or respond to the online raised incident very promptly. The team are extremely friendly, very knowledgeable and will almost always know the answer immediately. If they don't know the answer they endeavor to find out from other teams within their organization and will normally get back to us on the same day. The support provided at TOPdesk is unparalleled with other [organizations] in my personal experience, and for me is a true USP.
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