TrustRadius outdoes its competition

Overall Satisfaction with TrustRadius for Buyers

I was working on researching automated web UI testing tools for my company. I was the ultimate decider of what kind of software to buy and TrustRadius was very helpful in comparing different solutions. TrustRadius guided me to our ultimate purchasing decision. Me and a team of quality assurance technicians were involved in this research process.
  • To compare products
  • To confirm my decision
The customer reviews were very helpful in showing me the pros and cons of different automated testing solutions. I was able to show my manager the reviews that TrustRadius provided to help justify my decisions and opinions. The verified reviewers were also helpful as they gave solid and legitimate information.
I looked for reviews that had a long list of pros and cons as that was used for comparison with other tools. Reviews that are most valuable to me are the ones that list the major features and major drawbacks of different software. Reviews including price specifications and support specifications are also useful.
Having access to reviews deeply impacted my buying experience. It was valuable to hear the benefits and drawbacks from a user that has purchased the product.
  • Verified reviewers
  • Lengthy reviews
  • Pros/cons
  • Need more detailed reviews
  • Divide reviews into subcategories for easier readability
  • More reviews in general
I used many other review websites such as IT Central Station to accompany TrustRadius. I liked that IT Central Station was able to provide a side-by-side comparison between two different software, as that is helpful in the process of elimination. I wish that TrustRadius would implement a feature similar to this for easier comparative analysis.
TrustRadius was better than other review sites as I felt the reviews were more thought-out, informative and solid. The quantity of reviews on TrustRadius vastly outnumbered that on other websites, so there was more information as a whole on TrustRadius. The graphical user interface was also very clean, easy, and useful.
I give it this rating because TrustRadius was very helpful for me in my buying decision, so I know that it would also be helpful to others. I would give the tip of taking the time to read a lot of reviews, so that you can form a general opinion of the effectiveness of the software under review.