Ready, Set, Go - Driving Impact with Reviews Has Never Been Easier!
Cache Walker | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 05, 2019

Ready, Set, Go - Driving Impact with Reviews Has Never Been Easier!

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We are utilizing the TrustRadius profiles, reviews and other content assets to raise the profile of customer voice materials across our organization. The content is not only useful for a marketing or sales use case but also to understand the customer's experience. We continually look for additional ways to take the content and deliver it to teams within our organization that can benefit from the data, insights and value it provides.
  • Strength of Content - the reviews are so valuable because of the questions asked and the insights garnered from the customers.
  • Partnership - I feel like the TrustRadius team is eager to hear how we are driving value back to our organization and how they can enhance that. The support we receive is always timely and in many cases pro-active.
  • Ease of Use - Elements of the service like the TrustQuotes for web take the content from being a great review and make it turnkey for driving impact. It's offerings like these that are huge for our teams.
  • Growth - As TrustRadius continues to grow it is important to grow in the right way and maintain that level of service and support back to the customers.
  • Innovation - Furthering efforts to develop the reviews to always drive value back to the organizations is a continual need. We want to see what is next and what more we can do.
  • Delivering Impact - The more data and insights that can be generated by the customers and pulled into reports and other formats will allow us to take the next step in leveraging the value TrustRadius provides.
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Manage brand reputation
  • Scale customer proof through reviews
  • Third-party validation of marketing claims
  • Identify candidates for case studies & advocacy
  • Reduce or supplement reference requests
  • Increase landing page conversion
  • Create sales enablement content
  • Improve sales efficiency
  • Gather product insights
  • Identify & address customer issues
We are already seeing an impact on many of these items and value points. I think some of the biggest have been providing customer proof, validating marketing and identifying advocates and customer stories. There is nothing better than having a team identify a need and being able to meet that need out of the box with the content and offering provided.
We have not only considered but actively use various vendors in the customer review space. I think we have received great value from working with TrustRadius and seen an impact in not only the product offering but the services and support their team continuously provides. There is still lots of things we are working to roll out and additional value adds that we are planning to have back to our organization through what TrustRadius is offering.
I am able to drive more value back to our organization because of the work we are doing through TrustRadius. There is very little wasted effort when it comes to driving reviews, generating content or gleaning insights and feedback back from the reviews. I think working with TR provides the avenue to take what is there and directly move on it, there is no saying well we have positive reviews and now what.
The base content is incredibly valuable but then when you add to it the customized questions then stakeholders within the organization have their eyes light up. It really helps us not only capture the pulse of our customers but to learn and hear what the have to say on key initiatives. The way the review process is structured also gets the customers to tell their best story and provide the real valuable nuggets of information.
TrustRadius is well suited for driving super valuable content. I see there being a time when someone can lean on the review left on TR instead of having to go out and interview their customers and generate a case study that only sits on their site. I love the ability to take one review and turn it into many pieces of content, this allows you to do more with every bit of feedback you get. I think the only place the offerings can do more is to spread influence and awareness, sometimes stakeholders know nothing of TrustRadius and we have to start from scratch in explaining the value, or they are familiar with other vendors and lean in that direction initially.