Great Website Optimisation Tool to help inform product decisions and improve user onboarding
August 24, 2018

Great Website Optimisation Tool to help inform product decisions and improve user onboarding

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Overall Satisfaction with Visual Website Optimizer

We use VWO within the product development department to test new product ideas before implementing them and make data-driven decisions of changes to our e-commerce website. Only one person in the organisation uses VWO, but experiments and hypothesis are developed in collaboration with the CEO, CTO and Head of Customer Support. It helps us address the business problem of identifying what changes can have the most impact on increasing conversion rates, while prioritising new product ideas and validating assumptions.


  • Relatively easy for people without a developer background to make tactical changes to website content that may influence customer behaviour while comparing effects on both desktop and mobile.
  • VWO provides a good overview of results and data captured, allowing teams to collaborate and structure multiple tests simultaneously with endless segmentation options that are particularly useful when optimising certain user groups.
  • The A/B testing feature is particularly useful with clear indications of when results are significant and easy interfaces to compare versions.


  • I only use A/B testing because that's the only thing someone has taught me hands-on to do.
  • I know there is more functionality available but it is not clear when you're logged in which features require an upgrade vs. which ones you can access.
  • The Demo that was organised previously was not practical with poor connectivity and not tailored to the audience (ie. our CTO and Head of Customer support were attending but learned nothing useful other than the things I had already shared previously by going through the platform.)
  • We tried to establish ROI but so far the results have been neutral
  • Investment has been quite minimal in terms of platform cost, but quite substantial in terms of staff time spent trying to learn how to develop more advanced tests. There are a lot of great resources out there but no-one has time to train themselves up on this.
  • The positive effect has been that by going through VWO we are much more data-focused now and a few key conversion blockers have been identified (more as a result from trying to set up a test but realising our flow was not good than the actual test).
The A/B testing with VWO making edits to the website page is a feature I've not seen elsewhere and allows us to test product changes without requiring previous developer time. Unbounce is a lot more intuitive and easy to use but it requires to build pages from scratch rather than importing data. Vero is helpful in that it tracks users and allows to A/B test sending activation emails, but the features are not comparable when it comes to website optimisation. Push notifications is something we're testing next. VWO is a bit clunky compared to the other features in that it tries to do too much and that there's a few glitches in the A/B previews that you have to work around (ie. I've broken forms and sign up pages only realising days later.)
Very well suited for running A/B tests that require no developer support/html/code editing. Our developer team is very time-poor so any experiments that can run without their input are much easier to implement.

A lot less suited for more advanced tests that require developer support/html/code editing. The Hypothesis tool is not very practical and could be a lot more user-friendly and should not be a premium tool...


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