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VWO Review: "Great for Enterpise and SMBs alike!"
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August 24, 2018

VWO Review: "Great for Enterpise and SMBs alike!"

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Overall Satisfaction with Visual Website Optimizer

The VWO platform is being used across our entire organization. We are on eCommerce only business models so mastering the UX/UI is vital. We are using this to A/B test copy, visuals, check out, carts, and overall landing page experiences. We are narrowing down all the pain pints of our site as we go into a site re-design next year.
  • Images: Which pictures interact best with the end user over others
  • Copy: A/B testing copy as an overlay on top of photos or below. Placement of copy is crucial to mobile first strategies and above the fold landscapes.
  • Videos: A//B testing videos and video length. Trying to cap the engagement rate against time being watched. Also A/B testing where videos are best placed. Are they best used in the home page or product page or both.
  • Visually, for people who are not familiar with the platform- can be overwhelming. Copy outruns the visual capacity and can cause fear of use.
  • Training: a university type excercose is also recommended. Though VWO can be used for many functions- an in-depth course should be offered and/or required. Especially for how A/B tests run.
  • VWO has moved mobile conversions rates up a whole percentage. If you know anything about conversions rates- that’s huge!
  • We know what exactly to put on our new site. Before, we were running blind with no market research or analytics. We now understand what the consumer wants on desktop, mobile and tablet platforms.
  • We have decreased Carr abandonment rates with high call to actions that we tested and validity seals. Our best test win yet!
Heat maps are really the only driver of succes if our testing environments. Especially in areas with copy, images and video. Heat maps help generate an overall consumer view of where they are and what works best.
Abandon cart page is a prime example. Tracking movement can help additional softwares who provide pop-ups with deals or promos as the software can sense when a consumer might leave the cart. This can dramatically increase your conversion rates and overall customer acquisition.
We have yet to use this functionality but to roll out in our warranty registration. We’re aiming to figure out if simplicity sells or does more FAQ
We chose VWO over Optimizely for the fu rionaky, design and overall user friendly experience for true digital marketing professionals. The data is presented clearly, the testing environments are easily managed and updates and/or changes to tests are seamlessly carried out. Over all great platform for enterprise and SMBs alike!
Functionality is great. Each test is its own environment. They are bracketed off and do areat job with which is active and non-active.