Better management of working hours.
May 14, 2021

Better management of working hours.

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Overall Satisfaction with When I Work

Our main objective when we started using When I Work was that we had the possibility to keep a more exact control for the tasks that had to be completed by a specific employee, When I Work offered us very good expectations and promised us the ability to have an administration of working hours that would allow us to be more productive in the long term. This platform was implemented in the most important areas of our company, such as the Marketing, Sales, Finance and Customer Service sectors. For us, it has been totally beneficial to make use of this platform, since it met each of our expectations and provided favorable results in a very short time.

The results with When I Work began to be noticed after 1 week of use, we noticed the radical changes in the control of working hours. With this platform we have achieved that our workers are more punctual in the corresponding work hours, in addition, we have also achieved that they can exchange working hours between them, thanks to the excellent communication that this platform has provided and that has also allowed them to carry out carry out a planning for the culmination of working hours. It has been very important to have When I Work in our company, our workers have been more productive and we can know more directly who is working in the different working hours of the company. I am satisfied with the results obtained with When I Work.
  • The notification system is one of the most positive features that When I Work has. When I make changes to the working hours of my Marketing sector, my employees receive an instant notification on their cell phones, so they can be informed about what kind of changes I have made and what working hours correspond to them on a specific day.
  • The user panel of each of my employees and mine are completely simple to understand and manage. My employees can view the corresponding working hours easily and without presenting any type of confusion. In my user panel I can manage all the schedules of my employees without presenting confusion, the administration process is very easy and it is one of the things I like the most about this platform.
  • When I Work has a chat system that connects all employees. The chat system is very essential in this platform because it allows our employees to carry out a planning of working hours. Our employees can send messages instantly to plan the days, exchange them and postpone them. In addition, the chat system is always active, so that planning is more accurate.
  • We use Square to be able to have a payroll system that is much more punctual with payments. When I Work has been a very complete integration with the payroll system, we have been able to integrate both platforms and have obtained surprising results. Our payroll system receives all the work information of my employees who use When I Work.
  • I have not presented any problem in relation to the functionality of the platform, I have never witnessed any type of error during the daily use of When I Work.
  • When we started using this platform, several questions arose about how to configure the collection and transfer of data to our payroll system. The When I Work Support team is one of the things that I did not like, because the support took a long time to give me a solution to my doubts and this caused me to have to hire a specialist to help me configure When I Work. I am not satisfied with the user support that When I Work has, very poor.
  • Employee communication. A very important function that helps employees to exchange working hours and have an interaction with each other.
  • Notification system. Send alerts instantly when an employee has started their workday or when an employee did not attend their workday.
  • Automatic personalized reports. Reports are generated on the effectiveness and fulfillment of the tasks of each employee.
  • It has improved the productivity of our employees significantly. Our employees have managed to be more punctual in their working hours.
  • Ease of notification of changes or exchanges of working hours. When I Work sends an alert when a change is made in the schedules or when an employee makes an exchange of working hours, it is not necessary to use third-party programs to notify about these changes.
  • We manage to know exactly the productivity of each employee, if he is fulfilling his tasks or what day he has not worked.

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I recommend When I Work to those companies that are looking for a way to manage work schedules and want to increase the productivity of all employees. This is an important platform that would bring excellent results to small, medium and large companies. This is a constant monitoring system which allows employees to complete their tasks in the indicated time, When I Work sends automated alerts when an employee is not complying with their tasks and this allows us to know exactly the productivity we are having in each one of the sectors. It is an excellent platform for planning and administration of working hours, it has a very easy-to-use UI that allows schedules to be easily managed. Without a doubt, When I Work would be a perfect implementation for any sector or company, since it has a lot of potential to collect exact data on compliance with working hours.