Robust Project Management in an Intuitive Package.
August 09, 2014

Robust Project Management in an Intuitive Package.

Joshua Van Horsen | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Wrike

We use Wrike within the Marketing Department to manage projects for all 130 of our hotels. Because we are a centralized service group for our privately owned hotels, it is fundamental to have clear organization and communications systems in place to ensure maximum productivity. Wrike provides us with this system in a intuitive, robust platform that is beautiful to look at.
  • Wrike does a great job in providing an intuitive platform to organize and manage projects. From simple to-dos, to more complex multi-phase projects with dependencies and defined milestones. Wrike makes it easy to handle.
  • Team communication is something my team struggled with in the past, but once I introduced the team to Wrike, communication has never been better. Team members comment on projects, often times mentioning other members with Wrikes built-in @ function to quickly bring other team members into a project discussion. Even once a project is complete, as a team manager, I can go back into the completed project and look through the discussions to be better informed on when and why a decision may have been made.
  • Wrike is platform agnostic, allowing me to manage projects regardless of where I am. With iphone apps, browser support, even integration directly into Outlook, I can keep track of progress and deadlines at a moments notice.
  • One area of improvement that Wrike could get better at it sub tasks. Currently projects are organized in folder, which can be for either clients or projects themselves. However, due to the work my team handles, we often have reoccurring projects that entail multiple sub tasks in order to complete. Not always dependent upon each other, these sub tasks are part of the overall task, and it would be handy to be accessible as such without having to always use folders.
  • Wrike has provided my team with increased employee efficiency. Projects are easily added to the system and assigned, and team members can discuss issues or questions within a project, without having to have time-consuming meetings.
  • The customer service within our department has improved significantly due to Wrike. Projects have clear due dates, reminders can be sent in emails, and the Wrike dashboard is a fantastic dynamic task list of what needs to be done and when.
  • Communication has seen a huge improvement, resulting in less time wasted fact checking, or projects having to be revisited due to misinformation. Information is submitted with a project, and team members can ask questions within the project if they need clarity.
My team started using Basecamp initially, but due to the focus on simplicity, found that our needs greatly exceeded what Basecamp could offer. Wrike was a great alternative due to continued simplicity to use, intuitive to manage projects, but a level of robustness that provided me the tools necessary to manage an ever growing team.
I would be 100% likely to renew Wrike due to everything I mentioned, but also because Wrike is constantly improving. With new features being introduced what seems like weekly, and improvements to the UI happening all the time, Wrike is a platform that I feel will exceed my expectations for the coming years. This is a company that wants to exceed their customers expectations, and they are constantly showing it by really listening to the customers that use their software.
I have found Wrike to be simple enough to use in a small team setting or robust enough to handle the large-scale projects of a corporate environment. Having used software such as Basecamp or FunctionFox in the past, I have found Wrike to fit perfectly into either wheelhouse of project management needs.