Wrike works for us!
August 18, 2014

Wrike works for us!

Linda Difino | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Wrike

I work for a small publishing company. Some of our employees work in our company offices, some work remotely either all or part of the time. We use Wrike across our whole company. All projects/tasks, no matter how large or small originate on Wrike and are completed on Wrike.

Wrike addresses the issue of lack of proximity for a team that is not all working in the same location. It has GREATLY improved our ability to collaborate on projects efficiently and effectively. It gives us the ability to begin a project with a small team, and add team members as needed, just as we would do if we were all working in the same location.
  • Wrike provides file sharing options that make collaboration on documents/files easy. All team members can work on a document, but a "lock" keeps team members form overwriting other team members contributions.
  • Wrike offers several different methods of tracking projects, including a timeline view that provides team members with the ability to see all assigned projects. Managers are able to get a "birds eye view" of all projects for their team.
  • Super user-friendly user interface provides a user experience that has been entirely positive for our entire team.
  • Wrike's user support is outstanding. Whenever we have had issues along the way, an email ALWAYS results in a very fast response and a satisfying end result!
  • A customizable calendar is only available in the Enterprise version of Wrike. This is a feature that I REALLY wish was available for non-enterprise members. Though integration of iCal is available, I have not been happy with having to use a calender outside of Wrike. My preference would be to have the ability to create a blog publication calendar WITHIN Wrike that allows me to integrate my blog tasks more easily with the calendar.
  • As a contributor/user I am unable to speak directly to the ROI...I don't pay the bill for Wrike! However, I can address the question of how it benefits our business objectives. Wrike absolutely increases user efficiency, as it allows team members to ALWAYS know where they stand on every single project.
  • Real time communication and collaboration are possible...even though our team is spread over a multi-state region. No time is lost in trying to schedule team meetings. Many tasks that would require a meeting are able to be accomplished simply by working together in a Wrike task.
  • Team managers are able to efficiently oversee projects, effectively and efficiently.
I used Basecamp for about a year with my previous company. I found Basecamp to be less intuitive and therefore much more difficult to learn. It did not seem to have NEARLY the team management capability that Wrike has. It seemed to me to be a much more "basic" program, with much less to offer. Wrike is AMAZING in its capabilities. Even though I have been using Wrike for over a year, I feel like there is WAY more that I could do to fully utilize all that Wrike has to offer.
It is hard to imagine our team accomplishing all that we accomplish WITHOUT Wrike. At this point, we simply could not do what we do without it. Attempting to create and schedule projects and tasks, assign them to team members, oversee the progress of projects and tasks, and see them through to completion without Wrike would certainly not have the same level of efficiency as we have with Wrike.
Wrike is extremely well-suited for managing the projects required to run a small company...particularly if team members are working remotely. It would also be an excellent way provide project management for a department in a larger company. Key questions to ask would be:
  • Are you looking for a program that allows your team members to collaborate and communicate remotely?
  • Are your team managers looking for ways to oversee many projects at once? From one place?