Why you should try Wufoo today!
March 05, 2014

Why you should try Wufoo today!

Jan Economy | TrustRadius Reviewer
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  • Used the form building platform offered by Wufoo

Overall Satisfaction

I used Wufoo to reduce the need for multiple "paper" forms. I worked at a school where multiple forms went out each year to parents to enroll/re-enroll their child for the next school year -- anything from parent information to signing up for lunch. By using Wufoo's form generator, we were able to reduce the number of forms sent home to parents by 90%. The best part about using Wufoo was that all the information parents entered through our Wufoo forms was downloaded to a very usable excel file which meant no more computer entry of information for our families. This reduced hours and hours of monotonous computer entry of family information (can you imagine all those phone numbers?) and dramatically reduced the number of entry mistakes. The side benefit was our huge reduction in paper usage.
  • Wufoo allows you to collect information from a large pool of people
  • Information collected can be viewed through the Wufoo website and/or by downloading an Excel spreadsheet with all of the information your customers have entered
  • The forms were very easy to create and manipulate, and there are multiple themes to choose from
  • There are handy side boxes next to each question that you can provide further information to prevent confusion or explain why you are collecting certain information, etc
  • Wufoo sends you an email each time someone completes a form so you can keep track of who still needs to complete the form
  • Once you get a form set-up and you like the lay-out, you can copy the form and then fill in different information for the next form
  • You can make certain questions within your form mandatory
  • Some of the information collected from families would not transfer well through an Excel spreadsheet (i.e. a phone number would be a string of numbers 5555555555 instead of (555) 555-5555)
  • At the time we were using Wufoo, some of our families would use upper-case and some would use all lower-case with no caps when entering their information (even though we did ask them to enter all information in all caps). This created many challenges when using that information for official forms or when creating bulk address labels for families
  • Because everything at a school runs alphabetically, this was something we manually would have to do once all the information had been collected and uploaded to excel
  • As with any form generator, there is always going to be some clean-up on the excel spreadsheet side to make the information work for the organization's varying needs
  • The impact Wufoo had on our school was HUGE! Our parents were thrilled that they didn't have to manually fill out a bunch of forms any longer
  • The office was freed from copying hundreds of forms and creating hundreds of packets and then having to enter copious amounts of information manually into a computer.
  • Yes! Wufoo definitely increased employee efficiency and our families were thrilled beyond words to be rid of all the tedious paper-work!
Although I don't work at the school any longer, I would definitely use Wufoo in the future for form generation and data collection if the need presented itself. Another really great thing about Wufoo that I forgot to mention, is no more lost forms! I cannot tell you how many times in the past, parents would say "I lost this form, or that form". Really a big asset for any company who needs to collect a lot of information!
Wufoo is definitely well suited for the organization that has a lot of data to collect from clients and wants to eliminate manual paperwork and computer entry. And, although we didn't use the survey generator within Wufoo, this would be a great way to collect opinions from clients as well.