Flexibility, Affordability and Results in one easy to integrate CRM
November 14, 2013

Flexibility, Affordability and Results in one easy to integrate CRM

Peter Marquez | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction

  • Zoho provides the core functions of customer relationship management well. It ranks high for the value it delivers. In a competitive space this is a big winner.
  • The product is adaptable. You can easily customize it to suit various business needs. I have personally customized it to manage all types of business relationships beyond just sales prospects and clients including: Suppliers, partners and most interestingly prospective new hires as an application management system with rules, workflow and automated processing.
  • Zoho CRM can be easily integrated with Zoho's other services -- campaigns, support, etc. All of those services deliver good value. However, most interestingly, Zoho's API (Application Programming Interface) make this product a dynamo. Using the API I have integrated Zoho deeply into web sites where I have combined Twitter and LinkedIn functionality to pass identity information into the Zoho CRM. The information can also be linked to web site traffic tracking systems like Visistat.
  • The workflow and rules engine is capable enough to handle most basic requirements and adds values to all of the powerful features above.
  • Automated email to clients and sales reps in response to users completing Zoho generated Landing Page forms. Also supports rules-based scheduling of long-term follow-ups
  • The user interface is generally well laid-out. However, it can be hard to find things that you regularly need. The customization tools are powerful and available, but they are not well located. Additionally they can be a bit cumbersome.
  • Usability. Because of the product's use of AJAX, some of its behaviors are not always as a user might expected. For instance, the browser back button and the application back-buttons do not take you back to where you expect. Again this is clumsy, but something that you get used to and work with.
  • This is true for all CRMs, but it takes time to get familiar with the environment and to understand its sales process/management architecture. The creation of events and task, recording calls -- scheduling them and recording them requires some focus.
  • The integration capabilities have driven business by playing a role in the automated gathering of web site visitor data, responding to visits, and managing follow-up communication weeks after first contact. The product has paid for itself several time over.
  • Key Client Facing Benefits:
  • -- Automated relationship management
  • -- Better client communication and follow-up
  • -- Simple development of landing pages and conversion process
  • Key Sales Facing Benefits:
  • -- Tracking account process
  • -- Better forecasting
  • -- Better time management
The rating is based on:
  • Satisfaction with the product
  • Ability to extend the product to meet new and unanticipated needs
  • Ability to manage the cost of the service as needed
I would recommend that prospective users ask these questions before making a selection:
  • How large is your sales team?
  • How sophisticated is your team?
  • What is your primary goal?
  • How quickly do you want to roll this out?
  • How important is value?
  • How important is the ability to customize and integrate your CRM with other functions?