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Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM


What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is a simple, very low-cost CRM option for the smaller end of the SMB segment. The product has several useful integrations with other products, including QuickBooks, and Google Apps and Google Docs. The product also has an integrated project…

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Zoho CRM

9 out of 10
February 07, 2024
I will create a lead in Zoho CRM like what we collected and we use it for follow-up activities like calls, Meetings and also email when to …
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9 out of 10
January 12, 2024
Zoho CRM is being used by our sales office in the USA as well as foreign offices. It gives us a central location to enter all products …
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Popular Features

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  • Custom fields (260)
  • Customer data management / contact management (263)
  • Lead management (245)
  • Workflow management (250)

Reviewer Pros & Cons

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Video Reviews

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Zoho CRM Is a Seamless Transition Into Contact Management For Small Business Owner: User Review
User Review: Zoho CRM Fits The Budget While Fulfilling Company Needs
Integrations & Customizations Allow Zoho CRM to Work With Business Needs: User Review
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Per User/Per Month



Per User/Per Month



Per User/Per Month

Entry-level set up fee?

  • $14 /user/month
For the latest information on pricing, visit…


  • Free Trial
  • Free/Freemium Version
  • Premium Consulting/Integration Services

Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $14 per month
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Product Demos

Guided Tour | Zoho CRM Overview
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Sales Force Automation

This is the technique of using software to automate certain sales-related tasks.

Avg 7.7

Customer Service & Support

This component of CRM software automates help desk, call center and field service management.

Avg 7.5

Marketing Automation

This component of CRM software helps to automate and scale marketing tasks and the subsequent analysis of those efforts.

Avg 7.5

CRM Project Management

This component of CRM software helps users initiate, plan, collaborate on, execute, track, and close projects.

Avg 7.6

CRM Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics in CRM software includes sales forecasting, pipeline analysis, and automated dashboards.

Avg 7.6


This addresses a company’s ability to configure the software to fit its specific use case and workflow.

Avg 7.6


This component helps a company minimize the security risks by controlling access to the software and its data, and encouraging best practices among users.

Avg 8.3

Social CRM

This component of CRM software helps companies leverage social media in engaging with customers.

Avg 7.3

Integrations with 3rd-party Software

This involves the CRM software’s ability to integrate with other systems, whether external or homegrown.

Avg 7.2


Avg 7.5
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Product Details

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM supports enterprises as they build better customer relationships and improve retention. It empowers a global network of over 250,000 businesses of all sizes in 180 countries to convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow their revenue.

Adding even more value and innovation, the recently announced Canvas feature in the product enables users to create a personalized instance that meets their specific requirements and preferences. This is a recognition that the CRM solution in any enterprise must remain diverse and flexible as the customers it serves.

Zoho CRM clients have seen:
● 26% Improvement in customer retention rates
● 47% Increase in purchase volume with nurtured leads
● 40% Decrease in the cost of customer service
● 47% Increase in customer satisfaction rates
● 23% Decrease in sales and marketing costs

Zoho CRM helps reps reach decision makers who matter, to shorten long enterprise buying cycles and build strong customer relationships that withstand unexpected disruptions.

More information is available at

Zoho CRM Features

Sales Force Automation Features

  • Supported: Customer data management / contact management
  • Supported: Workflow management
  • Supported: Territory management
  • Supported: Opportunity management
  • Supported: Integration with email client (e.g., Outlook or Gmail)
  • Supported: Contract management
  • Supported: Quote & order management
  • Supported: Interaction tracking
  • Supported: Channel / partner relationship management

Customer Service & Support Features

  • Supported: Case management
  • Supported: Call center management
  • Supported: Help desk management

Marketing Automation Features

  • Supported: Lead management
  • Supported: Email marketing

CRM Project Management Features

  • Supported: Task management
  • Supported: Billing and invoicing management
  • Supported: Reporting

CRM Reporting & Analytics Features

  • Supported: Forecasting
  • Supported: Pipeline visualization
  • Supported: Customizable reports

Customization Features

  • Supported: Custom fields
  • Supported: Custom objects
  • Supported: Scripting environment
  • Supported: API for custom integration

Security Features

  • Supported: Role-based user permissions
  • Supported: Single sign-on capability

Social CRM Features

  • Supported: Social data
  • Supported: Social engagement

Integrations with 3rd-party Software Features

  • Supported: Marketing automation
  • Supported: Compensation management

Platform Features

  • Supported: Mobile access

Zoho CRM Screenshots

Screenshot of Deals - Cash in on all opportunities. Close more deals. Great sales management is all about prioritizing, tracking, and monitoring the deals in your pipeline. Zoho CRM gives you everything you need to manage deals across territories and sales structures.Screenshot of Activities - Keep track of all the tasks, meetings, calls, events, or activity records. Neatly organize the numerous records along with the activities associated to them such as follow-up, pre sales and post sales activities, phone conversations etc.

Zoho CRM Video

Customer Story: Zoho CRM Helps CG Arena

Zoho CRM Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesAsia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, India, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Supported LanguagesEnglish (US), English (UK), Hebrew, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Danish, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Croatian, Czech

Frequently Asked Questions

Zoho CRM is a simple, very low-cost CRM option for the smaller end of the SMB segment. The product has several useful integrations with other products, including QuickBooks, and Google Apps and Google Docs. The product also has an integrated project management module.

Zoho CRM starts at $14.

Pipedrive, HubSpot CRM, and Insightly are common alternatives for Zoho CRM.

Reviewers rate Single sign-on capability and Role-based user permissions highest, with a score of 8.6.

The most common users of Zoho CRM are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Attribute Ratings


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Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I've been using Zoho a whole lot less lately than I used to, likely because we've paused on sales efforts in order to give our fulfillment team an opportunity to get caught up. We also had a category called Pre-Zoho dispensary leads that our sales coordinator deleted, so we lost a ton of data and it makes me a little sick when I know there should be info in there, and it's gone.
Pearson Lyverse | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Although I would not crown Zoho Enterprise or Professional CRM programs as the industry leaders, the platforms are very responsive, concise, helpful in building business and customer service, and incredibly affordable! We love it!
Rafael Grandizoli | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Besides other CRM platforms Zoho CRM is the most cost-effective. Easy implementaiton and modifying, possibilities to create custom modules to fit your needs, and integrations with many platforms are some of the key points that Zoho does better than others.
Stephen Lalla | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We've been longtime users of Zoho CRM and from there it was Zoho Docs, then Zoho Books, Zoho Sites, until at some point when Zoho One, the full suite of all Zoho products was launched we went with that subscription as it was the most cost effective. I occasionally will peruse other CRM's but none of them are as fully integrated or as feature rich as Zoho CRM is.
Jon Porreca | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Zoho has been a wonderful tool for us for several years and there is so much more we can do with it. New features are released often which give a team like us the option to further fine tune our business process management techniques. I honestly couldn't imagine running our business not on Zoho.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I think Zoho is a good tool for sales people that have some experience working in a CRM. As for managers, Zoho provides great information that can be analyzed to help guide new training, new strategies, and new approaches to help grow the business. Furthermore, Zoho provides our marketing team with great information around "deal type" and "industry" so we know where to spend our marketing dollars and who our ideal demographic can be for different campaigns.
James Lochran | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We went through an exhaustive process doing this evaluation and in the process took the time to really understand the objectives and requirements of all groups within the organization. Now that the system is in place it needs to be used and refined over a long period to time in order to get the full value. As a result you need to consider the long-term and renewal knowing that the system will get better the more you use it.
Ajay Gupta | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As stated in my earlier comments, this is an end to end tracking tool that integrates with common platforms. There is a lot of room for growth in their calendaring and integration, but it's obvious that they are working on it. For the price, I would give this a 10 on functionality. If I had to rate this on service, I would give it a 0. Their support process is embarrassing. If you have the time to muddle through the dead ends associated with a new and dynamic platform, then go ahead. If you want to get even the most basic level of support, then go somewhere else.
Anthony Johnson, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I will definitely use it again for small businesses and projects. It does not appear to have quite as much integration with as many external apps as Salesforce, but it is a great option for small businesses. Admittedly I have not yet pushed it all the way to its limit in every way possible, but that has been my experience so far in using it for two different companies, and I look forward to really seeing how far it can go. The cost, ease of use, and customizability make me a big fan of Zoho CRM.
Matt Mencke | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Zoho CRM has been a great tool for simple opportunity tracking and traditional sales pipeline management for me. I've especially appreciated the flexible subscription options (single user / month to month) and the simple to understand and customizable modules / fields / layouts.
Joe Martinez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Cost factors and ROI are always the driving force on adoption, implementation and retention. When and if our ERP systems are upgraded, we will see what CRM capabilities are offered and a decision will be made whether to keep Zoho or use CRM tools offered by ERP product.
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