Zoom's Great. Intuitive and Easy to Launch and Meet.
Kyle Miller | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 03, 2017

Zoom's Great. Intuitive and Easy to Launch and Meet.

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Overall Satisfaction with Zoom

Zoom is being used across the organization both internal facing and external facing conversations to conduct collaborative meetings. It solves problems of sharing presentations and recorded meetings, collaborative ideation, company updates and allows our sales teams to conduct demonstrations with high definition Audio/Video. We reduce the reliance upon projectors and it allows for multiple tools and processes to be consolidated under Zoom.
  • Zoom can activate at the click of a button or upon entering a conference room. This relives some of the frustrations of calling through conference phones and simulaneously use of multiple screens and projectors. It is all in one upon launch.
  • You can create internal meetings on the fly using the room selector or join meetings in progress that are scheduled. Again eliminates issues with calendaring and allows for more participation as you do not have to search your inbox and open up multiple screens.
  • From a client or customer or prospect facing perspective you can share screens, demo, and record presentations all with a few clicks. Very intuitive.
  • It enforces participation and attention to detail as you can see who is not paying attention or body language when you have the video/webcam/conf room camera open.
  • Launch with Video On Default. When you are presenting to external clients or customers and if they are not aware of Zoom, default settings launch Video. Creates some confusion at the onset of calls/meetings. A Message within the Meeting Invite - Join Conf Call. Join Conf Call and Video Links could solve some of this and still allow for attendees to join screen shares or presentations through a redundant step.
  • Echo and Microphone Feedback and Reverberation. Plain and simple.
  • Pushing down updates through the admin with how to's for distributed teams and remote offices. When you have an admin 3000 miles away off hours and the equipment needs an update and the hardware needs to be reset, a further level of communication needs to happen by both Zoom to Account Admin to remote or field and redundant from Zoom to remote or field users. Keeps everything working and reduces resources and helpdesk calls and improves customer satisfaction. Expecting something to just work downstream . and putting it on an Admin to re-communicate updates, could jeopardize a half day of conference calls.
  • Launching computer audio vs dial in or web based teleconferencing equipment. Computer Audio aka Laptop Mics and Speakers have terrible audio profiles. When you want high def audio in a home theater, you do not rely on the TVs speakers. You buy Bose, Sonos, etc. It needs to be communicated that some defaults use the computer audio which is sub-par for the others participating in a conference or meeting. Helping users of Zoom to use preferred or dedicated conference equipment lessens the impact of poor audio due to a laptops speakers or microphone. If you have to use a computer speaker and audio, it is what it is.
  • I believe we have improved collaboration.
  • I believe we have been more focused at the onset of product demos.
  • I believe we have reduced the use, cost, and maintenance of portable projectors and conference phone national and international wide call costs.
We use Zoom Rooms. It would have been nice to have laminated How to Guides on Use, Training, Step by Step, and Troubleshooting.
Zoom performs well. It reduces steps to get into, join, collaborate, and manage web based meetings.
It is well suited for internal meetings and face time calls with internal remote and field staff. It also performs well with external conference calls, customer meetings, and demos.

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Participant roles & permissions
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Confidential attendee list
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