High quality data makes our salespeople smile!
April 07, 2019

High quality data makes our salespeople smile!

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Overall Satisfaction with ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is heavily used in our Sales department. We use it to add and edit leads in our CRM system. We have tried other services like ZoomInfo such as Hoovers, but none of them provide the accurate direct dial and email information that is crucial for getting through to the right person and scheduling meetings. When used in conjunction with our predictive dialing software, we have secured more first meetings this first quarter than we had in the entire year of 2018.
Sometimes, staff from other departments will use ZoomInfo to look up vendor information or contact information about clients they are working with. Virtually every staff member of our company agrees that the return we get from ZoomInfo is crucial to our team's success.


  • Direct dial: Getting direct dial numbers makes it easier for our sales reps to get a hold of our prospects and bypass gatekeepers to schedule meetings.
  • Email: We use email data heavily to execute marketing campaigns. ZoomInfo's rich data resources make our campaigns possible.
  • Targeted searching: CFOs from $350 million-plus companies are our primary targets for prospecting. With its easy-to-use database search tools, ZoomInfo makes it easy to drill down to the right level in any industry and revenue range.
  • Data exporting: With ZoomInfo, you can do more than download targeted lists. When our CRM data needs to be cleaned quickly, its "enhance" tool is indispensable to refreshing old and dirty data.


  • Person searching: ZoomInfo's data when it comes to displaying the current CFO, etc., is not always accurate. I often do cross-referencing with LinkedIn and company websites to ensure we are targeting the right person.
  • Revenue: ZoomInfo's revenue data is rarely accurate, which is unfortunate because accurate revenue data is extremely hard to find on the web.
  • Company search: Often times there are slight differences between the way we spell company names (e.g. Acme Corporation) vs. how ZoomInfo spells them (e.g. Acme Corp). This sometimes causes no results in ZoomInfo's database. We have found that using companies' web address vs. the company name yields the best results.
  • We have increased the cleanliness of our database to levels impossible to reach with more conventional tools.
  • The accuracy of ZoomInfo's data has directly lead to 5 first meetings we have secured just this week. Last year, it was rare to have this volume of first meetings week by week.
  • When used in conjunction with our predictive dialing software, our salespeople are more efficient than ever before.
Hoovers: Hoovers did not provide the depth and accuracy of data that ZoomInfo currently provides. Hoovers did not have a data cleansing functionality, either. The company only sells bulk list data, which created a significant amount of duplicates that had to be cleaned out later, decreasing my efficiency as a CRM database manager. With ZoomInfo, its list enhance feature used in conjunction with its bulk downloading tool significantly reduces the likelihood of inadvertently downloading duplicates and dirty data.
ZoomInfo is best used by Sales and Marketing teams, though almost all of our teams may find its search tool useful. Sales teams can use it to target the right companies and people to prospect with confidence, whether it's an email marketing campaign or a cold calling list. Our other practice groups use it to look up information about vendors they have never worked with, or to track what technologies the company is using to offer the services we provide in ways that are most useful to our clients.

ZoomInfo Sales Feature Ratings

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Salesforce integration
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