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February 11, 2020
Leo Woods | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Connect And Sell to automate outreach to our prospects. It keeps dials going out of our office and contact being made on a measurable increment. It is used for both of our sales teams, both having different goals for their work. The software also provides guidance for future connects with the same prospects and automatically manages how many times numbers are dialed, and the frequency with which they are contacted. It also manages different calling lists and builds follow up lists to maximize efficiency.
  • Builds lead lists.
  • Maximizes connections with prospects.
  • Provides guidance for how to approach future prospects.
  • Leaves strategic voicemails for prospects.
  • Sends emails based on programmable metrics.
  • There could be more instruction provided in the dashboard.
  • The Lightning dialing mode takes a lot of getting used to.
  • Daily practice is necessary to sharpen your skills.
If you have a long list of leads to dial, and wat a measurable way to handle outreach to them, this is a good product. It is a highly valuable training tool for my sales team as well, forcing them to think on their toes and to be ready to handle anything that is thrown at them.
I have had a few support calls with their people. They are totally reachable and helpful, sharing screens, controlling my screen, showing why things happened, not just correcting it. If you have an issue with the software, let them help. They are there for you, and they are friendly, accessible, and happy to do their job.
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October 28, 2019
Allyn Scott | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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ConnectandSell is used by the prospecting team daily to connect with potential clients for conversations around products the company sells.
  • Auto connects to clients
  • Can multitask until a conversation is ready
  • Efficiently hit your call numbers
  • The web base application needs upgrading
  • Call quality at times can be shaky
Well suited for prospecting if you have more than 50 accounts to call
I never have issues with ConnectAndSell.
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January 23, 2019
Kevin Knudsen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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One thing that has been absolutely amazing about ConnectAndSell is the amount of call volume you can get in a single day. We used to start out by having 40 calls a day to now exceeding 200 calls going out. The amazing piece is that you can leave a voicemail with each of those calls and really only need to focus in on the calls that patch through. It's been a product that we weren't sure of the business impact but we've already seen results from producing more conversations and being able to follow up with greater ease.
  • The amazing piece is that you can leave a voicemail with each of those calls and really only need to focus in on the calls that patch through.
  • One thing that has been absolutely amazing about Connect and Sell is the amount of call volume you can get in a single day. We used to start out by having 40 calls a day to now exceeding 200 calls going out.
  • It's been a product that we weren't sure of the business impact but we've already seen results from producing more conversations and being able to follow up with greater ease.
  • One thing that's been difficult about Connect and Sell is some people can tell you've been patched through so if you can work past the initial conversation it ends up working great.
  • The system has worked great with outreach which we've integrated our contacts directly into the system. Because of this the connection between outreach and connect and sell don't always communicate calls and metrics which are crucial for us to know conversion rates.
  • We had a hard time getting the system implemented quickly and working the way we wanted it to. Because of the implementation specialist we were working with problems weren't solved quickly rather they were worked through quickly however they were solved.
In our sales department specifically. We're always trying to generate more leads and have more conversations. This has improved our conversations by 4x which has a significant impact on the business key indicators. With more conversations my team gets to spend more time talking with people instead of voicemails. If you're not trying to come across as a telemarketer this might be a product that would give off the wrong message. Sometimes with the clunky connection you have to really be prepared to make yourself sound professional.
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November 15, 2018
Ryan Schertzer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use ConnectAndSell in our insides sales organization. We are primarily leveraging the technology in our outbound prospecting efforts. Specifically, we have found success using it around events when we have a significant number of calls to make in a short period of time. We've also seen success using it to navigate through gatekeepers and switchboards.
  • If you need to cover a lot of ground on the phone, this is an essential part of your tech stack. My reps can make as many calls in 90 minutes using C&S as they can in a week if they dial manually.
  • C&S's integration with Outreach is a tremendous benefits for people on both platforms. The ability to make all the calls AND have them automatically logged back to Outreach and SFDC is a huge time saver.
  • C&S does a great job recording calls for us to use at a later time for coaching and refreshing the conversation. Having the legal rules for each state built into the logic is really useful.
  • It can take some work to get the system tuned properly so that you don't experience a delay in the handover from the C&S rep to my rep.
  • It can occasionally be a little glitchy. For example, you may get connected to a person, but the screen pop doesn't appear.
If you have a deep pool of people to contact and limited people to contact them, this is definitely a tool to consider. If you don't need to cover much ground, you may not see the same benefit. This is going to help you go really, really fast, if that's what's required.
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December 22, 2018
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 3 out of 10
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We are using ConnectAndSell to engage with our prospects. The business development representatives are the main players in the office currently using it. The business problems ConnectAndSell addresses is the fact that we could only make about 50-100 dials in 4 hours. Now with ConnectAndSell, we can hit about 500 prospects.
  • ConnectAndSell is great at getting you connected with as many prospects as possible in a day
  • I enjoy how easy it is to get connected and go
  • It has a great concept and is very close to being a game-changing product
  • ConnectAndSell sounds way too robotic when the prospect answers the phone
  • The implementation team is terrible. Donny was a horrible leader and did a terrible job of getting us going
  • They have way too many bugs they need to fix at this point
ConnectAndSell is well-suited fora mass amount of phone calls. It does a great job of getting you connected fast with as many prospects as possible. It has a great concept and the bones of the company are there. It just needs a few tweaks to be the powerhouse that it can be.
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December 07, 2018
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
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ConnectAndSell was selected in an effort to enable our inside sales and outside sales personnel to more easily connect with people within organizations they were targeting. We believed ConnectAndSell would reduce their time and efforts to reach the right person or specific personnel within an organization they were targeting as possible users of our services.
  • ConnectAndSell did a good job tracking connections and dials.
  • Users were able to capture detailed notes, which came up during any follow up calls enabling a continuing conversation.
  • Users were prompted with details on whom they were speaking with, based upon information they loaded with their list of people to contact.
  • The published phone number could be changed to match the local area/city code, as the belief was someone would be more likely to answer a call from within their area.
  • Users had to "sit and wait" while ConntactAndSell dialed and finally reached someone. The user had to be paying attention and be ready to take a call at any second once the dialing started. As a result, this didn't free up any of their time and did not increase productivity.
  • There was a time lapse from when the ConnectAndSell dialer passed on the call to our end-user. While not a great deal of time, it was found to be enough to negatively impact the call.
  • While loading of lists to call was relatively easy, the integration with our CRM left much to be desired. If the list wasn't loaded properly, then no dial/conversation information made it to the CRM.
  • Administration of the tool was cumbersome at best. Best example would be having to request a user license be issued or disconnected rather than having the ability to handle ourselves.
  • Because there were CRM integration issues, reporting was lacking and became apparent that it wasn't anything we could rely upon.
ConnectAndSell is more than just a dialer, which is good, but it does leave the user with a great deal of time spent waiting. This can be very frustrating or boring for the user and can lead to a disconnected approach to handling a call. It is for that reason that I would not recommend this solution to a colleague.
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June 25, 2018
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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ConnectAndSell was primarily used by the new account sales team. It was a great tool for cold outreach, particularly being able to dial and connect quicker than if you were to be dialing by hand. It also had a cool feature that allowed you to change the phone numbers you were calling from so as to not seemingly over-inundate your prospects with dials from the same phone. Associates of the new account sales team were the primary users but Directors would also use the tool to target hard to reach prospects.
  • ConnectAndSell is a great tool for completing a sheer volume of dials across a short amount of time.
  • ConnectAndSell is pretty intuitive and does not take a lot of training or additional knowledge to be able to utilize the tool quickly.
  • ConnectAndSell also integrates well with Salesforce (and I'm sure other CRM tools) so you can upload call lists and easily record any interactions you have with prospects over the phone.
  • ConnectAndSell occasionally had an issue with crashing or not working properly. I would say that we experienced technical issues a few times a month.
  • ConnectAndSell is also pretty expensive per seat license. I think this might have been the biggest factor in my company deciding to use a different dialing software.
  • List loading was a pain as well as you had to scroll through everyone's lists in our company (we had 50+ pages to scroll through) before you could begin dialing, which started to become pretty time consuming.
If your organization relies on outbound leads through cold calling, this is a great tool for you. ConnectAndSell definitely made the associate's jobs easier at our company and allowed them to produce greater output than they could have done manually without such a tool. This tool is less appropriate if cold calling isn't a big part of your company's lead generation efforts.
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August 29, 2018
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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ConnectAndSell is being used primarily by our Market Development team in the Sales org structure. It has enabled us to maximize our team's impact with prospects by delivering conversations "on demand."
  • ConnectAndSell puts the sales rep in the driver's seat in that he/she can immediately generate pipeline by loading a list of contacts and dialing through up to 100 people in an hour.
  • ConnectAndSell also provides a call recording feature that enables management to coach reps on their script.
  • ConnectAndSell's reporting is valuable in understanding where your team's bottlenecks are -- for instance, if a rep has a smaller pipeline, it could be because they aren't calling at the right time of day, or they're calling the wrong type of persona, etc.
  • While ConnectAndSell has an integration with Salesforce, it could be much more seamless -- you aren't able to report directly on the ConnectAndSell data from SFDC.
For teams who are looking to maximize the number of conversations their reps have, ConnectAndSell is the perfect solution. It's also a great tool for folks who are looking to engage with a large expanse of prospects at the same time.
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October 28, 2014
Steve Richard | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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ConnectAndSell allows a sales rep to sit at their desk and be served up with only conversations with decision makers from a pre-uploaded list that you create. It's like going to batting practice as a sales reps - balls just keep coming over the plate. CAS an ideal tool for companies that hit the expansion stage and need to have far more conversations with target prospects and leads (A or B round of funding). Let their technology do the work of getting executives on the phone while you focus on having high quality conversations. With CAS one sales person can do the work of two.
  • Solves problem of getting prospects on the phone
  • Do the work of 3 reps with 1
  • Strong service support model
  • Sales rep needs to be good at conducting phone calls with prospects who aren't expecting their call.
  • It would be better to have a list view.
  • Nothing else.
ConnectAndSell is less applicable for companies with more established markets where getting people on the phone doesn't have as high a correlation to revenue production.
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What is ConnectAndSell?

ConnectAndSell takes the problem of getting decision makers on the phone and makes it go away. A typical Sales Rep will have more sales conversations using ConnectAndSell in one hour than they would typically have in an entire week.

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