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28 Ratings
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Likelihood to Recommend

IT Glue

IT Glue out of the box has all the basic tools to document a client environment and the customizable flexible assets mean your documentation and relationship mapping options are limitless. However, getting ITG set up in your organization requires a significant amount of time and effort and a culture shift to be sure that the data remains current. Everyone needs 100% buy-in for it to work, otherwise, they will stop trusting the data and stop using the product.
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IT Glue

  • Linking related items together to form a big picture view of a network and all of its moving pieces.
  • Integration with our PSA and RMM to provide alerts by creating tickets for things that are expiring like domains, certificates, warranties, and documentation.
  • The ability to track our users' engagement with the tool to encourage a culture of documentation and standardization.
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IT Glue

  • Like many other MSPs we had the majority of our SOPs and KBs in Word docs. The best case scenario would be to simply drop those files directly into ITG without having to import them into the ITG documentation format. The import function is so broken as to not be an option because it completely ruins formatting and tends to drop images. Thus we have to manually copy/paste text and individually upload each image.
  • They marketed the product as having true branding but that is stretching the truth. SSL is not an option so client-facing documents will give security errors in browsers. ITG does not appear to be concerned about this even though security is a major concern for all MSPs.
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IT Glue

IT Glue 8.7
Based on 6 answers
Its interface is super simple, and easy to learn. Their search functionality it very nice, and allows us to access data with very few "clicks" of the mouse.
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IT Glue

IT Glue 9.0
Based on 6 answers
It’s always available, and has integration with RMM, PSAs, and other vendors are easy and fast. Data is kept live, and it had great auditing capabilities.
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Alternatives Considered

IT Glue

Spiceworks is a free tool to use if you're in MSP. The community is fantastic, but it lacked in certain features. The amount of information I can put into IT Glue is leagues ahead of Spiceworks. You also have to have supplementary software to reach the wealth of information that IT Glue provides. Zoho was a very toned down help desk system and it felt like finding passwords was more of a chore. With IT Glue everything is in front of you. You have to take some time to implement it, but I highly recommend trying IT Glue. IT Glue helps us get information that our clients need fast.
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Return on Investment

IT Glue

  • Forced documentation
  • I love the gamification of documentation as it tracks points for everything updated/added/etc
  • Remember that software won't solve a people problem, so don't expect IT Glue to fix all of your problems.
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IT Glue


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