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Social Mention

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Social Mention

Social Mention is a great tool for monitoring social media. This Tool can also be used to search specifically taking the keywords in the blogs, comments, news etc. It offers a third party API for users. It can be used to send email to clients of their brand performance data. This tool can indicate if your mentions are angry, happy or neutral but the data can't be reliable.


  • Filters the firehose of social media data that inundates everyone worldwide daily.
  • Allows topic-based email alerts (the best feature of all).
  • Provides positive/negative sentiment and hashtags.


  • It has problems sub-filtering keywords by sentiment or by source.
  • It has no advanced features in the API addressing the problems with sub-filtering keywords by individual source (like "LA Times" or "Huffington Post").
  • When I search, I will get results by default in multiple languages.
  • It doesn't provide the power of Moreover for filtering content sources and outputting the results through API.

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Social Mention8.0
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Social mention is a useful tool to keep track of what is going on online regarding our brand. I recommend it to B2C companies who need to be especially responsive as a method to keep tabs on the brand without hiring a dedicated social media staff member. I find the periodic checkups on social mention to give us an impetus to keep up the good work or to make changes to increase our effectiveness online!


Social Mention7.0
Based on 1 answer
It doesn't work as well since we changed our name. We used to have a very unique twitter handle etc. so it was easier for social mention to find us. For folks who have unique names it's excellent if you don't it may not be that helpful.

Alternatives Considered

Social Mention stacks up against these as Social Mention is more reliable for data than others. it provides really nice statistics of reach, influence, sentiment and helps find brand's influences. It is quick and offers a great snapshot of the volume of your Tweets & Twitter presence. Supports a lot of social media sites like Facebook, Google+ etc.

Return on Investment

  • Sentiment Analysis helps brand performance.
  • Clients are happy with the data, performance of their brand.
  • Support a lot of social media sites to run campaigns.

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