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20 Ratings
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Social Mention

If you are curious about what someone is saying about your brand, this tool helps you to know how your brand is performing on all social media sites. Also seeing the previous results you can predict future performance. This data helps a lot in the future planning. This tool doesn't give perfect results though. Also, it can indicate your sentiments of mentions if they are angry, or happy.
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Social Mention

  • Assembles result in one platform from all over social media.
  • Tracking of brands and campaigns impact over users. how much it is retweeted, liked and others. Difficult to scrape manually which social mentions solves very easily.
  • Social Mention supports monitoring more than 50 media panels including Facebook, Twitter etc.
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Social Mention

  • Under the "Free" dashboard you are limited to only receiving weekly results.
  • Can't negate those tags which contain my tags.
  • Lots of tweets missing, no noise filtering. Sometimes we get very old contents which are not needed.
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Likelihood to Renew

Social Mention

Social Mention 8.0
Based on 5 answers
I love that Social Mention is so easy to use. It does not take a long time to learn how to navigate the site when you need information quickly. I don't use it as much in my new job, but I recommend it for basic monitoring and when you need social media information right away
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Social Mention

Social Mention 7.0
Based on 1 answer
It doesn't work as well since we changed our name. We used to have a very unique twitter handle etc. so it was easier for social mention to find us. For folks who have unique names it's excellent if you don't it may not be that helpful.
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Alternatives Considered

Social Mention

I've also used GroupHigh to evaluate blogs - I like this tool because it gives me exact numbers on impressions and Twitter and Facebook followers. I can also search keywords on this database and search by location to pull blogs with the content and level of popularity/credibility I need for a project
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Return on Investment

Social Mention

  • Increased our awareness of market segments
  • Increased our ability to reach out to our consumers
  • Helped to position products
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Social Mention


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