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What is Budibase?

Budibase is a platform designed to optimize internal processes by providing tools for efficient data management, streamlined app development, workflow automation, and scalability. According to the vendor, Budibase caters to businesses of all sizes, including small startups and large enterprises. It...

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What is Budibase?

Budibase is a low-code platform from the company of the same name in Belfast, that enables users to design, build, automate, deploy and scale custom internal applications in minutes, and with confidence.

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Product Details

What is Budibase?

Budibase is a platform designed to optimize internal processes by providing tools for efficient data management, streamlined app development, workflow automation, and scalability. According to the vendor, Budibase caters to businesses of all sizes, including small startups and large enterprises. It is utilized by professionals in various industries such as business analysis, software development, project management, IT, and marketing.

Key Features

Data Integration: Budibase allows users to securely connect to a wide range of data sources, including spreadsheets, SQL databases, and REST APIs. Users can effortlessly synchronize their SQL database tables with Budibase to generate customized CRUD screens, view data in table format, paginate data, and establish relationships.

No-Code Database: Budibase provides a built-in database that offers scalability and a comprehensive set of features. Users can easily filter and sort data using customizable views with configurable access levels. Additionally, they can seamlessly upload CSV files directly into BudibaseDB, configuring field types and data mappings during the upload process.

Simplified App Building: With Budibase's intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users can create professional-grade apps with ease. By simply placing components onto the layout screen and customizing their appearance, users can quickly design fully functional CRUD apps. This streamlined process significantly reduces development time and effort.

Flexible Data Collection: Budibase empowers users to create dynamic and interactive forms on various databases, such as PostgreSQL, MYSQL, and Mongo. Users can effortlessly design multi-step forms and surveys, incorporating actions, validation rules, and conditional logic for a seamless data collection experience. The platform provides extensive customization options to meet diverse data collection needs.

Workflow Automation: Budibase offers a powerful and user-friendly workflow automation engine. Users can easily design and automate complex workflows without writing any code. By leveraging custom logic, conditions, and filters, users can streamline tasks and improve operational efficiency. The platform's intuitive interface allows users to visually create multi-step automations with ease.

Access Control: Budibase provides robust access control features, allowing users to define granular access levels and roles for individual apps. This ensures that the right users have the appropriate permissions and data access. The platform also supports single sign-on (SSO) integration, including popular options like OIDC and Google SSO, to enhance user authentication and security.

Enhanced Security: Budibase prioritizes the security and privacy of user data. The platform employs industry-standard security measures, including data encryption in transit and at rest. Each customer and app has its own isolated database, ensuring data segregation. Regular security audits and vulnerability assessments are conducted to maintain a high level of security.

Customizable Database: Budibase offers a versatile built-in database that can be tailored to specific requirements. Users can easily configure and customize views, filters, and access controls to meet their data management needs. The platform supports various data types and allows users to define relationships between tables, providing a flexible and scalable database solution.

Intuitive Design: Budibase's user-friendly design interface simplifies the app-building process. With its drag-and-drop functionality, users can effortlessly arrange components on the layout screen and customize their styles. The platform provides a wide range of pre-built components and templates, enabling users to create visually appealing and user-friendly apps.

Efficient Automation: Budibase enables users to automate complex business processes without the need for coding. Users can design and execute multi-step automations that integrate various actions, conditions, and triggers. This allows for seamless task automation, reducing manual effort and improving overall productivity.

Budibase Video

Self-host Budibase apps with Docker | Open source low code platform

Budibase Technical Details

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Internal tools. Every organization needs internal tools to track KPIs or tansactions or just prepare dashboards. Budibase try to solve this problem. They have good number of external data sources available which you can plug in to bring your data and start building applications. You can even connect external REST API as a data source which means you can build almost any data from the web which support APIs. Budibase is a low/no code builder and hence it's relatively easy to build a working app.
  • Can connect REST APIs
  • Can define User Roles
  • Open Source so you can host it yourself if you prefer
  • They have a component called reapeater field which is extreamly useful in cases you want to iterate UI component on you table
  • Building UI even though simple, it gets tougher when you want to build a complex one. The way they have implemented data sources in the UI is bit rigid.
  • you can not use JS in all the components to manipulate data which makes it less dynamic compared to say Appsmith.
Even though its a solid tool I think for now it is best suited to create some relatively complex apps but not best suited to build very complex apps where you need to manipulate data during runtime. But they are actively developing the produt and push updates on the regular basis which makes me feel optimistic about their future.
Low-Code Development (6)
Visual Modeling
Drag-and-drop Interfaces
Platform Security
Platform User Management
Platform Scalability
  • made building internal tool easy
  • saved good number of man hours compared to building tools from scratch
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