Kahoot! Pricing Overview

Kahoot! has 7 pricing edition(s), from $250 to $1,600. Look at different pricing editions below and read more information about the product here to see which one is right for you.

Kahoot! Event Bronze


to host an unlimited number of kahoots at one event

Kahoot! 360 Spirit for small teams


per month for 25 members (annual subscription billed monthly)

Kahoot! Event Silver


to host an unlimited number of kahoots at one event

Kahoot! 360 Spirit Premium


per month for 25 members annual plan billed monthly

Kahoot! Event Gold


to host an unlimited number of kahoots at one event

Kahoot! 360 Spirit for large teams


per month for 100 members annual plan billed monthly

Kahoot! 360 for Enterprises

Contact Sales

Pricing for Kahoot!


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  • Does not haveFree/Freemium Version
  • Does not havePremium Consulting / Integration Services

Entry-level set up fee?

  • No setup fee

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Kahoot Pricing 2022

With the best teaching and learning you can build an amazing and capable team. You can hire workers with less experience and transform them into skilled, problem-solving machines with the right training and onboarding. This means finding the best software. Kahoot! is a popular gamification software designed for fast and interactive learning. You will be able to engage and collaborate with their tools and use them for any presentation or company meeting. You can level up your team while actually enjoying company presentations for once.

What Is Kahoot?

Kahoot! is a gamification software that can be used for corporate eLearning or even onboarding your new employees. They offer users simple functionality with strong ease of use. Anyone can create an engaging presentation using multiple-choice questions and easy templates with intuitive layouts. They also offer an image library that you can use for storage and to make quiz creation faster.

Your audience can answer questions in real-time and hosts can use learning management features to track progress and find gaps in understanding. You have the option to create with different question types like type answer or multi-select (more than one right answer) for the needs of diverse learners.

Teams can increase engagement with polls, brainstorms, and word clouds. This helps figure out who’s paying attention during the meeting and collaborate on an idea for the project being discussed. For even more collaboration, Kahoot! can be integrated with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft PowerPoint, Hopin, and Zoom.

Their integrations make it easier to use while giving your presentation, so you can have real-time responses and active listening over passive. For teams that feel like getting teams to respond and interact is like pulling teeth, these features can be a lifesaver.

If you want to learn more about Kahoot! options and capabilities see their FAQs here. You will find information on how all the features work as well as answers to common questions. For a quick overview of how Kahoot! works for business, check out the video below.

Get started with Kahoot! for business in less than 9 minutes!

How Much Does Kahoot Cost?

This is not a one-answer question because Kahoot offers multiple different subscriptions depending on your use case. On top of that, they have several plans within those use cases. The business subscriptions alone offer 13 different plans. We are not going to cover every single plan but we are going to make it easier to navigate for you.

Kahoot! Business Pricing Model

Below in the table you can see the variety of pricing plans Kahoot! offers for companies. The costs are per month billed annually. Individual plans are charged per host and team plans are charged per member. The pricing model for teams has built in calculators for each plan so you can estimate the cost for members.

Only one plan has the option for monthly subscriptions, which is Kahoot 360 Standard for individuals at $29 per host per month. There are no free plans in the business subscription pricing model. You can go to the Kahoot! direct pricing page for business plans here.

Kahoot! 360 Business Individual Plans

Kahoot! Starter - $10 per host per month

Kahoot! 360 Standard - $19 per host per month

Kahoot! 360 Presenter - $39 per host per month

Kahoot! 360 Pro - $59 per host per month

Kahoot! 360 Pro Max - $79 per host per month

Kahoot! 360 Business Team Plans

Kahoot! 360 Pro for Teams - $39 per member per month

Kahoot! 360 Spirit - $20 per member per month

Kahoot! 360 Spirit Premium - $25 per member per month

Kahoot! 360 Business

Enterprise Plan

Kahoot! 360 for Enterprises - Contact Sales for pricing.

Kahoot! 360 Business

One-Time Events

Kahoot! Event Bronze - $250

Kahoot! Event Silver - $500

Kahoot! Event Gold - $750

Features you will find in the business options include quiz questions, polls, and presentation slides. These plans are designed for giving interactive presentations for teams or new hires.

The Kahoot! Starter plan is a more limited version of Kahoot! 360 Standard for small meetings of up to 20 people. It has less question options and no polls or image library.

For the Kahoot! 360 Standard plan there is a discount that brings it to $17 per month if you choose annual billing. This plan comes with 20 allotted players, all integrations, single sign-on (SSO), and online customer support. You can poll, and quiz with true/false questions and image reveal.

Kahoot! 360 Presenter allows you 50 participants, and more questions options and access to question bank with pre-built questions. In this plan, you can create puzzles, add image answers, multi-select, and slider questions. You can collaborate using word clouds and brainstorms. You cannot use type answers or open-ended questions. Customer support is the same as in Standard.

Kahoot! 360 Pro and Kahoot! 360 Pro Max both offer the majority of features. Both allow up to 2000 participants, allow tournament and team structure for players, and have priority support. They can use all question types, and 10 different premade layouts for presentations slides. The main difference between them is Pro Max allows your own personal branding.

The business team plans have the same tools as in the individual plans. All team plans have the same access to all question types, polling, and interactive presentation tools. The benefit of these subscriptions is they are built for more participants and can be hosted by multiple team members.

The team plans will seem slightly cheaper because you need buy multiple licenses at once. It’s a minimum of 2 for Kahoot! 360 Pro for Teams, and a minimum of 25 for Kahoot! 360 Spirit and Kahoot! 360 Spirit Premium. In terms of participants, Kahoot! 360 Pro and Kahoot! 360 Spirit Premium both allow up to 2000 participants, but Kahoot! 360 Spirit caps at 100. This is likely why Kahoot! 360 Spirit is cheaper per license than the other two.

The differences between the plans come down to customization, collaboration, user permissions, and branding, with Kahoot! 360 Spirit Premium being the only one with full access. To see their detailed feature breakdown of team plans go here.

When it comes to the Kahoot! 360 Enterprises plan, you get full access to main features for all or most of your employees. This subscription if you want a large number of licenses so an employees in any team can set up their own Kahoot!. This can be for training, presentations, pitching, or to gauge employee satisfaction. You can buy more than 100 licenses for your company. For the full list of features go here.

The business one-time event options are for teams that won’t need consistent use. That is also why these plans cost more because they are a one-time buy.

The Kahoot! Event Bronze allows 100 participants and 5 teams. It has access to templates and most question types except for type answer or open ended questions. It has no training or tracking features.

With Kahoot! Event Silver and Kahoot! Event Gold, you have up to 10 teams with 2000 participants. You get all question types, along with full tracking features. The main difference is Silver has no professional support and onboarding. For a closer look at the pricing see their events page here.

Kahoot! Subscriptions certainly provide a large variety of options for startups and small businesses looking to educate and train their teams. Anyone one of these plans could level up your company engagement.

Before jumping into a subscription, it will definitely help to gauge how many people need access to run the software. The individual plans may be cheaper in the long run if all you need is one host and a large group of participants.

Kahoot! Education Pricing Model

Kahoot also has subscription plans for higher education. This is where the free version some of you may have heard about, comes into play. Kahoot offers plans for single teachers as well as for entire schools or districts. You can go to the Kahoot! direct pricing page for school plans here.

Kahoot! Individual Teacher Plans

Kahoot! Basic - Free

Kahoot! Pro - $3 per teacher per month

Kahoot! Premium - $6 per teacher per month

Kahoot! Premium+ - $9 per teacher per mo

Kahoot! Team, School, and District Plan

Kahoot! EDU - $12 per teacher per month

The main features you will see with these subscriptions are different question types for quizzes, formative assessments for learning management, and presentation tools.

The Kahoot! Basic plan is the free version with up to 50 players, 5 teams, 1 teacher group (5 people), and formative assessment reports. It allows multiple-choice, images as answers, and access to a GIF library.

The next step up Kahoot! Pro offers up to 100 players, 5 teams, 3 teacher groups of 20, and more question options. They have multi-select, puzzles, polling, image reveal, and image library access, You can even access advanced slide layouts for presentations.

For Kahoot! Premium, you’re allowed 200 players, 10 teams, and 10 teacher groups of 20. It has almost all question features excluding question editing and navigation. It also does not have priority customer support.

Lastly, the Kahoot Premium+ has up to 2000 players, 10 teams, and unlimited teacher groups for an unlimited number of teachers. This plan comes with all features including those for collaboration and administration support.

You have full access to customization and branding as well as extra learning support for families. The family learning mobile apps are supplemental tools for math and reading and are only available on iOS devices, not Android.

The Kahoot! EDU subscription is for a wider scale of users. The pricing page offers a calculator to estimate the cost for the number of licenses you need. It has full access to all features in the individual teacher plans, and courses for live and asynchronous learning. Similar to Kahoot! Premium+, it offers full customizations and branding. For more information, see the pricing page here.

Any of these subscription plans could benefit a higher ed institution that’s looking to offer more diverse learners. Through gamification software, you can make lessons stick and help students form study habits that fit their needs.

What Are Kahoot! Alternatives?

Quizlet is a popular, virtual learning platform. Students and teachers can often use the flashcard for quiz questions or trivia. They may not have learning games like Kahoot!, but it can be used to improve the learning experience all the same.

Quizlet also has a paid version that has no ads and can be used offline. It’s only offered annually but costs less than $40 a year. Quizlet Plus even offers the addition of images, audio, and diagrams to your flashcards.

Quizlet Free Version

$0 per user per year

Quizlet Plus

$35.99 per user per year

Quizlet Plus for Teachers

$35.99 per user per year

Quizlet for Teams

20% discounts for 2-49 members, 25% discount for 50+

In comparison with Kahoot!, Quizlet has fewer features and tools for engagement. It’s more for studying and training. If you need to train new hires or introduce a new software or protocol Quizlet can be helpful. It can also be useful as supplementary material for a presentation. Quizlet is also a cheaper alternative to Kahoot! if you realize that you may not need an array or quiz or polling features.

For a side-by-side comparison made up of user reviews for Quizlet and Kahoot!, go here. The overall rating for both software is very high, with both having a good amount of user feedback.

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