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What is Quizlet?

Quizlet in San Francisco offers their suite of online visual and interactive learning aids such as study sets, flash cards, games.

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Quizlet has gained popularity among students and teachers for its wide range of use cases and effectiveness in studying various subjects. …
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Hindi(Steno) Special | Demo Class | Shorthand | Goel Sir | SSC/COURT/ASI(Steno)... #StenoBabaPatna


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Quizlet Demo- practicing sets

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What is Quizlet?

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Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Quizlet has gained popularity among students and teachers for its wide range of use cases and effectiveness in studying various subjects. Users have found Quizlet to be a helpful tool for creating study guides and reinforcing their understanding of topics. With the ability to access Quizlet on multiple devices, students can conveniently study anytime, anywhere. The practice quizzes and games offered by Quizlet have proven to be effective in improving students' retention and performance in tests and exams. Additionally, the matching and flashcard features have been praised for their effectiveness in improving vocabulary skills. Teachers have also utilized Quizlet to engage students and encourage them to study and review content more efficiently. The software's usability and easy navigation make it accessible for users to navigate through different features. Furthermore, Quizlet's WRITE section and the option to import flashcards have been valued by users for their academic value. Despite some criticisms of customer service and suggestions for improvement, many users appreciate Quizlet's ability to help them prepare for tests, quizzes, and classes effectively. Overall, Quizlet has been a reliable study tool that is recommended by many students and teachers for overcoming difficulties in studying for quizzes and exams.

Value for Money: Many users have mentioned that the product offers great value for money. They feel that they are getting a lot of features and functionality at an affordable price. Some customers have expressed that the product is reasonably priced compared to similar alternatives on the market.

User-Friendly Interface: Several reviewers have praised the user-friendly interface of the product. They appreciate how easy it is to navigate through different sections and perform various tasks without any confusion or complications. Users have reported a smooth and intuitive experience while using the product's interface.

Reliable Performance: A significant number of users have highlighted the reliable performance of the product. They have mentioned that it consistently meets their expectations and delivers consistent results. Customers appreciate its stability, responsiveness, and overall efficiency in handling their needs.

Confusing and illogical user interface: Many users have found the user interface of Quizlet to be confusing and illogical, making it difficult to navigate and perform tasks efficiently. Some reviewers have expressed frustration with the layout and organization of the platform, stating that it is not intuitive and requires a significant learning curve.

Poor customer support: Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the customer support provided by Quizlet, finding it unhelpful and lacking clear instructions. Several reviewers have mentioned difficulties in creating quizzes, editing their Quizlet, and finding support when encountering issues. They feel that the lack of responsive customer service negatively impacts their experience on the platform.

Glitches and long loading times on mobile: The mobile version of Quizlet has received complaints from users regarding glitches, long loading times, and stuck pages. These technical issues significantly affect their learning experience as they are unable to access study materials or progress smoothly through quizzes. Some users have reported frustration with these problems persisting even after updating the app or using different devices.

Users commonly recommend the following actions when using Quizlet: purchasing the paid version of Quizlet for tracking student progress and removing ads, and searching for existing sets before creating new ones to save time. Additionally, users highly recommend Quizlet for studying and assessing readiness for quizzes and exams making it beneficial for all levels of education. It is advisable to familiarize oneself with Quizlet before using it with students and to give extra time for navigating the user interface. While Quizlet is praised as a great learning tool, some users advise against relying on its customer support. The Quizlet app is recommended for its user experience, and downloading sets or creating personalized ones are both recommended approaches. Overall, Quizlet is considered a useful tool for students, teachers, and businesses alike.

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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I mainly used quizlet as a source of help in different academical areas throughout my years of study, it was a tool of searching solutions to problems, materials to refer to, and a lot of times it was able to provide answers to problems from different subjects in real time ready solutions or AI powered tools to solve them. But more importantly the ability to creare the flashcards and putting the information you need to study in one place with easy access any time
  • Provide flashcards to study from
  • Provide answers to scientific questions
  • Create personal flashcards to study from
  • Study from the phone
  • More interactive flashcard abilities
  • Create exams and give feedback
  • Sound to speech options
From my experience quizlet is a great aid to any student that has to study a ton on information in a short time as it provides the best way to take info into the memory quickly and efficiently. In addition, it is easy to access anywhere and anytime making it a friend who will help you all the way until you reach the examination day.
Anastasia Globa | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Quizlet is a really nice tool for university or school students that enables various types of online live functionality and interactions. It is particularly good for study units and disciplines that require students to remember facts or words. It can be very useful for learning activities that involve foreign languages, geographical locations, or technical terminology. However, Quizlet has a rather limited learning application for such creative fields as architecture for example.
  • Allow students to memorize facts or words.
  • Allow students to create their own study material.
  • Help to learn new information.
  • Ads can be very distracting for students, which disturbs the learning process.
  • It can be potentially used by students to cheat on their assessments.
  • Most of Quizlet answers can be found online (by googling).
It is a useful learning tool and it is free for students to use. This includes both local and international student cohorts. Really useful for online learning. particularly during COVID lockdowns, which makes for interactive classroom activities. Not the best tool for assessments or graded tests, as students might easily cheat using Quizlet.
  • Free accounts, can be used by both staff and students.
  • Easy-to-use and learn.
  • The interactive online platform that supports eLearning.
  • Can lead to better levels of engagement for the online students.
  • Can help struggling students as a support (practicing) tool.
Allows using audio (sounds) that can be very beneficial, particularly for students who have impaired visual comprehension.
Rachel Piper | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a teacher, I provide Quizlet sets for my various classes at the middle school age. We typically use it to study vocabulary words and key terms for each of our units throughout the year. It works really well with my students because we learn the words together, and they are able to practice them on their own. Quizlet provides various modalities to ensure all of my learners are comprehending new words. They love getting competitive and doing Quizlet Live as a class - they don't even realize they're learning!
  • Various learning modalities for all types of learners
  • Already made sets for easy use
  • Makes learning fun through games
  • I can't think of any!
Quizlet works extremely well for students of all ages to study not only vocabulary but all types of academics. I have used it not only as a teacher to provide for my students, but I use Quizlet myself when studying or learning something new. The ease of access with it being online, at your phone, or wherever you go highly surpasses traditional flashcards.
  • With everything being online, all students have easy access
  • Extremely easy to share and track progress
  • Saves sets so I can use the same ones each year
  • Student achievement and success
  • High test scores
  • Student comprehension of material
Quizlet is better because it allows students to go at their own pace and study independently. It is much easier to navigate as a teacher and as a student. Quizzizz can be more fun since it acts more like a game, but Quizlet is much more accessible for all learners with various modalities.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use this application within classrooms and across content levels. Teachers use this program to review content taught within our classes and to encourage teamwork among our students. Students are able to interact, both anonymously and using names. Students are also able create study sets to review vocabulary and definitions for quizzes, chapter review, and larger scale review.
  • Ease of use.
  • Google login capable.
  • Clear user interface.
  • Broader colorscape to appeal to younger users.
  • Free educator accounts/educator discount.
  • Allowing for younger users to create accounts without parent approval.
Quizlet is wonderfully suited for classroom review games. Students are able to practice word definitions, matching the term to its meaning, as well as increase the speed of recognition using games like “Gravity.” It is also a lovely tool for full class review. Students work together in teams to string together correct definitions. Students can share what they know to help one another succeed. This can be done by talking or “silent” games that increase the challenge.
  • Increased student retention.
  • Increased student engagement.
  • Easily shared content among teachers.
  • District-wide continuity.
  • Kahoot!
Quizlet is easier to use than similar products, such as Kahoot! While some younger students prefer the more colorful and cartoonish appeal of Kahoot, intermediate through high school, even college age learners enjoy the clean interface and easy-to-navigate site for Quizlet. Teachers are able to share class sets with students and limit content to certain learners.
We have not had to use support services for this particular app often. With the ability to change your username only once, students required help logging back in once their account had changed. The response time from the company was slower than expected, but they still helped the teacher not the student to resolve login issues.
April 30, 2020

Quizlet is the best!

Christen Nohra | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Quizlet provides a way for students to continually review critical vocabulary words for a unit of study. It also provides a platform to review vocabulary in a whole class environment and make it into a competitive game, where students can work on their own or team up with others to win.
  • Works on phones, tablets, ChromeBooks
  • Easy to make quizzes
  • Easy to organize different vocabulary sets
  • More user friendly
  • More variations of how to review
  • Incentives for students
Quizlet works best with specific units where students need to know a good amount of vocabulary words, maybe between 20-50. It also works best when it is used both in and out of the classroom. It seems less appropriate when there are not many vocabulary words for the students to review.
  • Students retain information
  • Helps teachers with time
  • Provides engagement
  • Kahoot!
Kahoot! has fun qualities but it doesn’t have some of the versatility for students like Quizlet. Quizlet makes it easy to make vocabulary sets and have different games for students to review on their own, but Kahoot! doesn’t have that feature well. Quizlet gives many options for engagement with students.
They respond to any issues quickly.
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