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Netskope CASB

Netskope CASB


What is Netskope CASB?

Netskope cloud access security broker (CASB) enables the user to identify and manage the use of cloud applications, regardless of whether they are managed or unmanaged, and prevents sensitive data from being exfiltrated from your environment by risky insiders or…

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Netskope CASB review

9 out of 10
August 17, 2022
We used this for shadow IT and for basic DLP functions. We were one of the very first customers of Netskope, the trajectory of the product …
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Netskope CASB Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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August 17, 2022

Netskope CASB review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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We used this for shadow IT and for basic DLP functions. We were one of the very first customers of Netskope, the trajectory of the product is excellent. It was a great control for managing and monitoring all SaaS usage with the organization.
  • Monitor SaaS usage.
  • Manage gaps in shadow IT.
  • Provide basic DLP functionality for SaaS usage.
  • Some improvements in reporting.
  • Make some integrations easier.
  • Pricing.
Well suited for an organization that is either architecting their environment for majority SaaS usage, or presently is a cloud-first organization and wants greater insight into their existing cloud placements. It does provide good first-level DLP and will need to be supplemented with a purpose drive DLP control.
  • Basic DLP
  • Shadow IT monitoring
  • SaaS usage monitoring
  • Identify non-sanctioned cloud applications.
  • Justify use and expansion of IaaS.
  • Track sensitive data flows in and out of Cloud.
  • Menlo Security CASB
We felt that Netskope provided a more holistic view in the CASB space from a user and usage perspective. In addition, the cost structure for Menlo was a bit higher and was a bit more complicated in the installation and maintenance perspectives
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have decided that all traffic on the user end will be going over Netskope. The idea is great and it works perfectly, it gives you protection for end-users when you need them, the only catch is that your users end up with Netskope IP public address, and many times it is hard to troubleshoot this.
  • Monitoring all traffic
  • Protecting your end user traffic
  • Public IP for user can be from different country then it came from
  • Sometimes you can't get anywhere with Netscope ON
  • Location is the key for speed so users complain for speed of 'internet'
  • Some location blocks Netscope IP ranges
For general protection of users, it is a great software protecting end-user traffic, the bigger company and amount of users you protect the issues get to recognize and speed usually is the main issue as sites load slowly or not at all so users have to turn off their protection to be able to reach any resource.
  • Protection of end user traffic
  • We end up troubleshooting many not existing issues thanks to Netskope.
We are thinking about moving to PaloAlto Solution of URL filtering and Prisma access as it is in much more locations and it looks to be working more stable for users. SO far this is in the test phase so it is hard to say if we go this path but as we have this solution already on all sites it could end up that it will be a cheaper solution for us including implementation.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Netskope is currently being used to provide visibility and control into all SaaS usage in the enterprise. One way to get a grasp into the extent of Shadow IT as well as formulating controls to mitigate the risk that would otherwise be unknown, based on the information collected.
  • Policies against integrated SaaS applications.
  • Visibility into cloud applications usage and risk.
  • Cloud Confidence Index (research into security confidence of providers).
  • Infrastructure resilience.
  • Growth and scale issues.
Netskope is well suited to provide control and visibility into your cloud usage.
  • We can see no large percentage of cloud applications that are being used in the enterprise outside of IT knowledge.
  • We can now have conversations regarding risk, and consolidation of overlapping applications, reducing risk and expense.
  • Allows for IT to assess and mitigate the risk of risky applications or platforms being used and where information may be leaked.
Looked at SkyHigh as well as Cloudlock and felt SkyHigh was the only other leader in the space that was worth serious consideration. Netskope was able to pull out ahead just based on some subjective decisions.
There have been some struggles with their infrastructure keeping pace with demand and load. Support can only do so much and has to defer to known problems being escalated.
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