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Oracle Exalogic

Oracle Exalogic


What is Oracle Exalogic?

Oracle's Exalogic is a converged infrastructure appliance.

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Product Details

What is Oracle Exalogic?

Oracle Exadata is a full-stack solution designed to improve the performance, scale, security, and availability of an enterprise’s Oracle Databases. It incorporates more than 60 unique features, such as Smart Scan SQL offload, that are coengineered with Oracle Database to accelerate OLTP, analytics and machine-learning applications. The vendor states Exadata reduces capital costs and management expenses by enabling IT departments to consolidate hundreds of databases onto a single system. Companies can deploy Exadata on-premises, in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or as a Cloud@Customer solution, and use Autonomous Database to simplify and accelerate digital transformations.

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Oracle Exalogic Technical Details

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Brad Gibson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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It is being used to host SOA composite applications for the majority of the company. Allows for SaaS, PaaS and uses best of breed hardware and software. It allows multiple clients to directly connect to our systems and provides various resources used by user interfaces. The ability to create VMs quickly is key when new resources are needed. It allows the infrastructure team to delegate control to the various groups when needed. The Exalogic hooks into the application stack really does improve performance.
  • Private Cloud
  • SOA Performance
  • Ease of Management
  • Oracle Traffic director really does a good job of fronting the applications.
  • Patching
  • Networking Complexity
  • Virtual Assembly Builder
  • Dynamic Resource Allocation
If managed and setup correctly it can enable safe self service to developers. Setting up networking can be a pain for non network engineers. The cost of the hardware, consulting costs to get it installed and configured and licensing can be prohibitive. You can however save money on Oracle licensing by purchasing licenses for only the amount of cores you need. If you do not have resources in house there are experienced with ExaLogic there many consultants in the field that now have this experience.
  • It is basicly the Cloud in a single rack. The computing density is amazing and really amazing if you are using Fusion Middleware products.
  • Provides Paas and Saas if configured with multiple VDC accounts.
  • Patching can cause downtime but if done properly it can ease the level of effort required to complete the task.
Computers have gotten smaller but the ExaLogic rack takes it to the next level. The cost of electricity, real estate, and cooling are much more expensive when using other solutions. It is the engineering that gives it the edge against the competition.
It is a very condensed version of what used to be rows of servers. I like that storage, networking and compute nodes fit in one rack. The power and the software are top notch. The only problem is cost. You need to do some serious processing to get the true value out of the Exalogic system.
It was actually yesterday. Eric Gross is who I thinked helped my client out and they were very happy. The Oracle A-Team is full of top notch technical talent that has the passion required in this field.
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