Inspection Software

Best Inspection Software include:

GoToAssist SeeIt and iAuditor.

Inspection Software Overview

What is Inspection Software?

Mobile site inspection software, or just inspection software, supports surveyors and inspectors with image data collection, checklists, and other clipboard tasks. Typically deployed as an app on a mobile device, mobile inspection software is used in construction by plant managers and also retailers conducting compliance inspections.

Features of Inspection Software

Mobile site inspection software provides the following capabilities:
  • Deployable from any mobile device
  • Task related workflow (e.g. safety inspection, quality assurance, product display compliance, etc.)
  • Audit checklist, forms
  • Evidence collection (i.e. image collection)
  • Video or audio reporting and walkthrough
  • Electronic standardized or government issued forms

Inspection Products

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Dashpivot - By Sitemate

Sitemate's flexible software platform Dashpivot enables companies in construction and heavy industries to digitise and streamline their standard operating procedures. According to the vendor, unlike Word docs, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets and other software tools, Dashpivot provides…



Starting Price $15

ProntoForms provides an enterprise-level low-code field-focused application. The solution is used to create apps and forms to collect and analyze field data with smartphones and tablets – either as a standalone solution or as a mobile front-end to enterprise systems of record. According…



Starting Price $29

Fieldwire is a mobile-first (iPad / iPhone, Android) collaboration platform designed for construction foremen, superintendents and engineers. The application allows field workers to access up-to-date information like blueprints, files and tasks directly on their mobile device. Fieldwire…


GoSpotCheck enables brands to streamline their sales and merchandising team's surveys, audits and reports through mobile data collection. Companies can arm their teams with GoSpotCheck's mobile app to get real-time information about merchandising, product line performance and competitive…


iAuditor is an app for building checklists, conducting inspections, and creating instant reports. According to the vendor, SafetyCulture, it is used 35,000 times a day in over 80 countries and over 20 million audits have been conducted worldwide using iAuditor. iAuditor is the 2014…



Starting Price $200

FotoNotes is a mobile and cloud solution that transforms how businesses capture and communicate information from the field. FotoNotes lets companies that rely heavily on remote workers replace inefficient processes with a single, easy-to-use mobile solution that improves workforce…

GoToAssist SeeIt

LogMeIn offers GoToAssist SeeIt, a live video sharing tool supporting inspection, audio and video capture and record sharing, and a secure web portal for sharing.



Starting Price $22

Fulcrum is a hosted mobile forms platform that enables users to build custom apps for capturing information from the field. Users can design forms using the intuitive, web-based drag-and-drop designer and deploy to their mobile workforce for gathering information like Text, Photos,…


Enablon, from Wolters Kluwer, provides solutions designed to help companies manage safety and environmental performance, ensure compliance, minimize risks and improve profitability.


Accruent acquired British software company Kykloud in January 2018 to expand its own property management capabilities. Kykloud's platform emphasizes site inspection and surveying, condition assessment, and mobile functionality, and complements Accruent's extensive facility maintenance…

DMI Inspection Platform

DMI (Digital Management, LLC) offers the DMI Inspection Platform, available on perpetual license or via subscription via IPaaS (Inspection Platform as a Service). The platform is designed to support work site surveys with a modular suite of note taking tools, collaboration, digital…

VEIL Inspection Software

MSI Data offers VEIL Inspection Software, a mobile application supporting service technicians and a mobile workforce in the field with site survey, inspection, and image data collection capabilities.

Mobile Inspection

Wentworth Solutions headquartered in Cleveland offers their mobile field inspection app, Mobile Inspection.

DMI Inspection Platform as a Service

Digital Management Inc (DMI) offers their Inspection Platform as a Service, providing a subscription based inspection solution that includes device management, sensor and drone integration, geolocation, and other features.


OnSource, a Genpact company, supports workforces with their on-site inspection app for sharing visual information, supporting automotive, property, and other investigations.



Starting Price $20

Merge Mobile headquartered in San Clemente offers FastField, a mobile application designed for collecting data from small mobile workforces in the field, such as contractors, surveyors and those conducting site inspections, research data collection, and other purposes.

Happy Inspector

HappyCo headquartered in San Francisco offers the Happy Inspector home and multi-family property inspection application.


WeProov is a solution for digital inspection and damage claims. It works for the automotive, insurance, and real estate industries, as well as in BtoC to certify the condition of properties. The vendor reports that today they have more than 200 clients worldwide and almost 1 million…


TAP is an audits management software developed for auditors by auditors. It aims to be easy to handle, supportive, and manageable.

SHLOK Information Systems India Private Limited

SHLOK Information Systems India Private Limited's product Pro-Inspector is a digital tool that automates audits, inspection and field services for a variety of industries, including construction, franchise & retail, and gas.

Whip Around

Whip Around

Starting Price $0

Whip Around is a fleet inspection and maintenance software that allows customers to manage fleet inspections, compliance, preventative maintenance, work orders, reporting & more! Create powerful checklists for your assets. Have your drivers conduct inspections anywhere, anytime…



Starting Price $0

Safesite is a risk management and safety app from the company of the same name based in San, Francisco, CA. According to the vendor, it's a free, easy-to-use, digital safety solution for individuals and teams who want to collaborate, ditch paper, and improve safety. Get started…

EXL Express Survey

EXL Express Survey is a property inspection solution combining new data and technologies to assess risk and validate coverage limits by leveraging proprietary and publicly available data, aerial imagery and current photos.


Tervene in Montreal offers an inspection application, designed to help control operations and identify opportunities for improvement with its management tools designed with first-line managers in mind. The Gemba walk is Tervene’s preferred method for proactive supervision. With regular…

AVEVA LFM - 3D Data Capture

The AVEVA LFM - 3D Data Capture suite is 3D scanning tool useful for site inspection, enabling the user to store, visualise and handle point cloud datasets in a simple, accessible and secure workflow.