Illustrator is very user friendly!
Chani Loeb | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 27, 2018

Illustrator is very user friendly!

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Illustrator CC

I use Adobe Illustrator for school and I used it at my previous job as a Graphic Designer. We would create flyers for events that were taking place around the school. All of the department used the program to create flyers for various projects and saved them in the Z drive. The program makes it easy to edit each other's work when employees save each part of their work in a separate layer.
  • Adobe Illustrator makes it very easy to undo changes that you have made by using the keyboard shortcut ctzl z and redo a change by using ctrl y. While Photoshop has the History feature, sometimes ctrl z is much more useful because you can undo each change that you made quickly and see the differences before deciding to go back another step.
  • Adobe Illustrator makes it very easy to work with vectors. You can download many free vectors & then ungroup them & select the specific pieces that you want to build your own vector based design.
  • Adobe Illustrator makes it very easy to create & edit clipping masks. In the layers you can replace & select the photo specifically to readjust the selection of the photo that you want in the clipping mask.
  • I like that you can easily save and insert a color palette.
  • I find it frustrating that I have to switch to Photoshop in order to cut out a specific part of a photo. Why can't they just include that as a feature in Illustrator?
  • It's difficult to tell sometimes which layer is selected or which layer you have just pasted into. You can figure it out by looking at the layers tab, but when you first go to move something or paste something, it's a bit confusing.
As I previously stated, Photoshop is required to do certain things that you just can't do in Illustrator. I find Illustrator easier to use for many different projects. I just wish it had more of the basic features that Photoshop included. I created patters in Illustrator which I then inserted into WordPress. I also created a menu in InDesign which I then inserted into WordPress.
If you are looking to cut out something or change the color of a photo, you need to use Photoshop. If you are looking to easily manipulate vectors and clippings masks, Illustrator is really good at that. Gradients could use a little improvement, but they are pretty effective in Illustrator. It is useful for making flyers, but if you want to create your own object, it's a bit tricky. There are some secret useful features like creating a pattern, which can be really useful. All in all, I like it better than Photoshop and I wish I didn't have to switch to Photoshop to do certain things.