Use Adobe Premiere Pro TODAY
March 05, 2019

Use Adobe Premiere Pro TODAY

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the top video editing software that we use at Francis Lewis High School. In terms of education, it is the best tool we teach our students for video editing. Students start with iMovie as freshmen, and by their Senior year, they are using Adobe Premiere for significantly more in-depth and professional commercials and videos. As a school program it is used by students to create projects, and for the school, it is used to create commercials and short clips to advertise the school to students and stakeholders. Premiere addresses the issue of not having good marketing material for advertising the school, and it also addresses the key issue of how do we prepare students for future success. One of the best ways to prepare students is by teaching industry standard tools such as Premiere Pro.

Using Adobe Premiere I've had the ability to create 10-minute videos for the school to promote the school and programs. Personally, I am currently using Premiere Pro to edit my own personal wedding video. Using a combination of after effects, mp3 songs, my photographer's videos, and the editing software of Premiere, I plan to finish the full 15-minute wedding video in coming weeks. For a 15 minute video, it will take about 5-10 hours of work.


  • Adobe Premiere Pro has a great use interface that makes it easier to find the tools needed. It increases the ability to get work done.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro makes it very easy to integrate other Adobe files into Premiere. This avoids time and file issues when the file types are not compatible with the platform.
  • By allowing you to detach audio from video really makes it easy to add new soundtracks and audio to files.
  • Adobe Premiere allows you to export in a wide variety of file types for different social platforms for sharing. This helps to increase exposure.
  • Premiere handles large volumes of videos very well. Using over 20 different video clips I was able to create a 5 minute video for our school to present to parents and students to advertise the school and all of the unique programs the school offers.


  • Adobe Premiere could be improved by allowing easier adjustment of the user interface. Being able to scale the different screens quicker could make it easier to edit the interface layout to the size specifics I want.
  • With new updates it would help if Premiere gave you tutorial video links to show the new updates in the newest versions. This helps to promote new functions to help improve videos.
  • A feature I would love to see added to Premiere would be the ability to change to a low resolution mode for editing. A lot of times when editing it stalls out or freezes because the file types become so large.
  • When working with Premiere I find that it is sometimes hard to choose which export file to use, a cheat sheet that says which model works best and which file type and resolution works. It makes a lot of assumptions that everyone is a professional.
  • Premiere has had a great ROI on our school objectives. Increases college enrolment increases based on students earning internships and being more marketable to colleges. With industry standard software being used in school it helps to give students a competitive advantage. This in turn helps the school's overall objectives of increasing the ability of students to get into college.
  • In terms of paying for Adobe Premiere, there is a positive ROI when it comes to student engagement as well. Students sign up for video production and graphic design courses based on their desire to learn new software.
  • Although, negatively, sometimes the software is intimidating to students and as a result we do lose some students in class and they drop from certain courses or programs. It is not necessarily a negative return on investment, but it is something we have to counter because the technology can be intimidating to some.
Direct competitors would be iMovie and Final Cut Pro.

In terms of iMovie it is night and day what is possible with text, transitions and audio files. iMovie has a very direct and simple interface but it only allows for direct and simple video edits. I would use Premiere Pro because of the ability to edit audio, add music, and add multiple variations of text during the video. A lot of video editing such as color modes also makes it better than iMovie.

Final Cut Pro is very similar to Adobe Premiere Pro. However, as a designer it comes down to industry standard tools. Final Cut is great for college students and adults that want to do their own video editing on a Macbook. When it comes to industry level, the entire industry is standardized with the Adobe Creative Suite... that includes Adobe Premiere. In order to have me choose Final Cut Pro it would need to become an industry leader and right now it is not.
Adobe Premiere Pro is well suited for creating in-depth commercials. Using alternatives like an iMovie or iPhone movie editor or free software limits the types of effects, transitions and features. The best part is that using this type of software really lets you take simple footage and concepts and make it into a professional movie, commercial or edited video. When creating YouTube channels or Instagram videos for students, being able to have students use real editing software to post to their pages really improves the quality of their work. Additionally, on a student's resume, being able to list professional software absolutely increases the marketability of the students.

Less appropriate would be when you need a really fast video with simple text. Premiere is a bit complex, and if you need something really fast and simple you can just crop or edit videos on your phone or on social media platforms.


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