Asana: Stronger, Faster, Easier (= Better)
January 17, 2014

Asana: Stronger, Faster, Easier (= Better)

Andrew Comstock | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Asana is an amazing productivity application. When I first joined Product Management, the team was extremely small (only 2 of us). As our group grew with the organization, we started having this problem. However, we soon started running into trouble with ensuring that (1) we were working on the most important items and (2) we weren't working on the same important items. Asana became a way to check what other people were working on, what they would work on next, build out roadmaps for the upcoming week and solve the problem instantaneously.

It also became a way for other groups to see what we're working on and it slowly expanded to other users, eventually reaching about 30% of the organization leveraging it. In a sense, it facilitated communication and more importantly, productivity and efficiency.
  • Task tracking & prioritization. Simple and exactly to the point.
  • Ease-of-use, simplicity. Product keeps out of the way and is way lighter than comparable products.
  • Cloud-based. Desktop and mobile based management.
  • Better integration into daily life. They would love to be there but it's a conscious effort that is required to get started.
  • Mobile app could use improvements. Archiving tasks don't seem to work, for example.
  • Added complexity (workspaces, project lists, etc.) just make it a bit harder to get going.
  • Productivity was greatly improved; the average person was able to manage and communicate their workload extremely quickly.
  • Average response time from product management to our account management team went went from an average of 3 hours to an average of 35 minutes (team was better managing it's workload).
  • Average response time for customer inquiries went from 2 hours to 15 minutes (team was better managing it's workload).
  • Microsoft Outlook,Wunderlist,TodoTXT
Outlook can track tasks. However, it's not very collaborative; you can send tasks to other people but you can see what them after that. This feature as part of Outlook was a disaster. The only benefit that currently exists is that it was free; it never really fit in with what we wanted.

When we looked at this, it was a better application for tasks than Outlook. However, it still was really hard to use as a team (it seemed better suited for an individual). It was simpler to use (and lacked some of the depth of objects) that was a positive but we couldn't figure out how to get the mobile app and the desktop app to sync really well.

This was the simplest product to use. It also meant that it lacked all the nice features of the other application.

Asana is great for how I end up using it. When a new project launches and I get busy, I can easily pick it up and begin using it again and as I get more time (or the project completes) I can drop it again. It seems to morph better than any other application to exactly what project I'm working on, what I need to track, etc. It simply fits into my life extremely well and I'll end up using it again every time I start a new project.
It's well suited for small teams that are working very closely together and are semi-dependent on the tasks the other are completing. It's also valuable if the team wants to work closely together and wants to try new things (i.e. if the team is relatively lazy... it's probably not going to work). If you're completely independent, it's just not nearly as valuable.