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Online Proofing Software Overview

What is Online Proofing Software?

Online proofing software allows users to upload various file types and provide feedback on them by marking up the content assets. Some tools may only allow users to upload specific file types, such as a PDF, JPEG, or PNG. However, online proofing tools that are designed for use by larger teams typically allow users to upload a wide range of file types. These file formats may include:

  • DOC

  • XLS

  • PPT

  • JPEG

  • PNG

  • GIF

  • PDF

  • audio and video files

This type of software is commonly used by marketing teams, designers, content or creative teams, and freelancers working in the creative industry. The primary use case for this type of software is to provide feedback on and approve content assets and marketing collateral before they are published.

Project management tools like Wrike, Workfront, and Asana also often include a set of online proofing capabilities. Although, larger project management or project portfolio management software may not be the right choice for smaller teams, or teams looking for a stand-alone online proofing software tool.

Online Proofing Software Features

Some smaller stand-alone online proofing tools may only provide users with the ability to mark up specific file types. But more comprehensive online proofing software products typically include more features, including the following:

  • Uploading multiple different file types (e.g. documents, images, video)

  • Markup tools (e.g. highlighting, shapes, pixel measurements, etc.)

  • Commenting and annotations on files

  • Version management and control

  • Side-by-side version comparison

  • Folder system or file taxonomy tagging

  • File sharing

  • Real-time collaborative commenting on files

  • Automated approval workflows

  • Approval templates

  • Project templates

  • File storage

  • Mobile applications

  • Integrations with third-party software

Online Proofing Software Comparison

Before deciding to purchase an online proofing software, consider the following key points:

  • Scope of the software: There’s a big difference between online proofing tools that are designed for larger teams and smaller products that focus on serving the needs of small teams and freelancers. Products designed for smaller teams may not allow users to upload as many file types, may not have the real-time collaboration features, and typically do not offer workflow automation capabilities. Simpler tools that are freelancer-friendly may also not offer as many (or any) integrations with other popular project management or creative software like the Adobe Creative suite of products. Deciding what level of tool you and your team need before purchasing is a critical first step.

  • Stand-alone tool vs. PM suite: Another thing to keep in mind while shopping for online proofing software is that both online proofing tools and project management software have these capabilities. The important question is, are you looking for a stand-alone online proofing tool or a larger project management suite that includes these capabilities? A larger project management platform will be more expensive than a tool that only does online proofing. This may be an added benefit for some businesses and overkill for others.

Pricing Information

Pricing for online proofing point solutions can vary depending on the amount of storage required, the number of users, and the number of advanced features included. Most vendors offer a free trial of their product, which typically lasts for 14 days. Different plans may charge either per month per user, or simply per month and allow a set number of users. Billing is typically monthly or annual.

Starter plans can range from $9 per user per month up to $90 per month for a set number of users. Mid-tier plans can cost between $20 per user per month up to $200 per month for a set number of users. Some vendors offer enterprise-level plans with custom pricing.

Larger project management software suites are typically more expensive than point solutions like online proofing tools. See the project management software page for a more comprehensive breakdown of pricing.

Online Proofing Products

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Starting Price $49

Wrike is a project management and collaboration software. This solution connects tasks, discussions, and emails to the user’s project plan. Wrike is optimized for agile workflows and aims to help resolve data silos, poor visibility into work status, and missed deadlines and project…



Starting Price $50

Asana is a web and mobile project management app. With tasks, projects, conversations, and dashboards, Asana lets an entire team know who's doing what by when, enabling workload balancing. Users can also add integrations for GANTT charts, time tracking and more.



Starting Price $15

ProofHub is a SaaS based project management software from ProofHub LLC in Walnut, CA. It is an online project management and collaboration tool that comes with integrated Group chat, quick Discussions on projects, Workflows and boards, Project reports, among other features. Document…


GoVisually is a collaboration tool that aims to allow graphic designers to quickly get feedback from their peers. It allows collaborators to leave annotations and comments. It also has some features for managing projects and revisions.


GoProof brings all creative media collaboration into one central place so you don't have to use a ton of different systems and workflows just to get approval, with collaboration tools for document and video creative work, all managed in what is offered by the vendor as a user-friendly…


Filestage is an online workspace to share, review and approve videos, audios, documents and designs with clients and co-workers, from the company of the same name in Stuttgart. The platform is tailored to the needs of advertising, design, film, sound, media and creative professionals.…


PageProof is an online proofing tool designed to streamline the review and approval process, from the company of the same name in Auckland.



Starting Price $9

Ziflow online proofing creates a single source of truth and streamlines the review and approval process for creative content to deliver marketing projects faster for agencies and brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does online proofing software do?

Online proofing software allows users to upload files to the platform and mark them up with feedback (e.g. comments, annotations, highlighting, etc.). Many tools provide users with the ability to collaborate in real-time with their team, set up automated approval workflows, and integrate with other collaboration software and project management tools. Marketers, advertisers, content creators, designers, and freelancers often use this type of software.

What are the benefits of using online proofing software?

Two of the main benefits of using online proofing software are:

  1. Having a centralized place to provide feedback on content assets and other file types
  2. Cutting down on the time-consuming feedback back-and-forth between designers or copywriters and marketers.