Asana Review
January 28, 2014

Asana Review

Shankar Das | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction

I had a personal experience with Asana prior to using it for my company. I used to in my team - reporting and customer service. It made the whole team very productive. I could easily track the progress of the job both at a task level and at an employee level.
  • It is really fast. I love that it is so fast and easily accessible from anywhere.
  • Easy and clean interface. This is another reason why i would choose Asana over Zoho or any other cloud based service.
  • It is highly customizable. Once you know how it works, you can customize it to act like a number of tools - project management, collaboration tool, reminder tool, etc.
  • I would like to have ability to merge and un-merge my multiple Asana accounts.
  • A plugin - gmail and chrome that adds tasks at a click of a button would be great.
  • Theme based appearances would be great.
  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Better customer service as a result of concentrated effort from employees
  • Great project management
  • Basecamp,Zoho CRM
I have used Zoho and Basecamp in the past. Basecamp seems to be great in the beginning but overtime it feels like any cloud-based slow tool, particularly once you experience Asana. I was able to do my project with Asana with the free edition. I wasn't able to do that with Basecamp. Compared to Zoho interface, the interface of Asana is a thousand times better. It just makes you work and use it.
I would renew my Asana account primarily because of its simplicity. It is so simple to use and the interface feels so light-weight. It is very fast and hence I don't have to wait for anything and can readily use Asana for every task. I will renew it simply because all of my team members liked it and used it exactly how I wanted them to use it.
It is definitely a great tool if you have a small team. This is not to say that it might not be good for a large team. Just that I had used it for my small team and it worked great. It worked great for a number of reasons. I was not only able to track my tasks but also able to track the progress of my employees.