AtTask helps you get your work done and keeps your team working together!
Updated February 03, 2016

AtTask helps you get your work done and keeps your team working together!

Maryland Tracy | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Workfront formally (AtTask)

Overall Satisfaction with Workfront

Workfront (formerly AtTask) is being used to track all internal project requests for the Web and Development team on our site. This includes any marketing campaigns or updates to the site. We also use it for our analytic's projects and later this year our Marketing team is looking to implement Workfront to manage their projects. The business problems it addresses is we are able to minimize meetings and internal email. Workfront gives everyone high level visibility into their projects down to the smallest detail. It allows us to communicate within the project so that we have an audit trail on the project. It brings all of the teams closer together to help with approvals and the completion of the projects.
  • Collaborate on all of your projects.
  • Easy to plan & track your projects and to create custom forms.
  • Easy to customize the reporting and dashboard feature.
  • Needs improvement on the comments tab of the project. On the comments tab, when you make a comment it would be nice to be able to bold text or highlight in a color. Right now when you make a comment the text is all the same and to explain a simple text edit to a project you have to copy in a word document, mark-up and then upload in documents tab and share document for the edits to be made. This feature added to the comments tab would allow you to indicate simple text edits to a project.
  • We have cut our meetings by 50%.
  • With the reporting part of Workfront (AtTask) we are able to keep to our deadlines and prioritize the projects better.
  • Mavenlink Project Management Software,WorkZone
Workfront (AtTask) had an issue tracking system, workflow system, reporting and analyses and it also had ProofHQ integration for our proofing needs. The other products did not have these features so we chose to go with Workfront (AtTask) as our project management tool.
Know how many users you will have and discuss with your consultant about the access levels for each user. Also have your workflow structure documented to review with your consultant. Give all users a deadline for going through all training to make sure everyone is trained before they begin using Workfront (formerly AtTask) in the production environment.

Using Workfront

We use Workfront to track, schedule and collaborate on all Web projects. The Web team works on all request from Channels within the bank that are on our website.

Workfront Implementation

I would recommend all user's using Workfront to go through the training material provided. Have all user's practice in the Sandbox environment and have your workflow documented for the consultant before he arrives on site.
Yes - 1. First phase was for everyone to go through all training material pertaining to their access level within Workfront. Then we were setup to test and create Issue's, Projects & Task in the Sandbox environment. This phase was about 4 weeks.
2. Second phase was I documented our workflow and then a consultant came onsite, to start the implementation and this took about two weeks.
3. Third phase was adding all current projects from my spreadsheet into Workfront, this took about two weeks. We have been successfully working in Workfront since February of 2014.
Change management was minimal

Workfront Training

The training is very easy to use and you can simply choose the topics included in the course(s) that are most important to your training needs. After each training course, you are tested on what you have learned. If you need a refresher course, they provide Course Catalogs as well as instructor-led courses & workshops.

Using Workfront

I gave a rating of 10 on overall usability because Workfront is cloud based and very easy to use. Workfront also provides collaboration on projects which is critical to a projects success. The tool gives everyone high level visibility in their projects down to the smallest detail. Wonderful project management system, allows you to cut down on emails, meetings and no more spreadsheets for tracking your projects.

Workfront Reliability

We have been using Workfront for about 3 years. During this time they continue to be a very stable project management system. Workfront's overall scalability is able to handle increased loads of work. When using Workfront for a project management tool for the web team, we store documents, images & video's without any issues. They work with their customer's to provide the best project management system in the market today! I highly recommend Workfront for all project management needs. Workfront strives to deliver unique technology solutions to growing companies!
I give Workfront a TEN! When I have had an issue, the response time has been quick. The tech support team has always resolved any issues that I report. For the performance of the Workfront system you can go to trust Workfront to receive daily updates as to the status of the servers. When the system acts sluggish I check here to see if there are any performance issues. If there is an issue they let you know they are working on asap. I have been working in Workfront for 2 years and this has happened three times and has been resolved within 30 minutes, and the system has only went down one time and it was for only 25 minutes, once I reported to the tech team, they were already working on the issue to get it resolved. They are awesome, and hat's off to the whole Workfront team!