AWeber is a Feature-Packed Product at a Reasonable Price
January 02, 2018

AWeber is a Feature-Packed Product at a Reasonable Price

Greg Dungan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with AWeber

Aweber is used by several of my clients to manage their mailing lists. It is connected to the opt-in forms on their websites and it is the utility used to send and track their newsletters and other broadcasts. Some of my clients have Aweber connected to their blogs so that an email goes out to their mailing list every time they publish a new post. Other only use it for sending messages periodically.

Aweber is an affordable, feature-packed tool that allows companies of any size to nurture their customer relationships and provide extra value through publishing. The fact that it can send immediate messages or pre-scheduled autoresponder messages makes it both versatile and valuable.
  • Aweber manages mailing lists particularly well. By this I mean that it handles subscribe and unsubscribe requests automatically, so you never have to worry about annoying people by accidentally sending them information they opted out of.
  • Aweber provides reliable scheduling of messages. This works for newsletters that you want to write and schedule in advance as well as auto-responder sequences that you create for a specific campaign. It also connects directly to your blog and social media profiles so that you can post in one location and have it show up on all your profiles. That's really handy!
  • Aweber provides detailed analytics for all of your broadcasted messages without overcomplicating things. You can easily see who received, opened, and clicked the links within your messages, so that you can consistently refine your marketing efforts.
  • Aweber is also affordable. Some mailing list applications cost an arm and leg, but Aweber can easily fit into just about any budget. It's reasonable cost also allows it to pay for itself very quickly.
  • Aweber would be even better if it had the ability to host landing pages. I have to use a tool like to do this if I don't want to create the landing pages as part of my client's website. If I manage their site, it isn't a problem, but it keeps me from using Aweber for clients who manage their own sites or dont' have one.
  • Aweber would greatly benefit from a more robust reseller program. Firms like mine have multiple clients and, with each client needing an individual Aweber account, it would be nice to have access to margin so that we could resell the services.
  • Along the lines of a reseller program, it would be great of Aweber allowed resellers to white label the interface and administrate multiple accounts from one agency account.
  • Aweber has been a great way to introduce clients to the process of online marketing and publishing. Many of them have never used the web or email to truly nurture their customer relationships. The combination of dependable features and low price make Aweber a good "toe in the water" of internet marketing.
  • Aweber has helped my clients raise awareness of their products and services through targeted email campaigns and regular publishing. It's a great way to deliver coupons and special offers directly to a customer's inbox.
  • Awber has helped me teach my clients that a collection of names and email addresses is only worthwhile if you use it to communicate what matters to your customers. Many businesses collect contact information at live events or through other means, but rarely do they actually do anything with it. By using Aweber to reach out to their customer base, they are able to see through the analytics how valuable that conversation can be.
I have also used Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Lead Master. I think that Aweber is superior to these other applications in it's ability to "get down to business" so to speak. By this I mean that the interface is less about cartoony graphics and done-for-you simplicity. It's intuitive and easy t learn, but it still feels professional and businesslike.

I also enjoy the fact that Aweber doesn't do the "Free version with very little functionality to get you hooked" thing. It's a professional service for people who want to market things. It offers a feature-packed product for a fair price without gimmicks.
Aweber is particularly suited to small to medium businesses and organizations who need to manage their mailing lists and communicate periodically with their customers or members.

Aweber is not particularly suited to agencies who need to broker and provide these services to multiple clients. It's mainly an end-user application.

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