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"Birst Review"
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Updated January 14, 2019

"Birst Review"

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Overall Satisfaction with Birst

We use Birst as a value based SaaS platform for our contact center customers. We have more than 100 customers with 130 users on our Birst appliance.

They get a BI platform where they can enhance the value of the Miralix contact center solution.
Birst covers, among other things,
  • Queue performance
    • Workload per hour / quarter-hour
    • Lost call overview
    • Service level rate
    • Answer call rate
    • Customer wait time overview
  • Agent performance
    • Work time overview
    • Agent behavior
    • Department / address / region performance
  • IVR performance
    • Cost-Benefit Analysis regarding ad-based campaign numbers
    • Closed hours analysis
  • The multi-tenant capabilities of the product is really great.
  • Its relatively easy go get started with the product.
  • The support is great.
  • The flow of new features and improvements are constant.
  • The customer success program is good.
  • Its fairly complex for "normal" users to master/use the product (normal being supervisors, IT professionals etc.).
  • The administration part of the product could be better, easier to use and manage.
  • Ability to meet corporate data standards such as scale and security
  • Ability to do ad-hoc analysis and scheduled reports
We manage to get a SaaS platform running for our contact center customers.
However, we only have a handful of active users out of 130, so the user involvement is lower than we wanted.
Also the administrator part is to heavy and could be lighter, but Birst is working on that part for the system.
Logi Analytics are more easy to use and to make ad hoc. How ever it did not meet our criteria regarding multi tented capabilities.
Good multiple data sources features. However, the data connectivity tools need more work. It could be easier to manage.
If you need a end-to-end BI product with a lot of features and capability for making custom reports, Birst is great. However your company needs to be of a certain size and there are a lot of other similar products out there that are at least as good. An important note is to try different products, really be clear on that you need and not choose Birst lightly.

Birst Feature Ratings

Pixel Perfect reports
Customizable dashboards
Report Formatting Templates
Not Rated
Drill-down analysis
Formatting capabilities
Report sharing and collaboration
Publish to Web
Publish to PDF
Report Delivery Scheduling
Multi-User Support (named login)
Role-Based Security Model
Multiple Access Permission Levels (Create, Read, Delete)
Responsive Design for Web Access

Additional Questions on Birst Capabilities


I work very well for what we use it for.

Time to Value

Its faster than the other product I have used, Infosuite.


We don't use the iOS and Android capabilities of Birst, however we plan to.

Data Governance

We don't use data from different sources.


We are running a old version of the Birst appliance. However, the new features of Birst looks easy-to-use and enables ad-hoc repporting on another level.

Using Birst

Users and Roles

4 - Support on a end user and supervisor level.

Support Headcount Required

2 - We have a IT supporter to make sure the appliance server is running and a Birst consultant that makes sure the Birst connectors are running as scheduled.

Business Processes Supported

  • Are our customers callcenter performaning at a queue level
  • Are our customers callcenter performaning at a agent level
  • Get a structural overview at our customers contactcenter

Innovative Uses

  • Birst have enabled our customers to send filter based reports, keeping the number of required reports low
  • For our own CRM system

Other Software Used

Future Planned Uses

  • On iOS and Android
  • As embedded web page in our Contactcenter supervisor
  • As a dashboard

Products Replaced

Yes - A product named Infosuite, it has no multi tended capabilities and was very slow regaring to ETL, disk usages etc.

Key Differentiators

  • Price
  • Product Features
Multi tended capabilities.

Birst Support


I get the help I need, fast.

Birst Customer Support Pros and Cons

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response

Premium Support

No - I don't think it is a option.

Bug Resolution

Yes - Yes

Exceptional Examples of Birst Support

One time I had a system meltdown in a weekend and the support guys in India was wery helpfull and eager the get us up and running again.

Using Birst

Usability Pros and Cons

Like to use
Easy to use
Well integrated
Feel confident using
Requires technical support
Slow to learn
Lots to learn

Easy Tasks

  • The dashboard V2 are very easy to use, drag and drop repporting.

Difficult Tasks

  • The admin interface
  • Maintenance of the appliance

Mobile Interface Availability and Impressions

Yes, but I don't use it

Evaluating Birst and Competitors

Evaluation Lessons Learned

No, having the choce, I don't think we would go with another vendor, Birst provide us with the features our costumers need.