So Easy to Use, You'll Actually Get Work Done in Meetings
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September 19, 2017

So Easy to Use, You'll Actually Get Work Done in Meetings

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Overall Satisfaction with BlueJeans

BlueJeans is used throughout our organization to facilitate meetings. We have a very geographically spread out company and our team in particular has members overseas and a generous work from home policy, so not a day goes by when we don't use BlueJeans either at a planned meeting or for spontaneous conversations. Without this, we'd be stuck trying coordinate phone numbers or we'd simply have an issue dealing with people not in our office. It's also extremely simple to use. No software is required (though the desktop application adds functionality) and you just enter a link and go.
  • Ease of Use: Share a link. Click it. You're in. It's by far the quickest and easiest teleconference app I've ever used. Rather than dealing with all of the prompts and downloads and other rigmarole that comes with other apps, you can have everyone online fast enough that you can actually spend your meeting on the subject of the meeting and not getting everyone dialed in.
  • Recordings: The recording feature alone is nice, but it's also easy to set security levels and share the recordings. This has made trainings easily reproducible and really helped spread knowledge around.
  • Screen Share: It's easy to share your screen, choose which screen to share, and the desktop app even allows you to restrict sharing to a single program.
  • Reliablity: I'll say that it's more reliable than any other system I've used, but that's a very low bar to clear. It would be better if I didn't get cut off as frequently as I do.
  • Screen Control: In screen sharing, I'd like an option to give or take control of someone else's computer
  • Audio Options: I frequently have to restart or rejigger controls to get the right devices picked up by BlueJeans.
  • Team collaboration has been tremendously benefited. Getting everyone dialed in and a meeting started on time is now entirely dependent on people actually trying to be on time rather than technical issues.
  • Training has been enhanced because meetings can now be recorded and shared out. We have a number of proprietary systems that require a lot of training and instead of having someone constantly doing training, they can work.
BlueJeans is by far the best tool I've used for meetings. It's easy to connect, we can hear each other, I don't need additional software, and it's so quick to get a meeting set up. I've used ones built into hardware, I've used ones where you need weird little plugins, I've used one's where you had to download software and the one thing that they all shared was we'd be 15 minutes into the meeting before anything of substance got done because we were too occupied doing tech support for each other. BlueJeans isn't perfect. People get kicked out or freeze, but less frequently than with other tools. I'll happily stick with it.
It's a great tool for basic collaboration between team members or with external stakeholders. The ease of use for getting connected purely through a web interface makes it ideal, especially when connecting with external stakeholders. I'm often very put off personally when I have to download a new program just to have a meeting and I know no one has that feeling when they click on a BlueJeans link.

I would say it's less useful for actual customers. I think without the ability to take control of the screen, it remains difficult to truly service customers.

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