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Adobe Target

Adobe Target


What is Adobe Target?

Adobe Test and Target is an A/B, multi-variate testing platform which Adobe acquired as part of the Omniture platform in 2009. It is now part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. It offers tight integration with Adobe analytics and content management…

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8 out of 10
April 08, 2015
We use it primarily for marketing offers, personalization and UX testing.
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  • Standard visitor segmentation (9)
  • a/b experiment testing (9)
  • Experiment scheduler (9)
  • Test significance (9)
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What is Adobe Target?

Adobe Test and Target is an A/B, multi-variate testing platform which Adobe acquired as part of the Omniture platform in 2009. It is now part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. It offers tight integration with Adobe analytics and content management products.

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Product Demos

Adobe Target Sample Size Calculator | A/B Testing Tutorial | Usecases for A/B test Sample Size


AEM 6 4 Personalization with Demo

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Testing and Experimentation

These features enable companies to plan, set up, and execute different types of tests (e.g. A/B, A/B/n, multivariate, split URL tests).

Avg 8.3

Audience Segmentation & Targeting

A set of tools used for website optimization experiments (e.g. A/B, A/B/n, funnel, split URL, multivariate tests) that can help users segment their audience in to different groups for the purpose of exposing specific audiences to tests or personalization efforts.

Avg 8.6

Results and Analysis

Tools that allow users to evaluate the results of website optimization tests (e.g. A/B, A/B/n, multivariate, and split URL tests), or view visitor interaction with webpages and specific site elements.

Avg 8.5
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Product Details

What is Adobe Target?

Adobe Target Video

Adobe Target: Test and Optimize Every Experience, Every Time

Adobe Target Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Adobe Test and Target is an A/B, multi-variate testing platform which Adobe acquired as part of the Omniture platform in 2009. It is now part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. It offers tight integration with Adobe analytics and content management products.

Contentsquare, Demandbase One, and HiConversion are common alternatives for Adobe Target.

Reviewers rate Form fill analysis highest, with a score of 8.7.

The most common users of Adobe Target are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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March 24, 2023

Good product

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Use it to expand recommendations and introduce personalization. Ability to test use cases to increase conversions and revenue. Segmenting our visitor base has allowed us to get to a more granular level and understand pain points and understand what causes friction for our end users. We have been able to scale quicker and expand the footprint.
  • Test any container on page
  • Provide out of the box options
  • Work with analytics to get data quicker
  • Lack of avenue to customer data CDP
  • Lack of real test environment
I can tailor my use case to specific customer attributes and situations and be able to get timely feedback on how the experience was either positive or an area for improvement.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Adobe Target is our primary tool for implementing website optimization campaigns and experiences. This includes implementing A/B & M/V tests to optimize user experience, KPIs and drive business performance through our website. We also use Adobe Target to power onsite product recommendations. Adobe Target is used and managed by the marketing team and is additionally supported through our external website analytics vendor.

Adobe Target has been effective in helping to identify user experience issues within our website and allowing us to iterate through these tests to drive KPI performance. Adobe Target is deeply integrated within Adobe Analytics providing detailed and custom reporting capabilities for each test and experience that we deploy.
  • Implement A/B tests using a visual composer that integrates directly into our UX
  • Integrates directly into Adobe Analytics providing robust, customer reports
  • Powerful segmentation to target tests directly to specific users based on a multitude of personas and factors.
  • Initial learning curve could be much easier. Users ABSOLUTELY need to take the training courses from Adobe to best understand how to use this very powerful tool.
  • Native reporting capabilities within Target are too limited. Requires Adobe Analytics 'A4T' integration to create robust reports. If you're not using Adobe Analytics as your reporting suite, best recommendation is to consider implementing another solution.
  • Adobe Target support is limited to off-shore ticketing system. This needs to improve.
If you're using the Adobe stack and tools to power your website, Target is a great solution to implement. I've utilized Target within two organizations, one running on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), and the other on Adobe Magento. I don't see how companies could harness the full capacity of Target without also having Adobe Analytics integrated. This is their 'secret sauce' and might not be a good solution for companies who are invested in Google Analytics 360. Integration was straightforward but did require support from the Adobe team to implement successfully. While Target is a great tool for digital teams to support, you'll need your tech team aligned and available to support implementation.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are leveraging Adobe Target to constantly optimize our website experience for our users. We are in the process of building an optimization focused center of excellence, and while Adobe Target is only one tool in our stack, it is probably the most important one to get us to where we want to be.
  • Robust targeting - Not just within the targeting/audience capabilities, but even using the profile script functions for more complex tests or when desired targeting is not "out-of-the-box."
  • Integrates extremely well with Adobe Analytics, which is to be expected - Being while both were not initially developed by Adobe, they now own each and has made drastic strides over the last few years to improve that integration through Analytics for Target (A4T).
  • Form-based editor has a bit of a learning curve, but very intuitive once you become familiar with it.
  • This is something a lot of testing tools struggle with, but I think the WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get") editor - or Visual Experience Composer (VEC) in Adobe terminology - could definitely use some work. It's a struggle to execute many tests beyond simple copy, color, placement changes, and even the features that do exist are often clunky if not altogether broken.
  • The interface itself can be a bit counterintuitive in certain parts. If you are familiar with other tools, it's likely middle of the road in this respect; think much easier to understand than Monetate for instance, but a far cry from the simplicity of an Optimizely.
  • It can be a bit buggy from time to time. The worst example is the frequency at which the tool will fail to save due to an error, but not inform you of this until you try to save, at which point your only option is to log out, log back in, and make all of your updates once again. It can become an extreme pain point at times, and I personally have just gotten into the habit of saving every couple of minutes to avoid a massive loss of productivity.
Adobe Target is best suited if you have or desire to have the rest of the Adobe stack (Adobe Launch, Adobe Analytics, Adobe AAM, etc.), although analytics itself can be relatively easily integrated with just about any major testing tool. If your testing program is more advanced, and you'd like to get into heavy personalization, I'd say Target has some features that could definitely be beneficial (e.g. Auto Target, Auto Allocation), but another tool like Evergage or Dynamic Yield is probably a better bet.
Terri Harris | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The application has opened the way to an expansion of [the] market and digital sales since it offers us an analysis and clarification of the behavior of all users who traffic on our website. It is possible that sometimes if you work with data management this application generates failures in its performance. However, through Adobe Target we can take marketing actions to engage users.
  • This application gives us an incredible integration with Adobe Analytics that allows its operation to be the best and determine the performance of our website.
  • It offers us an analysis based on user behavior and a web page customization option to adapt and meet the needs of those users.
  • We have encountered some issues when performing large scale testing; when testing in large scale the drag and drop function becomes clumsy in operation and wastes some time.
  • Also, when testing a lot of information the software of this application tends to have delays.
We recommend this application because it allows us to segment and track the traffic of our domain under an analysis of their behavior, ranging from counting the number of clicks they make on a single element to the most complete action within our page in real time.
Lisa Carter | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The application has done us a great favor in providing us with analysis tools and results to take marketing actions. We can analyze and interpret user behavior to open up our opportunities for them. However, in certain aspects, its functionality can become complicated and requires advanced knowledge for optimal use.
  • This application has worked for us as an effective tool to manage any marketing action.
  • It is very easy to configure user settings and perform A/B tests on your domains.
  • In addition, [we] can access information about the performance of our website thanks to the fact that it integrates an extension with Adobe Analytics.
  • For certain employees who are new or newly promoted to the marketing department of our company who are not technical, the drag and drop option becomes quite complicated and confusing.
  • Similarly, when doing large-scale analytics, the application undertakes clumsy operation and creates delays.
For our part, we recommend the application for tracking pages visited by users, performing tests and pausing them if necessary. We can determine almost all the actions of users within our domain, such as tracking, and counting the number of clicks made on an element accurately in real time.
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
This is a great way to blow $15,000+ on a piece of useless junk software. This tool is an absolute joke. Get something different.

  • It lets you pause a test if you want.
  • You can track pageviews.
  • It's possible to track clicks on an element.
  • Like many platforms, Adobe Target has a visual composer to set up A/B tests. The visual composer uses an iframe, so if you want to test anything on your website that is post log-in, and you use proper security that disallows iframe logins, expect that to be useless.
  • It does not capture revenue out of the box. You need to deploy an additional tool called Adobe Experience Cloud Manager to get conversion data. Oh, and of course you have to pay extra for Adobe Launch to be able to deploy that *required* bit of code. Otherwise they consider it a "non-standard implementation" and you get no support, and need to go through 10 pages of implementation docs just to get started. Have fun IT guys...
  • You may only choose from a handful of metrics for reporting, even though we are paying over $30,000 for adobe target + analytics. They do NOT share data without tons of back-end manipulation of code snippets PLUS their paid tag manager (which isn't included in that $30k).
  • Updates typically completely break all tracking. It's a typical adobe product, so there's 10 updates a month as well. One day reporting is functional with mboxes, the next, zero conversion data, because we ran a required update to A4T.js and that no longer supports mboxes, yada yada yada.
  • All of this could be manageable if we got support. We pay $3,500 per year for 50 hours of "offshore consulting". What is that, you ask? That is a dedicated person to tell you to submit a support ticket. That's it. This person never answered a single question, never gave one suggestion, never fixed any issues. They only ever told us to submit support tickets. Great. Thanks.
  • Every support ticket was given low priorty, even when I specifically said in one request that I was testing a live CHECKOUT experience that directly impacted sales. I specifically asked for expedited higher tier response times because I was testing my actual checkout on production. I was still given tier 3, with several hours delay between emails, which usually consisted of useless links to support docs. Horrible. Might as well have been a chat bot, except then the responses would have been faster.
  • The support documentation is convoluted, and is mostly just ads for other services. (one thing always requires another to work properly - nothing is stand-alone). It's also nearly impossible to find what you need on their self-help portals. I usually wind up Googling my request and going to forums for help. It's faster than anything they offer support-wise.
If you want to pay $15,000 to be able to track two versions of a page that DOESN'T involve a user log-in, and you only need to track simple metrics such as pageviews, clicks on an element, (nothing conversion-related), AND you have unlimited IT resources, this is the tool for you.

If you want to track conversion, any page post sign-in, any metrics other than basic, you have limited IT resources, and you don't like waiting for days to get responses from customer support, then this is NOT the tool for you.
March 23, 2020

Adobe Target Review

Gary Poppe | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We work with this tool in all the marketing departments that make up our company. It is worth mentioning that with the functionality of this service, we have been able to make notable improvements to all our websites in the last few years, allowing them to attract more and more people's attention and at the same time allowing many people to learn about our services. This tool allows us to execute improvements to the different websites, by creating tests that allow us to test the new changes in order to know how functional they are. In general it has been a very easy tool to use and all the members of our marketing team love it.
  • It is the best tool I know to optimize the smooth running of a website, with the highest guarantee.
  • Its interface is distinguished by its ease of use and by providing highly accurate real-time data reports.
  • It has an excellent integration with Adobe Analytics, is a very flexible tool, and the performance of its operation is very good.
  • When testing large scales I have noticed that its drag and drop function works with imperfections and this causes some loss of time due to its clumsy operation.
  • Another disadvantage of this product is that when working on a large scale the software has delays.
  • Its price is quite expensive and this calls into question whether the software is cost-effective to implement.
Adobe Target works very well for any business, offers very solid solutions to manage and make constant improvements to different websites, is easy to learn, and is ideal for any marketing specialist with or without experience. The only disadvantage of this service is its high cost.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Adobe Target for testing experiences on our website and hope to start personalization for customers via Target in the near future. Target is currently being used by one team in our Marketing department at the moment.
  • Onsite A/B testing!
  • Fully integrated Adobe Cloud allows us to use cloud data (analytics, audience, etc.) in our testing.
  • We struggle sometimes about which reporting tool to use with Target—either Target reporting or Adobe Analytics reporting. There are benefits for both but also reasons not to use one of the solutions.
  • Previewing when not using the Target reporting can be a challenge.
Adobe Target is extremely well suited for experience testing, A/B testing, and personalization on a website. As it fully integrates with the Adobe Marketing Cloud, it can take advantage of having both Adobe Analytics and Audience Manager segments. If you are already using the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Target is a no-brainer next step.
Vaibhav Choksi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Dell leverages Adobe Target for its A/B testing feature and capability to better understand the choice of the end users. Adobe Target provides a critical functionality that helps product managers and digital marketing groups to better understand the current trends, customer likes & dislike. It solves the problem of guesswork based on past records, prioritization, and decision-making process to improve business lead generation, revenue, and user experience.
  • Easy to set up the user interface and run A/B tests on your website.
  • It provides seamless integration with Adobe Analytics that helps understand the impact on website performance.
  • Website personalization to update the website features based on insights on user behavior.
  • It may be difficult to use the drag and drop functionality for very non-technical team members, new joiners or senior management.
  • There is a scope for improvement on the UI for setting up 'goals' that are required to get desired test results and perform the actual test.
  • The cost could be a concern for small and medium-sized companies since some competitors provide similar features at lower cost.
I recommend Adobe Target for a 360-degree understanding of your customer. It helps to build a feature roadmap that is a customer-first and sets a stone for success. It is vital to better understand the customer journey and build product features that customers love.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Adobe Target is used by our Digital department for our primary corporate website, but not across the whole organization. We use it primarily for running A/B tests with certain content to measure the effectiveness of certain campaigns, or for experience targeting to add things like pop up modal windows, banner ads etc., that we show to certain audiences. It addresses our need to test content effectiveness (via A/B testing), to implement short-term modifications to our website, and to display those modifications to certain audience groups. We also use it on our internal staff intranet to display certain types of content to certain categories of staff members.
  • Makes it very easy to modify your webpages dynamically for short-term campaigns and testing.
  • Allows you to display certain content to certain audiences or types of users.
  • Provides integration with Adobe Analytics for reporting purposes (also has AEM integrations we haven't explored yet).
  • The interface is pretty easy to use.
  • The success measurement of A/B testing seems somewhat limited. You can choose success based on things like views, time on page, or when the user clicked a certain page element, but the options aren't expansive.
  • When adding custom code for a page modification, the CSS modifier is a bit rigid in that you can't modify the "Action Type" manually.
  • Editing an activity on a password-protected webpage can be tricky. Because it loads the webpage within Target, you have to sign in via the embedded frame and then get it to load properly, which has been problematic at times. This has happened when we've used Target activities on our internal staff intranet.
Adobe Target is well suited for organizations that produce a variety of content types, run different types of campaigns, and desire to do frequent A/B testing of content to measure effectiveness, especially if they desire to serve those different content experiences to different audience groups. It also is useful for those that like to test short-term page modifications. It is less appropriate for organizations that have very static content, or those without the need to run A/B testing.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We purchased Target a few years back to help optimize the company website. The software was not used to its potential because of a couple of different factors. Some of those were due to our company and others fell on Adobe.
  • Because the software is established there is lots of online help available and most of the bugs have been worked out
  • Adobe has a vast supply of resources if your pockets are deep enough.
  • The dashboard is easy to follow and is getting more user-friendly. You no longer have to be an HTML wizard to implement changes.
  • The product itself is great. I would like to see more improvement in the service department. Help can be hard to find for smaller companies. It literally took us months sometimes to have someone get back to us.
  • There are lots of products within the Adobe Cloud so there is a lot of clicking to get where you need to be. Having a single sign on or short cut for login would be nice.
  • Target is becoming more user-friendly but knowing code is a huge plus for this software. I have demoed other software with the same capabilities and in my opinion, having developer background is a huge benefit if you will be using Target vs. other competitors.

1. We changed ship dates on individual product pages depending on customer location so they would have an accurate timeline for their orders. This really helped lower our volume of customer service calls on tracking orders.

2. We have stores as well as an online presence. With Target we were able to advertise sales on b-stock items from our warehouse to our local customers without letting those that live outside a certain radius see the promo.

3. If your marketing team doesn't have a tech background this software has a steep learning curve. There is quite a bit of manual configuration required. The image carousel is one example that we struggled with.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Adobe Target is used to test web experiences, and target customer segments with custom pages by the marketing department.
  • Creating audiences that align and integrate with Analytics.
  • Easy tool to modify design within Target for custom experiences.
  • Great analyzing tool to measure test effect on conversion rate and other metrics.
  • Friendlier interface, that is easy to use.
  • Approval process, where account manage/owner approves changes before deploying them.
  • Better integration with Adobe Analytics events.
Any business that makes online revenue will benefit from testing and targeting with this tool. It's not appropriate for small businesses, considering the cost.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Used for AB testing strategic hypothesizes and predictive models as well as user flows, page layout etc Multiple departments use the product.
  • The flexibility of the solution
  • The power of all our Analytics data to support decisions in T&T
  • Ease of deployment via DTM
  • The level of product support
  • Homepage
  • Registration forms
  • Application forms
  • Email
Most scenarios are suitable for Adobe Test and Target especially if you are using it with DTM and Analytics.
December 04, 2014

Test & Target

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Multivariate testing and reporting.
  • Integration with SiteCatalyst/Omniture.
  • The Adobe support (paid contract) is very good. Our contact is very responsive and incredibly knowledgable. He always works hard to make himself accessible, despite having many other clients.
  • You can easily do anything you need with javascript knowledge including testing payment flows and other sensitive data.
  • Documentation: There is an overall lack of documentation, and lack of a user community for more assistance.
  • Integration with server side scripting (you must convert everything to client side).
  • The user interface is difficult to navigate and use.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Pointmarc's optimization services provide everything necessary to establish an effective optimization program using Adobe Target – from tool selection & implementation to strategy, execution, and analysis. We understand that an effective strategy and proper analysis depend on a solid foundation. We help set up that foundation and implement an optimal strategy focused on achieving the organization's goals which will then drive the analysis and insights that will inform the business. Our crawl-walk-run approach starts small to provide immediate value but gradually builds on that foundation to develop a more comprehensive and increasingly sophisticated optimization culture within the organization.

  • Advanced segmentation and targeting by leveraging the integrations with the rest of Adobe's Digital Marketing Suite - e.g. AudienceManager and Adobe Analytics - as well as by leveraging the built-in automated decisioning and targeting.
  • The campaign configuration process within the UI is very intuitive making it relatively easy to set up basic campaigns.
  • The reporting UI makes it easy to interpret results, examine segments, and push winners.
  • Segments must be configured and applied prior to publishing the test - that is, there is no post-hoc segmentation capability. This is a feature of some other tools that allow for analysis of particular segments after a test has run. It can be made possible with Adobe Target through the integration with Adobe Analytics, but it is not an inherent feature of Target.
  • The data export capabilities could use improvements. Often there is a need to export data out of the tool to integrate that data into another database and/or perform deeper analysis. Adobe Target does not make this easy within the UI (although there is an API that can be leveraged for these purposes).
  • The need to implement mboxes around each piece of content that is to be tested (as opposed to deployment of a single line of code) can often be a dependency that can slow down the testing rhythm for organizations that must adhere to a standard web development cycle as opposed to continuous deployment. One solution to this is the use of global mboxes but requires a deeper level of technical expertise to implement campaigns using this method.
Adobe Target is a great tool in and of itself, but if you're already using other products within the Adobe Digital Marketing Cloud then the streamlined integration with those tools can provide even more value. Also, be aware of the collective effort that any testing & optimization program requires. You should have a comprehensive team in place to drive strategy, manage deployment/implementation, develop creative assets, manage execution & operations, perform analysis, and provide insights/recommendations.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
We use Adobe Target only in our department. We are in charge of usability testing and design for the agency. It allows us to do quick A/B testing and quantify our results quickly.
  • Quickly loads the URL of the site you are A/B testing
  • Allows you to select your user group from pre-installed commonly tested user groups, or create your own test group.
  • Allows you to quickly create mock-ups of the A/B examples to test.
  • Some of the swap offers don't work. I don't use those because of that flaw.
  • When resizing an item, the interface makes it easy to remove the px, and the px is required. A little awkward to change.
  • I have yet to understand the "rearrange" feature.
It is less appropriate when you are working with wireframes. It's best used when you have an existing website and you would like to test a small change.
June 02, 2014

Review of Adobe T&T

Varun Shah | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used Adobe Test and Target for marketing activity. For different types of offers for geographically divided customers we addressed using Adobe Test and Target. It was used by our Information Technology department. We had a marketing team who wanted to maximize business and provide offers and special coupons to their customers. For this requirement we used Adobe Test and Target.
  • A/B testing
  • Rules-based targeting
  • Recommendations and cross-selling
  • Search-driven merchandising
  • Automated behavioral targeting and Multivariate testing
  • Need to make it more user friendly.
It needs to improve for the healthcare and technology services domain.
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
When I was using Adobe Test and Target, it was solely within the marketing department primarily for the sake of quick tests that only really involved HTML, CSS or JS changes. We would use it to test hiding something or switching something to a different image or different text. This testing solution was not leveraged for larger test initiatives like full page redesigns or testing new feature sets. It was great for what we used it for, which may have been only 20% of what the tool had to offer, but a home grown testing platform worked better and was easier to manage for the larger stuff. With that being said, what we used it for on a regular basis just didn't justify the cost of the solution. Being a relatively Adobe shop, I got sick of the 'Adobe Promise' of it integrates perfectly with your other Adobe solutions and products. They all talk and work well together.... or so they say. I worked on three different Adobe product integrates; one was relatively simple, but the other two were jokes.
  • Quickly manipulate HTML, CSS, and JS. That is really all we used it for, but it was super nice to update things on the fly without requiring code deploys.
  • Unfortunately we didn't use it for much more than what I provided. Major testing initiatives were conducted through a home grown solution.
It just seemed super overpriced. That may have just been because pricing was traffic volume based and when you have tens of millions of monthly uniques it adds up quickly.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used by most departments in the organization to run A/B tests on our Desktop and Mobile Web experiences. The main business driver behind the use of Test & Target at this point is conversion optimization. However we are also using it to test engagement metrics such as clicks.
  • The test report page is very intuitive. It is very easy to analyze a test based on different segments such as new and returning users.
  • Having confidence levels inserted into the reporting tool is a key feature. While it is a simple feature, it allows users to easily understand when results are significant.
  • We have recently created swim lanes for traffic and this has been very helpful to make sure that different tests are not crossing over in terms of traffic.
  • There should be some more clarity around what makes a test significant. While this can be decided by the client themselves, some direction from the tool would be helpful.
  • Also, if there was an easier way to organize campaigns and search for them it would be helpful. Right now there is just a long list of campaigns and you have to rely on search to find a specific campaign. What if you don't know the name of the test?
I feel you need to have a dedicated developer who works solely in Test & Target. If you have that resource, and ensure to train the resource sufficiently, it will make it much easier to be able to run tests and have a clean testing program.
Abdulrahman Jasim | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Adobe Test and Target is being used by a department in our organization, and part of what it covers is the content management.
  • It is simple to use and gets the job done fast
  • You don't have to wait for IT for months to make a change on the site. With Adobe Test and Target you can do it with a very short time.
  • There might be areas where Adobe Test and Target needs some improvements, but I am not aware of them. I really had not issues with it when I was using it.
I used Adobe Test and Target for almost a year and I really liked it. I was amazed by its capability and performance in testing, targeting, and optimization. I could test quickly and more often and target my visitors with confidence.
Tiago Romero Garcia | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used to provide A/B tests and therefore replace banners and ads on the fly for last-minute promotions/announces. It is being used on the website.
  • Unobtrusive Injection of Javascript code
  • Simple to use
  • Unobtrusive modification of HTML content
  • Documentation could be better
  • Hard to test - environment needs to be ready
  • Unable to write mocks
Well suited for when it is needed to inject javascript/change HTML based on a particular experience targeted for a user
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Adobe's Test & Target product is used widely throughout the marketing department. It is primarily used for its AB Testing functionality as well as its ability to interface with SiteCatalyst via a T&T plugin. The department uses the AB Tests to cross-sell and up-sell its products in several regions of the world. It provides great support and research in the metrics of several KPI's including pricing, visual appeal,engagement and conversion.
  • The product is extremely simple and easy to use. The interface is very intuitive and the learning curve is miniscule if one possesses the knowledge of the proper web technologies.
  • It is a robust piece of software with the ability to interface with other Adobe/Omniture products via plugins. In our organization, this cross-functionality saves a lot of time and resources. The terminology is also the same across all Adobe/Omniture products to make for an easy transition.
  • The tool also provides one with the ability to execute multiple tests simultaneously and to segment traffic to particular tests. The software is extremely scalable.
  • Adobe Test & Target is a premium product and with that it comes at a very premium price. Usually smaller businesses/individuals cannot afford to pay for such a tool because it ranges high in pricing per month. If the product is used optimally then it can pay for itself.
The software is exemplary in traffic segmentation and has the ability to set up custom metrics using its intuitive interface. The implementation of the product itself is very intuitive and uses simple terminology. It's easy to insert code snippets. Its ability to create custom javascript tests is a feature that blows other tools out of the water.
Laci Long | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At the company I was working for Test and Target was used primarily by the Web Development team, but my team (Paid Search Marketing) also used it for testing. Test & Target was used for A/B testing across the website and on individual landing pages tests specifically for paid search traffic alone.
  • Great A/B & Multivariate testing capabilities and features
  • Great support team and representatives. They came on site for an in depth training that was very valuable for our team.
  • New drag and drop interface for setting up tests is great for less experienced members of the team.
  • Overall Test & Target is not very intuitive, so extensive training is necessary to learn how to set up tests.
I'd recommend Test & Target for a more mature marketing environment that is ready for extensive website testing on a consistent basis. It is not as great for a startup environment.
Score 6 out of 10
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Test & Target was used primarily for A/B/n testing, as well as some multivariate testing, of site design and usability. Primarily it was used by myself and the User Experience team, but we encouraged people from throughout the company to submit testing ideas.
  • Our consultant we had was one of the best consultants I've ever worked with.
  • Very strong analytics engine in it. Easy segmentation to make some very specific design decisions.
  • Simple multivariate campaign setup.
  • User interface needed a lot of work, in particular with the use of MBoxes. This has supposedly been improved upon though with the latest release.
  • To build out specific segments required direct knowledge of how to write javascript, which isn't in the wheelhouse of our marketing team.
  • Creating offers required direct knowledge of html.
The old system was a high powered option for people wanting to do some specific testing, but not very good for building out simple targeted experiences by a nontechnical end-user. The "new" version is much simplified, but also has lost a lot of the more powerful aspects.
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