BMC/Remedy means it has the solution
Updated November 07, 2017

BMC/Remedy means it has the solution

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Overall Satisfaction with BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite

BMC ITSM is currently used across the US by more than 10 regions. The whole toolset helps in ease of use (email ticket submissions), identifying trouble areas and tracking work and customer communications/trending report automatically sent to customers through email. Managers can easily track who is working on what problem(s).
  • Notification of new ticket, group notifications and individual are of great helps to support personnel. Depending on ticket volume notifications need to be tweaked with a simple config change to reduce the amount.
  • Ticket visibility/tracking by management/group leads for trending or volume down to groups or individual.
  • Ease of modification of any ITSM module on the needs of the company or group or between modules for any functional need.
  • Ease of integration with most third party vendors and external databases.
  • Ease of creating standalone BMC applications for application need within extremely tight schedules.
  • Part of the setup for Asset and CMDB is hard and time-consuming. But, is worth it.
  • Most companies do not use the tool correctly as they do not want to go through the steps to set up CMDB, they say it is too hard and takes resources.
  • Because of the openness of the system, it allows you to not use the system correctly. Example, many companies I have dealt with only want to use the Asset/CMDB as a placeholder for Assets, sort of like an expensive Excel document. BMC allows this.
  • Identifying trends quickly is a big deal and gets people back to work quickly.
  • The identifying trends is a big deal but it's useless if you do not have the capability to notify support staff. BMC/Remedy/ITSM has a very reliable notification system and is very customization.
  • The fact that BMC/Remedy/ITSM is customized for every need and is able to create standalone applications, helps ROI.
  • I have seen companies and the government spend millions of dollars on applications for very specify jobs, that BMC/Remedy/ITSM could do by customizing ITSM or creating a standalone Remedy application at a fraction of the cost. Plus there is no need to pay for support for the other application.
Both of these tools can do the job well. But, ServiceNow is open to more issues when modifications are needed. ServiceNow is pure JavaScript, So if you are now fluent in JavaScript you are open to many issues. BMC/Remedy is module driven and creates JavaScript from the module when the application is called. So the speed is very similar, with way less error. BMC/Remedy ITS is follows the ITIL standard closely. Service now tends to make you scroll down the page to get to more information of tickets, BMC/Remedy ITSM tends to keep you on one page with tab showing the data. BMC/Remedy ITSM will also use popup dialogs to show more data and ServiceNow goes to another page. Both use breadcrumbs to organize flow.
As far as people needed, ServiceNow tends to need more developers.developer then BMC/Remedy does to install and setup. At lest in the 2 times I have seen it installed. and setup. ServiceNow has also, taken as long or longer as far as time is concerned.
Up front cost is a little more expensive, but maintenance costs are less. Plus it depends on the how you use licenses. Most people think that everybody needs a license for BMC?Remedy. This is not correct. People who modify tickets/records need a floating license. I have configured a system where I had 300 floating licenses for over 4,00 support people and never had a problem
  1. Documenting issues relating to Incident, Work Orders, Changes, Assets is the best.
  2. Tracking issues and identifying trends based on this tracking is extremely helpful to companies to reduce lost time. Tracking can be across Incidents, Work Orders, Changes, and Assets.
  3. Capability of access data from other databases and treating that data as local.
  4. Its adherence to ITIL standards, almost to a fault.
  5. Ease of customization. If it is desired to veer off the ITIL standards, it is a simple task. This is both a pro and a con.
  6. Interfacing to third-party applications and the open API is a strong bonus.
  7. Creating custom standalone applications in the BMC environment is fast and easy. Applications built within BMC be integrated with any BMC ITSM application. Once these applications are built almost anybody can maintain them and make changes to them.

BMC Helix ITSM (Remedy) Feature Ratings

Organize and prioritize service tickets
Expert directory
Service restoration
Self-service tools
Subscription-based notifications
ITSM collaboration and documentation
ITSM reports and dashboards
Configuration mangement
Asset management dashboard
Policy and contract enforcement
Change requests repository
Change calendar
Service-level management

Using BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite

30000 - Users of the BMC/Remedy ITSM are from all business, From everyday users who submit tickets using email, phone or actually entering a ticket. Support people entering changes for systems, PC's or network changes, Executive assistants entering tickets for executives by email. Everybody has the ability to create a work Order or incident
3 - One person is responsible for all everyday issues, like ITSM system configurations changes and minor system issues. One person for level 3 support issues or application changes and developing and maintaining new applications and environment hardware support. One supervisor who manages the while system and interfaces with management and does level 3 support also
  • Customer satisfaction. Resolving customer issues from email submit to correct assignment of support staff from the correct location.
  • Managing changes to network and systems, managing new hardware setup and installations, getting approvals from ordering equipment, making requested or needed changes and de-conflicting changes using the change calendar.
  • Ordering new personnel PC, installing required software and needed software to complete job. Decommissioning PSs, systems and equipment.
  • Created gateways or portals to run other web pages from within Remedy. Instead of have many application Windows open everything from one or two Remedy browser tabs open
  • Created a customer standalone Heads Up Display (HUD), to show on screen in a help desk, that showed critical issues, changes going on across all regions. This also helped trending as the help desk could see something going on across regions. This accesses all changes, work orders and incident and displays them in a simplified table, that could scroll by region or all regions at once.

Evaluating BMC Remedy and Competitors

Yes - At the time of evaluation of Remedy, yes. Other software was evaluated, none had the flexibility BMC/Remedy had.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
  • Analyst Reports
  • Third-party Reviews
Nothing, just over all and ability to create standalone applications that accessed remote databases
I would not change my process or decisions.