Great product with some usability issues.
Updated December 04, 2014

Great product with some usability issues.

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Overall Satisfaction with Box

  • Really a great product. Some minor usability issues.
  • I am the main bottleneck in the contract cycle. When I am out of the office, contract signature is delayed until I get back. But with Box, I can access critical contract documents from anywhere and sign them immediately.
  • Integration with SFDC also increases efficiency. Now everything gets stored automatically in SFDC which gives the whole company a single place to see deal flow, etc. This is extremely efficient and obviates the need to have people constantly updating data manually.
  • We have also used it for things we had not envisaged, like setting up a temporary folder shared with our lawyers during a Series B funding round. The ability to securely share documents instantly made this particular process very smooth and shortened the normal time required to complete the process.
This software is vitally important and significantly increases our efficiency as a company.

Using Box

5 - Currently, the application is used only by the finance / contracts function. However, it is being rolled out to the entire company.
1 - Product doesn't require much support.
  • Software is used as a cloud-based file sharing and storage service so that we do not have to put any critical documents on the network or on individual hard drives. As all critical company documents (including contracts, etc) are shared in the cloud, employees can work collaboratively wherever they are and even if they lose their laptops (no VPN required / no critical docs stored locally)

Evaluating Box and Competitors

No - None. But we were using Consero to build an outsourced finance function, and they used and highly recommended it.

Box Implementation

Implementation is not an issue. Very simple and straightforward.
  • Implemented in-house
No real implementation required. We just logged in and with some help from the vendor were up and running almost immediately.

Box Training

We haven’t had any formal training. However, when we roll the tool out to the whole company, we will deploy training. We know that the product can do more than we currently use it for, and it will be good to understand advanced usage techniques.

Box Support

No - Not necessary. The software is so intuitive, that we have never even used support.

Using Box

• Navigation uses a tree directory structure which is easy enough to use, but sometimes files are not where you expect them to be. For example, documents that get stored through autosync with Salesforce are stored in their own folder separately from other related documents. Took a while to figure this out.

Box Reliability

Sometimes when working at home, the Inbox failed to load with no explanation.

Integrating Box

  • Integrated with SFDC
• Box is an AppExchange application and this was very simple to do. You can link folders in box to records in SFDC. In order to link a folder to a record in SFDC you must create the folder to be linked from the Box widget on the corresponding record in SFDC. In other words, you cannot link records in SFDC to existing folders in Box or link folders in Box to records in SFDC. Apart from this, it works great.