Breezy HR put the Power Back In Our Hands
December 18, 2018

Breezy HR put the Power Back In Our Hands

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Overall Satisfaction with Breezy HR

Breezy is used by HR to fill three campuses worth of employees. We primarily use it to identify short-term needs, and vet long-term potential in employees. The incentive to bring this program in was to eliminate the tedious work that often comes in HR, and allow us to focus more on hiring and learning about the personalities of our potential employees. It is being used by the HR Director, who doles out responsibilities to other "hiring managers" at each campus. It addresses several problems: high turnover, made by bad hiring choices; a lack of time to spend on vetting good candidates; supplemental help when it comes to paperwork (including tedious background checks, reference checks, and information that could easily remove an applicant from the process, but we'd spend a long time on).


  • Organization. It provided an incredible way to streamline applicants and their place in the process. With a strong search capability, you can find anyone no matter where they are in the process. And you can see if they've applied elsewhere in your company.
  • User friendliness. Not everyone understands technology. Even more so when web programs are involved. I am well versed in programs like these, and did a lot of vetting before making our purchase, so training came easy. It also - to our happiness - came easily to people who've never seen these programs. Breezy was there to help with the issues we had understanding; however, we didn't need them much because the interface was just that easy.
  • Options. They have third party integrations, and are willing to open to more. They want to make their program useful in more than one way. Breezy crew worked with us to link to our HRIS system. They also have a great many integrations that are relevant to any small business (we are not small, but this would be a great choice for a small company just starting out and seeking to understand what they need).


  • Indeed makes life difficult for them. If you have another Indeed account, you want to make sure it is all the way gone before you sign up. Otherwise, your positions won't show up. Indeed won't tell you this; instead, you have to sift through what information you do have and hope to close the account yourself. Breezy was there to help in this process, but it took some time (from Indeed) to get a clear answer.
  • Cost. If you want all of the options, cost will hit you hard - especially if you are a small business. There are pricing tiers, but - again - if you want the whole package, it is a bit pricey.
  • I wish I could click outside of the opened box and not have what I'm working on go away...
  • Positive: we've made new hires that stick around longer. Because they stick around longer, we are not getting hit in other areas. We are also able to see that our new hires are more capable and talented.
  • Negative: we still get a good deal of Indeed-crazy applicants, but that can't be helped (people who apply without reading).
  • Positive: the application questionnaires help us vet some of the above-mentioned candidates. We still have to see them, but we can eliminate them early.
  • Workable
We did several trials with other programs, including Workable. Ultimately, the user friendliness of the platform and the customer service was what set them ahead. Some platforms we trialed were twice the cost, so getting the full program and all the features at what seemed to be a high price (but only half of the competitors) was worth it.
We would hire tons of bad employees, people who simply didn't fit in the school, and would be stuck wondering why it kept happening. We kept sourcing from the same places Breezy did, so we couldn't figure out what was going wrong. When we got Breezy, we figured out that it was our messaging. Breezy gave us the ability to frame our message and not have to worry about how it would be implemented across multiple sites. We now have a unified message, and are able to put the questionnaires in to place, securing more relevant hires. Not all of them are perfect, but a lot more are sticking around, and are very capable individuals.

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