Painless meeting scheduling and calendar management with Calendly
Bethany Chan | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 18, 2018

Painless meeting scheduling and calendar management with Calendly

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Overall Satisfaction with Calendly

Our customer success department uses Calendly to make it much easier for our customers and prospects to schedule trainings and other significant meetings that are part of the customer lifecycle. We've found that it provides great flexibility to our customers for scheduling and canceling meetings that are convenient for them. It also is a great way to manage our calendars without having to think too hard, especially when factoring multiple team member calendars and time zones in.
  • Calendly does a great job in providing very flexible, detailed calendar event management for people who have strict stipulations around their schedules. It makes it easy for us to define rules of availability while still making it easy for customers to schedule meetings with us, or vice versa.
  • Calendly also supports teams, which is perfect for our customer success team because we usually tag-team handling the same accounts and customers. They provide good round-robin or collective pooling options and let you define team events as opposed to individual user events.
  • Their integration with Google calendar has been flawless so far. We really appreciate smooth integrations so that we don't have to do double-duty. They've also recently introduced a Google Chrome extension, which will further make things easier for us to schedule meetings with clients.
  • One thing I have greatly appreciated that often goes unnoticed is the ease of subscription options and adding/removing users to the account. Some SaaS tools have made this particularly frustrating and hard to maneuver, but it's easy for us to add and remove team members since our team fluctuates sometimes, and know exactly what we will be charged with our subscription.
  • One of the best things about Calendly is the link that you can share with anyone so that they can schedule with you - it's basically self-service for your customers so they have full control over their options, and is very scalable/automated.
  • We would really appreciate some more flexibility in branding with Calendly - that way we can customize our links to look more uniform with the rest of our software application/company style guide - fonts, colors, and graphics included.
  • It would be cool if Calendly provided reporting/analytics for us to gauge how often different events are scheduled and when they are typically scheduled.
  • While it's not always within Calendly's jurisdiction to make certain integrations with certain tools happen (we understand that both software app parties must cooperate together), we would prefer to have a Zoom integration with Calendly, as it is the meeting room app our company most frequently and highly uses.
  • Calendly has positively affected our customer success management, making us more efficient. We would be spending a lot of time on trying to figure out our team members' calendars and customers' calendars schedules to determine meeting times that work for everyone if we didn't have access to Calendly. Oftentimes our customers will be in several different locations all over the globe but all need the same meeting, so it really chops down on the 'back-and-forth' of emails by providing them meeting scheduler links they can use on their own.
  • Calendly has also helped us eliminate extra time fleshing out details that are usually needed before meetings occur by providing ways to ask those questions when the event is scheduled. We really appreciate having this information prior to the meeting, and it makes it easier for our customers by automating the process.
While Cirrus Insight provides similar features and functionality as Calendly, we're utilizing it for a number of other important needs as well, and Cirrus' scheduling feature is not as advanced as Calendly's for teams and does not accommodate as well for detailed/rigorous schedules. This has resulted in us using both Cirrus Insight and Calendly for differing use cases and situations. As a standalone solution for scheduling, Calendly vast outweighs any other scheduling tool I have seen in both quick implementation, helpful automation, and efficiency.
Our customer success team typically likes to use Calendly as an open-ended training/support online meeting scheduler. That is, we send the customer a link to schedule their first software onboarding in our welcome email, so that the customer can figure out their own flexibility and availability and can often schedule their onboarding as soon as convenient. We also like to provide the link for repeated support calls that higher-touch enterprise customers want - they have quick access to be able to meet with us at shorter notice, and we can provide good engagement with them in that way without worrying about schedule conflicts.