Remote workforce enabler
May 03, 2021

Remote workforce enabler

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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco AnyConnect

Cisco AnyConnect
is being used as a secure remote access VPN solution. All the authorized
clients use the AnyConnect client for accessing the enterprise company
resources securely. It’s being implemented on main and drc site. Even some
international subsidiaries are using the AnyConnect for their secure internal access.
Due to covid, AnyConnect is the main backbone of the secure remote workforce
and covering the business regulations with its main features.
  • Lightweight client with low resources need.
  • Easy installation and config.
  • Enhanced remote config and auto-update features.
  • Affective host checker/compatibility function.
  • Straight integration with Cisco ISE.
  • GUI is simple and accessible directly.
  • Messages on the client side is directly seen.
  • Debug and message view assists the client and administrators.
  • Good value for its prices.
  • Next generation features are lacking.
  • Split handling scenarios are limited.
  • Sensitive to timeouts.
  • Auto reconnect features does not work as expected.
  • Auto mtu discovery does not work on some cases.
  • Not a full featured solution on the client side.
  • Detailed reporting is missing.
  • Lack of multi device management.
  • Application, url based dashboards needs to be enhanced.
  • Cisco AnyConnect is the business enabler on the covid area.
  • Line performance and number of clients is based on the ASA-Firepower HW.
  • Price per user is low compared to other vendors.
  • With autodeployment and low weight client our enterprise distribute thousands of clients in day.
Support and simplicity is the core aspect of the product. It's working without any problems. Performance on the overall solution is very good. Client has a support for multiple operating systems. It's mature and solid. Bug fixes are rare. Cisco's support is marvelous.
However reporting and application monitoring is lacking. I like to see more next generation capabilities.
VPN posture and host scan/checker with ISE integration has an enhanced security benefit. Granular controls on the profilers is a big gain. Access rules on the firewall side is very strict and apply every time. Especially ISE integration is a key step for Zero Trust Network. Number of CVEs on the client is low comparing to other vendors. We have strict regulations and audits for remote VPNs, Cisco AnyConnect product and configuration pass these audits every time.
Cisco support is marvelous. 7X24 support you get. Problems
are addressed easily by the Cisco support team. You can get the new RMA HW in
the same day through the local Cisco depot. Tracking and opening a case is very
easy. Responds from the support is very fast. Another advantage to other
vendors, local Cisco team is very helpful in any case.
  • Pulse Connect Secure (SSL-VPN)
AnyConnect is a mature VPN client solution without any
problems, meeting our requirements easily. Local and international support is very good.
You can find a Cisco expert or engineer very easy. We have several good
partners with lots of selection matches is a big plus. Cisco AnyConnect
deployment base at our area is large compared to other vendors. We get good
feedback and referrals from existing clients. We have already Cisco devices and
getting high level support program, Additional product we're getting in has a
significant cost advantage.
Cisco ASA, Cisco Firepower 1000 Series, Check Point Endpoint Security (Sandblast Agent)

Best suited for simple deployment on Cisco based environment
like Cisco ASA/Firepower devices where you need a secure remote VPN solution
for on premise access. If you have the Cisco ISE it’s directly integrated. Edge
is AnyConnect and all other intelligent profiling and policy orchestration is
through the ISE. When you have other vendor devices on the network edge
AnyConnect may not be the ideal solution. Again if you need a full feature
solution like AVP, DLP, Disk encryption etc, AnyConnect is not the one you’re
looking to. Integrations through the host checker is a must in this case. In cases with geoloc blocking or specific geoloc-based secure connectivity scenarios, AnyConnect is lacking..