Gets the job done
Updated June 29, 2015

Gets the job done

Jennifer Robertson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Clicktools

  • Support is quick to get back to you.
  • Export functionality is great.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Skip logic functionality could be better and more user friendly.
  • Allow you to either delete test records, or test without having to submit the survey.
  • Should be base level functionality to be able to export the results charts for the entire survey.
  • Integration with SFDC could be more user friendly as well. It takes extra time to set up and test a survey to be synced with and its campaigns. It takes enough extra time and testing that we skip this step a lot of times so that we can get the survey out the door quickly.
  • The ROI has been good - we use surveys to determine what kind of campaigns people will respond to, what kinds of products they may find useful for future development, as well as how satisfied our current customers are
  • Survey Monkey
Price was the main factor. When we were talking to survey companies, a lot of them were really big about the robust features they could offer. We did not need robust features - we just needed to send surveys and integrate them with SFDC. It was hard to find a company that understood that, but ClickTools did.
Ask about the features that come standard vs the features that are added at higher price points. There are some features that are not standard that should be.

Using Clicktools

8 - The marketing team regularly uses ClickTools for many uses, such as event surveys. The SFDC Admins set up ClickTools and support our users. However, a lot of our users just go to ClickTools for support. Our client services department uses ClickTools for client satisfaction surveys. More recently, our product management team has started using ClickTools to get insight in to future product ideas.
2 - It is pretty user friendly and customer support is always quick to respond, so almost anyone could support ClickTools. A technical person is probably the way to go, such as a SFDC administrator or marketing automation administrator. I definitely recommend that the person who supports ClickTools is also a regular user of it.
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys - these help us monitor how we are doing and make sure the trend is where it should be.
  • Product Functionality Surveys - these help us figure out what features/improvements our clients want or need.
  • Marketing Surveys - a lot of different use cases here - one example would be to see how far a person is willing to travel to come to an event.
  • Event Surveys - determine where we should hold an event by sending out a survey before we pick the final location.
  • Market Surveys - determine if one area is having more industry difficulties compared to another.
  • Automated Surveys - send out automated surveys at certain points of a client's life cycle to make sure everything is on track.
  • Loss surveys - send out automated surveys when an opportunity closes and is lost.
  • Win Surveys - send out automated surveys when an opportunity closes and is won.
  • Employee Surveys - use to gather data from employees.
Price and functionality. We do not need a robust survey engine. A lot of survey companies take it to a very high level - higher than we need. We just need to be able to send out surveys, use skip logic, and sync to SFDC.

Evaluating Clicktools and Competitors

Yes - We were using Zoomerang for quite a few years. Zoomerang was very intuitive and very reasonably priced. They were bought out and the price skyrocketed, which is why we decided to make a switch. I would say Zoomerang was more user friendly, and also had more functionality that was standard.
  • Price
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Analyst Reports
Price was the main factor. When we were talking to survey companies, a lot of them were really big about the robust features they could offer. We did not need robust features - we just needed to send surveys and integrate them with SFDC. It was hard to find a company that understood that, but ClickTools did.
We may have looked at more vendors. At the time, it was pretty apparent that ClickTools was the best fit. Since our SFDC team were the ones responsible for implementing the survey product, they narrowed down the vendor selection. They made the right choice by narrowing it down to ClickTools.

Clicktools Implementation

Implementation is pretty easy. You can get started right away by logging into the ClickTools website. Your SFDC administrator can also install the app from the SFDC App Exchange. This is a fairly easy process. Once it is installed, you can access ClickTools from inside SFDC. The only bummer is you'll have to log in twice.
Change management was minimal - We did not really take away any lessons regarding change management during our implementation of ClickTools.
  • We had no issues.

Clicktools Training

If you have used any other kind of survey engine before, then you will have no problems self-teaching yourself with ClickTools. Their support team is good about getting back to your questions. They also have a lot of online resources that can help get you started. I would recommend this approach over paid training.

Configuring Clicktools

Some of the configurability will be considered too complex for some users.

Clicktools Support

I have not had to use their support team a lot, but when I have it has always been a great experience with their support. They answer my questions quickly, and give the correct solution. I have also heard my coworkers say they really like and trust the ClickTools support team.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - We do not need premium support. We do not use enough functionality to need extended support. Even if we did use more functionality, I'm sure their regular support team would be more then enough to keep us up and running. I'm not even sure if ClickTools offers a paid premium support team.
I could not figure out how to remove the back button from the survey. So, I contacted support. They sent me the script I needed to remove the back button, and it worked! The only bummer is that it actually takes script to remove the back button. It seems to me that should be regular functionality.

Using Clicktools

ClickTools is very easy to use and get started doing the basics. Anyone will be able to easily log in an create a survey from day 1. Skip logic can be a little tricky and is less user friendly, so testing is very important. I would say that, overall, usability is good.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Easy to create a survey
  • Easy to export/analyze the results
  • Easy to see all surveys and responses
  • The skip logic set up is not the best
  • The testing functionality is not great. You have to actually take the survey, and then filter the tests out of your results. This kind of takes away from the summary number of responses you see on the home screen b/c it always contains your tests.
  • SFDC integration is good, but a little cumbersome.

Clicktools Reliability

ClickTools is always available when I need it. The interface is quick and does not drag. Survey responses show up quickly after a survey is submitted. The survey analyzer is swift as well. There is no waiting around for something to process when you are using ClickTools.

Integrating Clicktools

It's easy to download ClickTools from the App Exchange and get it installed in SFDC. The harder part is actually setting the surveys up to sync with SFDC campaigns and records. A lot of times when we send out surveys, it needs to be done as quickly as possible. So, because of timing, a lot of times the survey just goes out as is.
We sometimes sync survey responses to our SFDC campaigns. We also sometimes map the survey results back to SFDC fields. It's not the easiest built in functionality, so right now most of the surveys go out without having this integration set up.
  • AppExchange or similar marketplace
If you can find the time, then I recommend learning how to integrate the surveys with SFDC campaigns, and take the extra time to set this up when you send out a survey. It is so much more convenient than exporting the results later, and manually importing them into the database. And, as always, make sure you test that the integration is working as planned.

Relationship with CallidusCloud

They ended up performing a few demos for our company so that all potential users would have a chance to see the product. This allowed all of our potential users to weigh in their opinion during the sales process. They worked with us on the pricing, and understood the functionality we needed.
ClickTools has great customer support. We did not need to use their support team a lot, though. Implementation was quick and easy.