Crimson Hexagon - The Best Social Analytics Tool
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November 29, 2017

Crimson Hexagon - The Best Social Analytics Tool

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Overall Satisfaction with Crimson Hexagon ForSight

Cerner uses Crimson Hexagon to monitor brand mentions in the social media space. It is used to monitor share of voice against key competitors, sentiment of social media coverage, trending topics within the health care information technology space, and more. It was used to generate key reports that went up to senior level executives, including the President of the company.
  • Drills down to specifics of what is being discussed on social media
  • Very robust set of analytics tools
  • Topic wheels are extremely useful for identifying trending topics
  • It is a very costly tool
  • The pricing packages are not the most intuitive to understand when going through the contract process
  • The user interface could be improved to allow for more efficient usage
  • Better reporting to the sales team
  • Better able to monitor brand mentions and head off potential crises
  • Better able to show impact and value of marketing efforts and dollars spent
Crimson Hexagon is more expensive than many other social media monitoring and analytics software platforms, but it definitely has the most detailed analytical capabilities when it comes to social media. It does not have traditional news media monitoring like other platforms, including Meltwater and Cision, but if you are solely looking for the best in social analytics, Crimson Hexagon may be for you.
10 - There are various members of the marketing organization that use Crimson Hexagon for a number of purposes. Most of these employees use Crimson Hexagon for specific reporting purposes within their division. Each division has its own unique wants and needs for reporting, so we set up various marketing team members responsible for those divisions so they could have access to monitoring/reporting tools.
Crimson Hexagon does a fairly good job at pulling in a very wide variety of social media conversations. If you are proficient at using Boolean search logic, you can create search queries that successfully weed out much of the spam or white noise. Some of these queries can get long and complicated, but once they are optimized the tool works well.
We did not use Crimson Hexagon for social media engagement, and I do not believe that the tool was designed to natively assist with social media engagement. While the tool did help us identify topics that our target audience cared about, which in turn allowed us to create better content that resulted in higher engagement, the tool itself did not facilitate this engagement.
The biggest advantage of using Crimson Hexagon as your main social media monitoring/analytics tool is its robust analytics and insight capabilities. It has the most advanced analytics widget selection of any social media tool I've seen. It goes beyond basic surface level analytics like word clouds and gives you actionable insights that will improve your content.
If you need to discover what topics may be trending in the social media space to identify what your target audiences want to hear from you, then Crimson Hexagon is a great tool. You can use the analytics widgets to drill down to specifics about what your audience is talking about, which enables you to develop content they want to consume.